Create Serenity in Your Home with White

This entry was posted on 26th November 2010

Refreshing and peaceful, white interior furnishings are globally revered by interior designers for  its serene minimalistic qualities. While some of us tend to veer away from white, afraid that it will be cold and clinical and those of us with children can be reluctant to introduce white furnishing for practical reasons. With children or without, applied correctly white furnishings can achieve beautiful results. All it needs is some creativity. For those with children, incorporate white into washable fabrics in your sofas. Some variants of white paint can be easily wiped clean without losing its sheen. If you have children, these are the best ways for you to incorporate white into your decor. White can best be warmed up with wood. White walls will look best with natural wood floors if the room is contemporary or traditional. If you are blessed with floorboards in great condition, white will highlight the lovely texture of wood. Add wooden furniture and you’ll have a great foundation for a perfectly balanced room. White can also be applied to the floors. Floors made with white tiles will give an airy feel in any room, widening the space because it reflects more light. Make your white floor warmer with rugs in neutrals or play with patterns for a more upbeat atmosphere. You can avoid the dullness of white by playing with texture. Layered textures will reflect light in different ways, adding more depth. White can be a perfect backdrop and foil for colours. Introduce colour in accessories and you’ll find that white makes the colours more vivid. White is the favourite of minimalist interior designers. White walls, white floors, and streamlined furniture are the best ways to incorporate sophistication in a minimalist home. If you want a more traditional style, then layer textures and still use white. A white crocheted bed cover will look wonderful in a bed with an antique headboard. White shades are often applied in window blinds and there are plethora of possibilities with different textured fabrics and finishes. Controliss electric Roller blinds in the minimalistic Liso Frost or the beutifully textured Viveza Pearl are firm favourites with interior designers and the pearlescent white and silver print finish  of the Plata Swan Roller blind with a contemporary iridescent pattern will add allure to your windows. Lighting can create a rather ethereal atmosphere especially if you have sheer Vertical blinds in Verso White which will soften the light coming from your windows. Using white in your interiors and especially in your windows is a great choice because it creates more space for you to think and relax in an atmosphere that feels airy and light.

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