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  • Remotely controlling light, shade, style and mood

    Posted on 7th June 2017 by admin.

    April and May have seen a typically English spring gearing up for, hopefully, a summer that will be warm and bright. Heavy showers, punctuated by spells of mediterranean-beating heat and sun have cast doleful shadows and bleaching, bright light in almost equal measures.

    With such extremes, it can be hard to control the desired look and feel of any living space, no matter how creatively you have considered colour, finishes, flooring or lighting.

    So, how can you ensure that you make the most of the available light when the weather is cloudy but still have the ability to control intense sunlight when the pressure rises and the sun makes an appearance?

    Controliss battery powered and mains powered electric blinds allow instant control at the touch of a button, whatever the weather and however often it changes.

    Whether you prefer the sumptuous, smooth or textured fabrics of Roman Blinds; the elegant sophistication of vertical blinds; the practical versatility of roller blinds; the contemporary minimalism of venetian blinds; or the natural or painted finishes of beautifully crafted wooden blinds, one touch wireless remote control is available across our extensive range and the inbuilt safety of cordless technology adds a reassuring piece of mind.

    Rooms with multiple perspectives and windows are easily managed with simple remote controls that allow you to control single blinds, groups of blinds or timed automation.

    Light is the biggest influencer of character for any given room and having control over its intensity allows you to define the personality of your living spaces.

    Controliss battery powered and mains powered electric blinds are your perfect partner, allowing you to create the most comfortable environment for living or presenting the most inviting and welcoming home for entertaining.

    remotely controlled electric blinds creating shade and atmosphere

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  • Grand Designs Water Tower Project

    Posted on 7th February 2013 by jenny.



    Controliss blinds were excited to be tasked with supplying and installing remote control blinds for Channel 4’s 100th Grand Designs episode, the fabulous Grade II listed Water Tower renovation in Kennington London.

    Liaising closely with client Leigh Osborne and the project architects from the early stages of the project. Our brief was to integrate a number of wireless 240v mains powered electric blinds that could be effortlessly controlled as independent zones within the building or as whole groups of blinds.

    Contemporary minimalism was the order of the day and the clean and sleek lines of our hand made pure white Roller blinds collection were the perfect companion to accompany the projects minimalist design theme. The Controliss fabric of choice in the various locations throughout the project was our Oscuro Frost white blackout Roller blind fabric.

    One of the greatest challenges was to seamlessly integrate the remote control blinds over the colossal two storey minimal profile glazed sliding doors that spanned an entire elevation of the cube. The doors which were installed by Fusion Glazing Systems in Notholt, Middlesex are amongst the largest ever installed in Europe. Controliss were able to manufacture and install three Roller blinds at over 2 metres wide and 6 metres drop to ensure the blinds visually maintained the architectural integrity of the doors.

    You can visit Channel 4's Scrapbook for Grand Designs to view some of the fantastic products involved with the project including bathrooms, kitchens, furniture and Controliss blinds.

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  • Introducing Somfy Sensitive Controls

    Posted on 20th March 2012 by Jules.

    As an Interior Designer, I am rarely attracted to gadgetry as aesthetics are generally compromised by technical hardware. However, I have recently discovered the exception to the rule! Having deliberated over the choice of fabric or finish for your Controliss remote control blinds it is essential to incorporate a simple yet stylish means of blind operation. Controliss Blinds have launched  the new Somfy 'Smoove' touch sensitive wireless wall control.  If that sounds technical already, let me explain exactly why this little gem appeals to me. Firstly, there are no unsightly wires or cables to try and conceal and no disruption to decor. Quite simply screw the mounting plate to the wall and click the module and decorative face plate in to place, even I could do it! With the installation easily resolved, we can explore the plethora of finish combinations available to co-ordinate with your decorative interior scheme.

