Charley's Carbon Footprint Diet

This entry was posted on 13th May 2011


Having calculated how much my carbon footprint was last year using the online carbon footprint calculator for individuals, I was completely shocked by the amount of emissions my lifestyle was producing within a 12 month period, it came to a staggering 9.76 tonnes! My methods of transportation whether commuting to and from the Controliss blinds offices or my personal travel at weekends and holidays proved to be a major factor. But my secondary emissions i.e. day to day things like what I eat, what I do, whether I purchase products with a lots of packaging all added to my footprint, which was only just under the UK's footprint for an average person but way over the world target. So that was last year, let’s have a look at this year. I have to confess that my original motivation for moving from a daily car commute to a cycle or foot commute to Controliss blinds was actually more to do with personal fitness and a desire to loose that extra bit of weight. Wow what a difference! It’s gone down to 5.23 tonnes for the year, and that’s because I'm being a little smarter when I use my car, making good use of public transport and taking advantage of the possibility for me to cycle or walk to work. Amazing really what you can do to reduce your emissions. The smallest things in your home can make a massive difference that you would never realise until you calculated your carbon footprint, for instance make sure you recycle as much as possible right down to your food stuffs which can be turned into compost. Why not try and grow your own fruit, veg and herbs to save money and be kinder to the environment plus it’s a real buzz to enjoy the fruits of your labour.  When you’re out shopping try to buy quality local fresh produce from the UK. Also go for things that don’t have reams of unnecessary packaging around them. There's a great deal we can all do to improve our carbon footprint that doesn't necessarily require a conscious effort, for some great ideas visit Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have some salad to harvest and the back wheel of my bike has a puncture.

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