Conran has designs on the future of 3D

This entry was posted on 22nd October 2013

Beagle-Holo Forget about your brand new 3D TV, that’s yesterday’s news. A new 3D experience is on its way and it’s straight out of science fiction movies. Designer Terence Conran has teamed up with innovation company Beagle to develop a holographic device called the Holo. It promises to turn everyday objects and people into holographic images that can be viewed in 360 degrees. Intended as a sales or presentation tool it also allows you to interact with the image through simple hand gestures - effectively letting you turn an object round to view it from other angles. The diamond-shaped device uses Samsung hardware to produce a phenomenon known as Pepper’s Ghost. It is a 400-year-old theatre illusion that is used to make people appear and disappear on stage, and was recently used to ‘resurrect’ the rapper Tupac Shakur at a concert. It is commercially available now, but don’t expect one in your living room just yet as Beagle are targeting high-end brands, conferences and exhibitions. Find out more:

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