    The central control module (or brains as far as we, the non technical are concerned) is available in white, silver, black or red.  This decided, there is a choice of 8 different frame options, from a stylish matt silver to a sophisticated walnut gloss surround.  Why not choose several options and change them periodically to give a whole new look? Having satisfied my design criteria, lets address the functionality.  The device is discretely proportioned at just 80mm x 80mm x 10mm, smaller than a standard light switch and beautifully finished. The central control module (brains) consists of a touch sensitive panel, up, down and a MY (personal setting) clearly visible. The module emits an audible beep signal whenever a movement or operation is selected, together with an Integrated LED acting as feedback to confirm detection of a touch command. Smoove Touch Sensitive Wall Control is an innovative wireless RTS switch to control 1 blind, or a group of blinds simultaneously, with a range of up to 20 metres through 2 concrete walls, so no line of sight is required to command your window blinds. The module is also available with open/close icons in place of the up/down arrows for use in conjunction with our electric curtain tracks. Smoove has a pure, simple, timeless appearance that fits into any interior scheme. If you think this desirable, innovative product sounds expensive, you would be wrong!  Available from the Controliss online Somfy shop from just £38.24 for the module and £8.96 for the frame, the designer look of Smoove touch sensitive wireless wall controls are accessible to all!

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  • Has Anyone Seen The Keys?

    Posted on 4th August 2011 by Andy.

    When it comes to home security, Controliss automatically operated electric blinds can offer significant peace of mind. When controlled with a Controliss programmable remote control handset, your window blinds will operate automatically at a specified times of the day, giving the impression that you are at home, even if you are miles away. Of course, the typical way we cast our home security fears aside is by locking our doors and security system. Developers are continually trying to establish a better system than the everyday, often hard to find, house key.

    Say hello to your new front door key! It’s not a key as you would normally remember, that’s because Yale have invented the Keyfree locking system. It’s very similar to the system we now use to unlock our cars, which is remote control. It’s incredibly easy to use and is great for peace of mind, especially when you’ve just got back from the weekly food shop and it’s raining. Trying to find your keys in the bottom of the bag, whilst holding a load of shopping bags that are ready to burst, and getting wet, isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. With the Yale Keyfree, you can sit in the car, unlock the front door from your seat and, hey presto, you’re straight in with minimum fuss. The key will even talk to you if you want it to. So no more rummaging for keys in your bag, no more key cutting for spares, it is one simple system, which is battery powered. Even if the batteries fail, it still works with its backup emergency power. If you head upstairs and forget to lock the front door, not a problem, one press and you’re safe and secure. The Key Free Locking system comes as part of the handle and locking mechanism inside a multipoint locking door. You have a keypad on the inside, which also works as an alarm, so you can enter a code to lock and unlock, and the alarm sounds if anyone tries to tamper with the door. The remote key fob can lock and unlock from 10 meters away, and there is a slot for a normal key, which will override the system. So you have your remote control key for your car, your TV remote, your Controliss blinds remote and now you can lock and unlock your front and back doors with the Yale Keyfree Remote!

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  • Keep Your Conservatory Cosy with Remote Controlled Window Blinds

    Posted on 27th September 2010 by junowebdesign.

    Most people dream about having a conservatory to relax in. Conservatories are places of light and air where you can comfortably read a book, enjoy the sunshine, and sip a glass of lemonade during summer. A conservatory can also be a great place for the kids to frolic and play, inspiring them to let their imagination run wild. Conservatories need remote-controlled window blinds because they can provide you with privacy whenever you need it. Motorised window blinds can protect you from the heat of a hot summer’s day. It can also provide some insulation during cold winter months by preventing the heat inside from escaping. Remote-controlled window blinds can be installed in your conservatory to make it look homely and appealing. These blinds will transform your conservatory from an airy and open place to one that is secluded so that you can peacefully work or play. Fortunately, Controliss offers you a wide selection of window blinds that will suit any decorating style. We have roller blinds, wooden blinds, vertical blinds, and venetian blinds in different materials and colours. With window blinds, you will be able to use your conservatory all year long, even in winter. Taking this into account, you’ll see that investing in remote-controlled blinds is a sound decision. With the Controliss easy-to-order system, you can customise the fittings of your observatory window blinds, creating a safe haven for you and your family to enjoy.

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  • Hassle-Free and User-Friendly Remote-Controlled Blinds

    Posted on 17th August 2010 by jenny.

