Celebrate Autumn by using the colour Brown

This entry was posted on 8th September 2010

Autumn Colours

Autumn can be a great way for you to experiment with the colour brown. A mixture of all the primary colours, brown looks great in a modern or traditional room. It has a classic appeal that brings warmth into any room. Brown hues are perfect for both warm and cool shades. The warm undertones of mochas and browns will make your home exude a welcoming atmosphere; you'll love coming home to it. Compared to black, brown is easier on the eyes. If you want to apply brown to your walls, choose a lighter shade of brown so that your room will retain its airy feel. If you want a darker brown, consider using it on a feature wall. Speciality paints that cover the wall with a suede finish would create more interest than flat paint. Another way to bring brown into your room is to include furnishings in leather or suede. Consider choosing sofas, arm chairs, footstools, and headboards in this colour as they add an aura of sophistication into your room. If you'd like to use brown as your colour scheme, try to vary the shades for an interesting and multidimensional twist. The trick is to use darker tones near the floor and lighter colours near the ceiling to create the illusion of more space. Soften your browns with white or cream for a relaxing and earthy mood. If you’d like a more dramatic colour scheme, add black accessories, such as our vertical blinds in Black Magic or blackout roller shades in Oscura Midnight. Aside from neutrals, other colours can be used to complement the brown shade, such as red and orange. This colour scheme echoes the lavishness of autumn and will be enchanting inside your home. Add red throws on a leather sofa or use a red duvet on your bed and you’ll find yourself enclosed in a home that vibrates with fall’s radiance. If you want a more unexpected twist to complimenting brown, you can add some purples, fuchsia, or blue and you’ll inject some excitement into brown’s softness. Go for these bright colours in your dinnerware, cushions, throws, or table runners. You’ll find that your room will feel cheery. If you want a more peaceful complementary colour, try turquoise as an accent wall or in your decor. Greens can also be incorporated with this colour through indoor plants and vases. Brown’s versatile colour can be dressed up or down. Whatever your personality is, you’ll find brown as a perfect balancing colour for your home. If you’d like to add brown as your accent on your windows, try our roller blinds in Textura Golden. If vertical blinds are what you’re looking for, we have Sweet Coco or Coco Revival for a darker shade. A more textured version of vertical blinds are Hop Mink or City Bark. Suede vertical blinds are also available in Toasted. If you want to go all-natural, we have a wide collection of wood blinds. Go for brown this September for a home that echoes nature’s beauty.

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