Design Icons :: Vivienne Westwood

This entry was posted on 13th February 2011

When we think of the long standing British design icon that is Vivienne Westwood, we think of everything that is whacky, fun and fabulous. Born in 1941 in Glossop, Derbyshire, Vivienne Westwood is one of the most internationally renowned fashion designers of the past 30 years. Vivienne began designing cloths back in 1971 which shortly followed with the opening of her first shop ‘let it rock’. Vivienne really hit it big time when she met her then lover and business partner, Malcolm McLaren; through this interest Vivienne got the chance to dress the Sex Pistols in clothing from her store. From then on Vivienne soon became synonymous with the punk rock era and still to this day many of her items remain with that theme. In 1981 Vivienne showed her first collection in London named ‘Pirate’, the show put her firmly on the fashion map and the rest they say is history. Today, Vivienne Westwood is synonymous for her funky sense of style, love of outlandish textures and bold prints. Her designs have generally stayed within the fashion world, however, over recent years her designs have thankfully branched out into home interiors.

Perhaps one of her most famous home interior designs, Vivienne created the union jack rug and other carpet designs for ‘The Rug Company’. Vivienne’s tattered union jack rug is British patriotism at its best from one of the greatest British designers of our time. Vivienne Westwood is perhaps one of the most controversially eccentric and tremendously  artistic designers of our time, her prints are fabulously original and perhaps in the future we will see more of them on such items as wallpaper, curtains, home furnishings and remote control blinds, let’s face it; we all need a little bit of Vivienne Westwood in our lives!

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