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  • Savvy Window Shading Solutions

    Posted on 16th January 2012 by Jules.

    Somfy Thermosunis RTS Sensor

    Although our Winter so far has been relatively mild, it will not have escaped
    your notice, that the wind has been unprecedented! The wind chill factor has made it seem much colder than the thermometer might suggest.
 So as temperatures drop and fuel bills inevitably increase, just imagine if half of your precious heat was escaping through your windows!

    From my years as a practising interior designer, I would have banked on fully interlined curtains in a heavyweight fabric having greater insulation properties than a roller blind, I would be wrong!  In mind of keeping warm, I read an article recently
 that I found quite surprising; curtains can cut heat loss by 14% whereas roller blinds are double that at 28%.  wooden venetian blinds offer a very impressive 50% reduction in heat loss, as wood is a natural insulator.

    The key to energy efficiency, is the ability to control the energy either created or consumed. Thoughtful use of solar shading is a highly efficient way to achieve such control.

 Remote control blinds create a minimalistic method of trapping a layer of still air between your windows or doors, and the internal room space; reducing heat transfer in both hot and cold conditions.
 Opening the blinds during the day in Winter, allows natural warmth from any available sunlight to warm the interior; this is known as solar gain.  Closing the blinds at night, reduces the possibility of that heat escaping.

    At the other end of the scale, the blinds repel the sun's heat in Summer, preventing unwanted solar heat gain and maintaining a more consistent temperature internally.  These very simple steps can reduce the need for heating and air-conditioning, 
in turn saving you money.

    This control process is known as the "shading coefficient"; careful choice of window treatment greatly influences the shading coefficient value, thus lowering your heating and cooling expenses. In fact, adding wooden venetian 
blinds to your window is comparable to installing double glazing in terms of heat conservation!

    Controliss Blinds are available in a vast array of fabrics and finishes, whether they are mains powered or battery operated. Not only do they make an impressive interior design statement, combined with the ultimate convenience of remote control; they can ultimately save you money by increasing the shading coefficient of your home.

    At Controliss, we
 have all solar reflectance and transmittance values for all of the fabrics and finishes we use.

 We can offer an additional stage to increasing your thermal shading requirements, by incorporating  a programmable remote control, this facility permits 6 user programmable timed operations per day.  The benefit of this programmable feature actually simulates occupancy in an empty house, and will enable the thermal properties of the blinds to utilised even when you are away.

    For the ultimate in window blind shading control our wireless Somfy Themosunis indoor sensor will raise or lower the shades automatically according to sunlight levels or sunlight and room temperature. The wirefree easy to use sensor is compatible with all Controliss mains powered blinds and a single sensor can operate up to four Controliss Roller blinds or wooden Venetian blinds.

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  • Control Your Windows As Well As Your Blinds

    Posted on 18th July 2011 by Chris.

    In the torrid heat of summer, it seems of vital importance that you can open the windows to vent the warmth in your home and allow a refreshing breeze to rush through. At any time of the year, in fact, it is much more comforting to let fresh air in and prevent the circulation and recirculation of old, stale air. Well, not only can you attain luxurious window blinds control with Controliss remote control blinds, but other companies can provide you with kit that will allow you to open and close your windows remotely as well. Whether gaining access to the window is difficult, or electrically operated windows are simply an appealing convenience for your home, openers can be installed on many different types of windows. For a standard top hung, bottom hung, standard casement window, or skylight, you may place a single chain-type opener that will push the window open and retract to close it. Or for larger windows and roof lights, the much stronger twin chain opener will be required. To open roof vents and domes that may have otherwise been troublesome to access because of their high-level positioning, linear actuators can be installed. To operate these openers, an array of control options are available which include wall switches, remote controls, and controllers that sense temperature, rain and/or smoke. Wall switches can be linked to the window openers with 1 to 4 switches to control the windows in a room at any time, without requiring direct access to them. For remote control operation, a signal receiver and transmitter might be required, dependant upon the opening system you want to control. A remote control can be set up to give individual, grouped and overall window control. A system that is ideal for conservatories, or other rooms that can heat up quickly, is the temperature and rain window control. This control panel can open and close various windows or roof vents to control the temperature within that room. When it is raining, the rain sensor connected to the system will trigger a command to operate the openers again to prevent the rain getting in. Smoke Control systems can also be supplied that will provide natural ventilation by operating the window or vent opening actuators whenever smoke is detected. These systems will ordinarily have power supplied through a mains connection but can also have a backup battery power supply if the mains fails. With the lethality of smoke when part of a building is on fire, this ventilation could give extra time to evacuate the property and therefore, could be an invaluable system in any residential or commercial building.

