Console Wars III

This entry was posted on 15th June 2013


The war to own your living room is beginning to heat up again as Sony and Microsoft gear up for the launch of their new games’ consoles at the end of the year. At E3, the annual entertainment and electronics show in LA this week, both revealed more details about the forthcoming consoles, including the prices. Sony’s PS4 also made its first proper appearance, and it’s not a million miles from the styling of Microsoft’s Xbox One, as both have favoured black boxes with minimal detailing. Things don’t change much on the inside either as both have similar hardware specs, including 500GB hard drives and Blu ray drives. Both also offer a wide selection of internet and streaming options so that you can access a range of media on your TV.


While the PS4 is rumoured to have better graphical clout the Xbox One looks like having a better line up of exclusive games at launch. Microsoft are also bundling its motion controller, Kinect, with every machine, making it a more rounded package. Its latest version promises greater sensitivity and accuracy as well as the ability to determine your heart rate. On top of that the Xbox One will respond to voice activation and instructions. But this all comes at a price, namely £429 (€499), while the PS4 is much cheaper at £349 (€399). The price isn’t the only chink in Microsoft’s armour either. It is required to be always on in order to authenticate the games being played. Some people have raised security concerns with the Xbox needing to always be online since it has an active webcam permanently mounted in the Kinect module. Existing Xbox 360 games and second-hand games aren’t playable on the Xbox One either. Something that will make it popular with games publishers, but not so much with games fans. Sony has taken the opposite stance by allowing the PS4 to always be played offline and for second-hand or borrowed discs to be playable. It could just be enough to give Sony the upper hand as both hit the market. But with so many variables at play time will tell who the real winners are. Find out more:

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