Craft and Design Month May 2011

This entry was posted on 4th May 2011

All hail the great British craft fair. The great events which draw hundreds of people from miles around to marvel and artistic creations, learn about ancient skills and traditions, and taste as much free homemade cheese as they can. The craft fair is an institution in itself, and seems to attract a certain type of person. But if you’re looking for something that’s unique, that won’t be in hundreds of high street shops across the length and breadth of the country, the craft fair is the place to go. From handmade silver jewelery to finely crafted oak furniture that you would never find anywhere else. You can really boast about these pieces, because they’ve been made with TLC and really make a statement in the home. May 2011 heralds Craft and Design Month, where hundreds of events are detailed on the website to help raise the profile of British crafts. Supporting our own designers and crafts people is a great achievement, there is so much variety and excitement in crafts. Bringing back age old crafts like sculptured willow weaving: for great furniture and trellises in the garden, not only beautiful designs to look at, but practical and functional too. Also creating pieces from the newest technology such as digital craft which can be completely personalised like photographs made into giant pieces of art, great for the family home or a thoughtful personal gift. So if you’re thinking of something to do at the weekend, or fancy spending on a piece of art and craft that will really make that particular room at home or special person feel amazing, take time out to visit the events across the UK for the British Craft and Design Month. Visit to find events in your area, oh and don’t forget to try the chilli cheese, it’s very nice.

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