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  • Window of Opportunity

    Posted on 31st May 2011 by Chris.

    One of the most significant features of a home is it's windows. They not only draw in the natural light that enlivens the atmosphere of your interior, they also have tremendous aesthetic importance to the interior and exterior of the house. The wide array of frames, styles and glass options can be combined to produce some very striking and pleasing results. And then you may even consider adding extras such as Controliss window blinds to give complete control over the amount of light you let in through your windows whilst completing a really stylish look. When choosing a frame, the more common options that come to mind are UPVC, timber and aluminium. But the less common selections, such as composite and cut stone frames may suit some homes better. Composite window frames combine the durability of aluminium with the natural insulation of timber, allowing your window frames to better withstand the extremes of the weather on the outside and still help to prevent heat escaping the home. For these reasons, composite frames are growing popularity. Another alternative is the cut stone window surround. Although these will not suit all homes, they give a grand look and are very long lasting. The style of the window very much depends on the window's location and surroundings. You may want your windows to tilt, swing open or be made to do both, but you will need to consider anything around the window that could potentially obstruct it's operation. For example, if you plan to have window blinds top fixed within the recess of the window, it may be in the way when opening a window that tilts and opens inwards. Alternatively, you may decide that you want a box sash window that you can simply slide open. Or you may even decide to install a sun tunnel. These are particularly beneficial for internal rooms as they will allow natural light where it would not normally reach. The various options available for your glass mean you can choose to make your windows, not only energy efficient, but also unique. Coloured or stained glass is a popular choice, but also obtainable are vinyl stained glass films that can be applied to a window to add an off-the-shelf design or even your own design. High quality windows are expensive, but by making the right choices, there is lot of opportunity to create something original that will be pleasing every time it is seen and that could last a lifetime too.

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  • Grand Hallways

    Posted on 12th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Hallways and entrance halls can often end up as wasted, messy spaces which do nothing and say nothing about the character of the owners or the home in question. The starting line for turning your hall way from a wasted, drab space to a fabulous grand entrance is of course the colour palette. Making the right choices when it comes to the colour palette of your hallway will characterise your hallway or entrance space and in turn make that drab space fab! If your hall way is narrow and dark then there are two separate techniques you can adopt here. You can either go for the trade of thought of; 'the brighter the better' and aim to make the space appear fresh, bright and light or you can go for dark colours of which will elongate your hallway. If you want to brighten up your space then go for fresh, light colours such as whites and creams. Add to this look a large mirror and a lightly coloured blind of which will let the sun shine through it in the morning such as our Viveza Pearl roller blind. Alternatively if you want to add a splash of colour then why not go for one of our lighter shades of Vertical Blinds that will allow you to achieve the perfect balance of light and privacy. If on the other hand, you have a narrow space then why not go for dramatic section of wall in a dark red or purple with contrasting bright white larger sections. Using these two contrasting shades together can elongate your hallway giving the appearance of a passionate and welcoming space. If you accessorise these dark colours correctly then these shades will work brilliantly in elongating as well as adding drama to your hall way, Controliss Liso Jet Black roller blinds or Liso Red Devil are perfect accomplices for a striking window finish here. Mirrors are also the key  and will go hand in hand with the darker  coloured walls as they make a space appear wider. If you don’t want to commit to a bold paint job and palette in your hallway, however, then why not opt for coloured lighting instead? This will dramatically enhance architectural features as well as allowing you to be experimental and change the colour of your hallway regularly with different coloured lampshades and bulbs. Creating a desirable entrance hall using carefully selected paint hues and window blind shades can really turn one of the most neglected ares of the home into a grand hallway !

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  • Black Magic Window Blinds

    Posted on 6th January 2011 by yasmin.

