Decorating Your Bay Windows with Window Blinds

This entry was posted on 16th August 2010

Bay windows are prominent features in traditional and contemporary homes in the UK. Window blinds are the perfect bay window treatments because of their simplicity. Gone are the days when bay windows are hidden by yards and yards of fabric and elaborate swags. These days, decorating trends are leaning towards minimalist designs that showcase bay windows and their ability to let in glorious light and provide breathtaking views. Since the structure of bay windows make it the most prominent feature in the room, take care not to emphasise them that they overpower the whole room. Stick to the simple lines of vertical blinds or venetian blinds. They will give you the privacy that you need especially if your bay windows are facing high-traffic areas. You can soften the lines of window blinds by hanging curtains. Avoid pelmets that have elaborate designs and ones with tie-backs are these are out of fashion, instead stick to curtain rods. Another way to soften the window blinds look is to place a table and decorate it with your vase collection, picture frames, or a floral arrangement. You can even create a window seat and soften the place up with comfy cushions in accentuating colours. To pull together the design of window blinds with the room’s style, use decorative tassels or buttons at the bottom of your blinds. This will modernise your window blinds and add flair to your window blinds. If your bay window is facing a rather private area, there is no need to cover up your bay windows. Why don’t you try a simple valance that will hide the hardware of your window blinds? Place the valance near the ceiling to let in the most light. However, you will still need window blinds in order not to overheat your room during summer. Decorating bay windows needs some careful thought, but the most basic rule is to choose window blinds that will complement your bay windows.

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