Colour Focus - Turquoise Elements

This entry was posted on 18th November 2010

Elements of nature have always inspired interior decoration and with the colour turquoise our senses are reminded of the water and the sky. The cleansing and healing qualities of this colour can make it a wonderful choice for your interiors, making your home a place for replenishing diminished energy from the daily hassles of life. It’s no suprise, then, that turquoise hues have been held in many cultures as a powerful colour for protection and healing. Create a soothing haven in your home with the colour turquoise. Colour Combinations Turquoise has both cool and warm undertones, making it a spectacular choice for a colour scheme in the house. You can soften the look of turquoise with a mixture of pastel colours, such as pink, green, and lavender. You can also make a stronger statement with turquoise by giving it a masculine vibe by pairing it with dark colours, such as hunter green, charcoal, or chocolate. You can achieve a perfect balance of masculinity and femininity with turquoise with red or orange. Attain a spring-like atmosphere all year around with lime green and turquoise or turquoise besides yellow. If you want to go all out with turquoise, paint your walls with this colour and have a wonderful backdrop for all your furnishings. When you want to decorate the whole room with turquoise, make sure to introduce minimal patterns in smaller areas, such as in cushions, works of art, or in small furniture.  If painting all the walls feels like too huge a commitment for you, you can start with an accent wall. You can also have this colour in patterned wallpaper and ground it with solid furniture. Experimenting with Turquoise Experimenting with turquoise does not only involve going big-time. You can introduce this colour slowly by including accessories in this colour. A footstool or cushions are good starting points. Use a few accessories and place them in different places for a multi-layered effect.  Window blinds, such as our Venetian Blinds in Herbal Pine or Vertical Blinds in Spring Rain can be a great beginning in experimenting with this colour. With these suggestions, you can enjoy this soothing colour into your home. Feasting your eyes with this colour can make you feel more renewed and hopeful, a true function of a lovely home.

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