Create Mood with Coloured Window Blinds

This entry was posted on 23rd August 2010

Window Blind Colours

People associate certain moods and feelings with colour. That's why colour is a design tool wielded by interior designers. If you're convinced in adding colour into your home with window blinds, you're on the right track. Home design can be quite fun if you're not afraid to experiment. The new hues available at Controliss make it easy for you to embark on this adventure. We've made it all the more easier with this colour guide.


Red is often associated with passion, energy, and warmth. Red can be used in dining rooms because it stimulates the appetite and encourages people to become more sociable. However, red can also be overpowering; that,s why it’s not recommended for baby’s rooms. Our vertical blinds in Regal is just the right shade.


Pink is the colour of love. A darker shade of pink signifies passion. Our venetian blinds in satin pink bloom can make a bedroom calm and peaceful. Bring a more passionate mood with flamingo vertical blinds. The downside with this colour is that it may make the room too sweet and feminine. Counterbalance this effect by adding hints of black or charcoal in the room.


Orange is perfect for living rooms because the orange colour is associated with reassurance, warmth and stability. Known to help digestion, orange is suitable for dining rooms. Use orange in large rooms or rooms with lots of light because its advancing characteristic can make a room look smaller. Our roller blinds in Liso Orange Burst can solve your space issues as it gently lets in light while providing the privacy you need.


Because it is the colour of sunshine, yellow can stimulate the brain and is great for kitchens and dining rooms. North-facing rooms can benefit from the burst of yellow colour. Go for the Esi-Clean Vertical Blinds in Buttercup to create a cheery kitchen. Our Esi-Clean line of vertical blinds has a satin finish that is hygienic and indestructible. Don’t worry about accidents in the kitchen because this line is made from flame-retardant vinyl materials.


Green brings about feelings of peace and relaxation. This serene hue is best in bedrooms or living rooms. Because it is between shades of red and blue, it creates a sense of balance and security. While this colour can make people too laid back or complacent, you can counter this effect with the vibrant striped print of our Controliss Fresco Spring roller blinds.


Because it stimulates the intellect, blue is the right shade for studies. It is also said to prevent nightmares and keep hunger pangs at bay, blue is a peaceful shade for the bedroom. Blue is a great candidate for bathrooms, too. Blue rooms can inspire feelings of loyalty, serenity, and authority. The Controliss Oscuro Navy Roller blinds are made from blackout fabric that is great for bedrooms. It blocks the sun out and provides you complete level of privacy. The warm undertone will also prevent the room from feeling unwelcoming and cold.


Purple is connected to creativity, joy, and magic, which is why this colour can be used in the bedroom. You might worry that painting walls in purple will be too overpowering. Why don’t you infuse the purple shade in window blinds instead? Try the deep purple colour of Plum Jam or the textured effect of City Rouge. A more refreshing take to this colour is the more feminine Perla Amethyst Roller Blinds. The metallic fabric has a pearlescent finish which can bring a spiritual atmosphere to a room.


Brown is a practical colour that invokes feelings of security and stability. Ideal for living rooms, brown can be infused with life by using prints or textures. The pearlescent print overlay of the Paraiso Sable roller blinds is not too busy, allowing people to relax and bask in filtered sunlight. If you want a more natural colour, Controliss offers a vast array of textures in our line of wooden blinds.


This shade can bring drama to a room, but use black sparingly or it will make a room too depressing. These caveats aside, black can be a very versatile colour. A contemporary office with Vertical Blinds in Black Magic can make a room the epitome of elegance and power. You can also use our blackout roller blinds in Oscuro Midnight in the entertainment room to recreate the atmosphere of a theatre. You can never go wrong with black-and-white combinations. Choose a more traditional print such as the Reina Beluga roller blinds or a more hip contemporary striped print of Bloque Grey roller blinds.

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