Control Window Glare

This entry was posted on 19th November 2010

When we think about workplace safety, very few of us think about computer glare and the subsequent eyestrain and fatigue it can cause. Yet, computer glare is a problem which can be easily solved once you learn the basics. The first thing to do is to identify where the glare is coming from. Is it from an overhead lighting or the window? If the problem comes from overhead lighting, think of ways you can move your computer or laptop to a place where the glare can be eliminated. Ideally, the monitor should be at a 90-degree angle perpendicular from the source of light. If the glare comes from the windows, you can install Electric blinds to keep direct sunlight from reaching your computer screen. With easy-to-install instructions, Controliss window blinds are very easy to install with varying fabric weights from sheer to blackout they can provide great protection from glare. Controliss window blinds will also enable you to perfectly control the amount of light with a convenient remote control, so you don’t even have to leave your office chair to block the sun. Glare can also be removed by purchasing a glare protector for your monitor. A glare protector is a screen which you can place in front of your computer monitor to dim the brightness of the screen without affecting its visibility. It can also be extremely effective in reducing the harsh direct glare that causes annoying blind spots. These steps can provide you with a workplace that is safe and comfortable, especially for your eyesight. We spend so much time either at work or home using computers, it’s important to look for ways that you can reduce eyestrain and fatigue so you can create your best work without harming your overall health.

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