Cool Contrasts!

This entry was posted on 4th January 2011

Blue can be an extremely tricky colour to incorporate in to your living space as most consider it a cool, cold and sometimes depressing colour. However, if you contrast it right then the colour blue really can work in your home. Here I will provide pointers as how to use this cool colour the right way within your home. Colour contrasts - Instead of going all out and painting your walls blue, why not incorporate the colour blue into your rooms by mixing it with other more neutral colours. The key here is to create a coordinated and balanced look to your rooms. To achieve this it is advised that only two main colours are used, introducing a third colour could ruin the look unless it is done very subtly! For example petrol brown and blue are classical colour combinations, one creates a warm tone and one a cool tone. Why not mix the two together to complement each other. Why not team a light blue roller blind with petrol curtains. Alternatively you could go for an accomplished shade of blue such as the Controliss Liso Navy roller blinds. This will add drama to your chosen room as well as making it appear warmer due to the shade being stronger. A cool touch - Textures and fabrics are another way of incorporating blue in to your home. By using textures rather than block colours you will add warmth to the cool colour that is blue. Add a collection of contrasting blue cushions to your sofa or alternatively use textured wallpaper that includes a hint of blue. The sky is the limit - There are so many different tones of blue that the sky really is the limit with this colour. From navy blue to sky blue there really is so much choice out there, so why not find the right tone for you and add a cool touch to your home!

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