    The colour black may seem dramatically dark to you, but if used in the right way black window blinds really can add a touch of magic to your home. You don’t have to paint your walls black or anything drastic like that, but there are a number of ways you can incorporate black into your home in order to add some real magic and impact to your window. Here are some design ideas and inspiration to help you accessorise your home with the colour black. The depth of the colour black gives it real power as well as a dramatic essence. Take advantage of this by 'weighting' the design scheme of a room by simply using a few small notes of black. For instance, a black rug upon wooden flooring draws the eye's attention as well as black roller blinds or venetian blinds can add drama and magic to an otherwise bland window. Alternatively you could bring black into your home accompanied with other colours or patterns. By doing this you will soften the appearance of black within your home. Why not buy fabric of which are mostly black but have other colours on as well. Or why not add pure magic to your window by adding a black and silver roller blinds. Remember less is more! On the other hand, rooms which are decorated in mostly light, neutral colours can look great with a few black accessories. The key is to use small amounts, to maintain balance in a room. A black vase or picture frame may be all you need to give the room definition and desirability. Just remember less is more, no one wants to feel as though they are walking into a black hole, only use small amounts to accentuate your room. So go on, why not conjure up some of your own black magic today!

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  • Control Window Glare

    Posted on 19th November 2010 by Lee.

    When we think about workplace safety, very few of us think about computer glare and the subsequent eyestrain and fatigue it can cause. Yet, computer glare is a problem which can be easily solved once you learn the basics. The first thing to do is to identify where the glare is coming from. Is it from an overhead lighting or the window? If the problem comes from overhead lighting, think of ways you can move your computer or laptop to a place where the glare can be eliminated. Ideally, the monitor should be at a 90-degree angle perpendicular from the source of light. If the glare comes from the windows, you can install Electric blinds to keep direct sunlight from reaching your computer screen. With easy-to-install instructions, Controliss window blinds are very easy to install with varying fabric weights from sheer to blackout they can provide great protection from glare. Controliss window blinds will also enable you to perfectly control the amount of light with a convenient remote control, so you don’t even have to leave your office chair to block the sun. Glare can also be removed by purchasing a glare protector for your monitor. A glare protector is a screen which you can place in front of your computer monitor to dim the brightness of the screen without affecting its visibility. It can also be extremely effective in reducing the harsh direct glare that causes annoying blind spots. These steps can provide you with a workplace that is safe and comfortable, especially for your eyesight. We spend so much time either at work or home using computers, it’s important to look for ways that you can reduce eyestrain and fatigue so you can create your best work without harming your overall health.

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  • Home Efficiency Lower Your Window Blinds

    Posted on 18th November 2010 by jenny.

    Looking to lower your energy bills and be more efficient? Then, lower your window blinds. Thermal imaging cameras directed at Edinburgh historic buildings show that buildings with lowered window blinds or drawn curtains show up as deep blue, signalling that little heat escapes. Buildings with raised window blinds or open curtains show up as a high red and orange hue showing that this simple practice can lead to heat loss. In fact, this simple technique can be just as effective in keeping heat in as double glazed windows. This interesting study was conducted by the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust which aims to show that historic buildings are designed well and easy solutions can be made to make these buildings perform as well as modern buildings. The Edinburgh researchers also include other solutions such as draught excluders to keep historic buildings energy-efficient. According to Chiara Ronchini, Edinburgh World Heritage Trust’s energy efficiency expert, improving the energy efficiency of historic buildings will help in reducing carbon emissions and contribute to combat fuel poverty in the future. Ronchini further advises home owners to keep their window blinds closed at night to make sure that heat energy does not escape through the windows. If you find that lowering blinds every night is a chore, consider purchasing electric blinds that can be lowered, raised, or tilted with a remote control. We have remote controls that can control up to 99 different blinds with the same handheld device. With Controliss blinds, lowering your blinds will be so hassle-free that all it takes is a mere touch of a button. We have an extensive range of electric blinds to suit every decorating style, be it modern or traditional. So visit us and choose from the best designs in electric blinds.

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  • Trendy Kitchen Window Shades

    Posted on 13th October 2010 by jenny.

    If you want to take your kitchen interior design to the next level and replace dated old window coverings, why not try the Controliss range of stylish electric windows blinds. For most people the kitchen is a crowded area, especially if you're the type of person who loves to entertain and cook so it's important that your kitchen looks great. Most kitchen windows are located over the sink to give you a view while washing the dishes. To prevent your window decorations from being damaged by water splashes.  Controliss supply a range of water resistant wipe clean electric roller blinds ( that are perfect for the kitchen. We suggest the vibrant print of our Fresco Spring roller blinds to bring life to your kitchen windows. If your wonderful kitchen island is made from strongly coloured dark wood you can soften your kitchen with neutrally coloured blinds like our Esi-Clean vertical blinds in Butter. They feature a hygienic satin finish that can be cleaned easily. Our Esi-Clean Vertical blinds collection are also fire-retardant. For the more traditional kitchen emphasise the heritage look with our Eco-Impressions Wood Effect blinds. These superb motorised wood effect blinds have slats that are available in selection wood grain textured finishes and will never warp with temperature and humidity changes in the kitchen. Electric blinds give your kitchen an uncluttered look that will never go out of style. These blinds can be mounted without any professional help, with integrated motor  being powered with standard everyday batteries instead of being hardwired into your electrical system. Our motorised blinds give you absolute light and privacy control at a touch of a button, so you can concentrate on your meal preparations.

