Cath Kidston

This entry was posted on 9th June 2011

You may already know some of Cath Kidston's designs, mainly her vintage floral patterns that can be seen in a huge variety of products and purchased from many high street stores and online. Cath Kidston is a British Designer and has a family of great notoriety from her Uncle Charles Allsopp, who was the former chairman of Christie's, to Kirstie Allsopp of “Home Made Home” and “Location, Location, Location” fame.

Kidston grew up in Hampshire, attended boarding school and at the age of 18 moved to London where she set up an interiors business and opened a shop. Her company grew and grew, people loved or hated her work and eventually in 2010, she sold her company, but remained creative director. Cath famously collaborated with different companies to create iconic pieces that are incredibly desirable, like my perfect summer garden accessory, the Cowboy Tepee Tent which was co-produced with Millets. She has also worked on some fabulous mobile phone covers such as the colourful Electric Flowers and Shooting Stars iPhone cases.

In terms of home furnishings and interiors, there is a plethora of products that can be found to decorate your home, bringing a warm and fun element to every room. Take a look at the beautiful Cath Kidston Antique Rose Wallpaper, and you can even walk around on stunning Cath Kidston tiles! Bedding and throws are the order of the day in beautiful vintage rose designs, with fluffy eiderdowns to snuggle in. You can pretty much decorate your whole home if you wanted, although it may be slightly excessive. I love the Cath Kidston designs and it’s a joy to see little bits of it dotted around everywhere you go. It brings a warm, fun element to the home, and if like me you’re trying to recreate a vintage feel, it’s perfect. Now, all I need to do is try to persuade the folks at Controliss Blinds to start making their super electric roller blinds with Cath Kidston designs, which would be fabulous!

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