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  • 5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Window Blinds

    Posted on 29th September 2010 by jenny.

    Are you having problems choosing window blinds for your home? When you're in a bind as to which blinds will suit your decorating style or personality, here are a few questions you can ask yourself before you get overwhelmed with competing choices. What is the purpose of my window blinds? Windows are incorporated into the design of most buildings to invite light into the room and increase air circulation to ventilate the room. Choosing the correct style and fabric will insure you maintain the desired light levels and privacy. Lounge, kitchen and dining areas are often best suited to blinds that will allow a good level of light control but will not substantially darken the room such as Wooden or Metal Venetian blinds. Bedrooms and nurseries on the other hand often require Roller blinds with light reducing blackout type fabrics that will do a great job of stopping sunlight entering the room. What is my decorating style? It’s best to examine the furnishings and accessories that you already have in the room and try to find a window treatment that will match the decorating style that you have. If your furnishings are a mix of decor style, then look for a focal point that dominates the room and choose electric blinds that will match this style. Is my room casual or formal? If you want the interior to look casual, choose fabrics with an organic casual appearance, such as Roller blinds in Textura Fossil. More formal rooms call for fabrics with a more luxurious appearance like suede or fabric that has intricate details. Match the fabric and the window blinds with the look that you want to achieve.  Electric blinds covered with textured good quality fabric or real wooden blinds will give your room an elegant feel. What is the decorative purpose of my window blinds? Think about whether or not you want your blinds to be the centre of attention. If you want glamour without being too overpowering, Controliss electric blinds are a great choice. Electric blinds will also frame your room very well, especially if you have artworks to feature. If you want an artwork to stand out, look for the dominant colour of the artwork and choose electric blinds that match or complement this colour. If you want your furniture to stand out, look for colours that will highlight the colour or echo the woodwork. Be careful not to have too many focal points inside a room as this can create visual chaos that will be unappealing to most people. How do I choose the perfect colour? Achieving the perfect colour coordination is possible by using the Controliss free sample service. We will send you samples of the exact finish and colour that you are looking for so you can compare directly with your flooring finish, walls or internal decor. By asking these five questions, you will be able to wisely choose your window blinds and You’ll eliminate the likelihood of committing an interior decorating blunder.

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  • Window Blinds Reduce the Risk of Burglary by 6%

    Posted on 23rd September 2010 by junowebdesign.

    Window Blind Security

    A recent Home Office report on Crime in England and Wales revealed that domestic burglaries can be reduced by six percent with homeowners taking preventive measures, such as installing window blinds on windows in the ground floor. The study also shows that people who have less than basic home security measures are six times more likely to be a victim of burglary than those who have basic home security in place. To maintain basic home security, electric window blinds offer the best protection because it prevents burglars from scouting your home for valuables, deters burglars from entering unnoticed, and can give a semblance of human presence in your residence even when you're on vacation. One of the ways that burglars pinpoint their potential victims is to do some reconnaissance work. They may want to surreptitiously peer through your windows and scout for potential valuable items. Vertical blinds are the best way to let in light without sacrificing home security. These kinds of blinds provide the privacy needed especially in bedrooms and lounges. The home interiors are also safe from the prying eyes of possible burglars. Another way that window blinds can protect your home from burglary is that they may create noise that may alert homeowners about a house intrusion. Window blinds may also pose a challenge for burglars to navigate through and may give you a few precious seconds to alert authorities. Electric window blinds offer some very important advantages  over manually operated blinds in providing your home more security especially when you're away from home. Burglars often choose an uninhabited abode as their targets for a hassle-free job. New wireless control systems allow you to set specific times to occasionally raise and lower your window blinds to give outsiders the impression that there are people inside your home. Indeed, electric window blinds do more than giving you control over light and privacy. They are also excellent additions to your basic home security to prevent your home from being stripped of its valuables by housebreakers.

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