    Remote Controlled Blinds

    Remote-controlled blinds sound fancy and luxurious compared to the typical blinds with cords. However, cordless blinds are not only designed for people who simple want to easily and comfortably adjust the blinds to control the lighting in the room. Remote-controlled blinds are particularly beneficial both to the elderly and people with disabilities. The safety features of this new technology are the main reason why more and more people who live with people with disabilities prefer remote-controlled blinds to traditional ones. Since remote-controlled blinds are operated by simply pressing a button, a person who is having mobility problems can now adjust the window blinds effortlessly. There is no need to get closer to the window to adjust the blinds. With the remote control, one can always lift or lower the blinds or open the blinds from any corner of the room anytime. If the window is too difficult to reach especially for people with disabilities, remote-controlled blinds are the solution to this problem. The window blinds don’t have to stay in a single position because it can be adjusted with ease even by people who are having difficulty in moving and reaching the windows. The amount of sun rays that come from outside can be easily controlled or totally blocked off, achieving the lighting that is desired at the very moment. Also, one should no longer worry about getting tangled with blind cords that could cause accidents or harm someone who tries to adjust the blinds. If there is someone in your home that has problems with mobility, then cordless blinds will help them control the lighting in the house on their own. Because of that, you are assured that anyone in your house is safe from an accident that traditional blinds usually create.  Our new range of Roller Blinds are completely cord free and are CE tested for electrical safety, they are possible the world's first child safe blind. Imagine the standard remote used for switching TV channels. That’s how the remote for cordless blind works, too. It is not complicated to use because it only needs standard AA batteries to operate it. You can choose from horizontal and vertical remote-controlled blinds. There also cordless blinds that one can customize to fit different sizes and shapes of windows, particularly arched windows.

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  • Stealthy Electric Switches & Remote Control Dimmers

    Posted on 10th July 2010 by Lee.

    Stealthy Electric Switches A member of the Controliss Blinds team came across these ultra covert electrical accessories available in various guises for light switches, sockets and dimmers. Approaching the electrical fitment market from an aesthetic perspective, Forbes & Lomax transparent, acrylic plates allow wallpaper and paint to show through the fitment combing an aesthetically pleasing finish with up-to-date electrical components. The Invisible range is available with a choice of toggle switches including Brass and Stainless steel and the user friendly dimming system allows custom programming scenes with remote control options.

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  • iPhone Remote Control for Controliss blinds? - Maybe

    Posted on 9th July 2010 by Lee.

    iPhone infrared Remote Control

    At only £8.99 the Controliss blinds remote control handset will control up to 99 blinds and offers 6 programmable channels but the idea of controlling your blinds with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is to tantalising to resist. The i-Got-Control universal learning remote and free software download may just be the answer. Codes for our the Controliss infrared blinds protocol will not be pre-installed but as soon as we get our hands on one of the i-Got-it Controls we'll test the infrared learning capabilities with our blinds.

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  • Wood Blinds - Infrared Personal Control Settings

    Posted on 18th June 2010 by Lee.

    Ready to go straight out of the box

    All Controliss blinds are configured to work straight out of the box so you can start to enjoy the remote control as soon as you have installed the blind. All blinds that we deliver are factory programmed to work on channel 1 button so there is no need to alter any settings. 1. Insert 2 AAA batteries into the battery compartment on the back of the remote handset. 2. Point the remote control at the installed blind and press the channel 1 button on the handset followed by the left or right arrow button (because of the battery saving wake/sleep cycle you may need to keep the arrow button pressed for up to 3 secs). The slats of the Wood blind will now tilt.

    Personal Settings

    The remote control offers six channels, enabling you to operate six blinds independently (one blind on each of the six channels), or operate an unlimited number of blinds by programming multiple blinds on to the same channel. Your blind has been factory programmed to work on channel 1 button as standard but it is possible to change the channel for each blind. This can be very useful if you have more than one blind in a room and wish to operate the blinds individually. Changing the channel of individual blinds Point the remote control at the blind you wish to change the channel of. (It is important that the infra red receivers of any other blinds in the room are covered during this process to avoid accidental reprogramming). Press and hold the recessed [P] button with paper clip (or similar) for 5 secs, then press your new channel number button, followed by the left or right arrow button. Your blind is now programmed to operate on the new channel button. The up and down (ALL) buttons are used for operating all blinds in a room. When individual blind operation is required the appropriate channel number button for the blind should be pressed first, followed by the left or right arrow key. Changing the direction your blinds slats will rotate Point the remote control at the blind you wish to change the rotation of. (It is important that the infra red receivers of any other blinds in the room are covered during this process to avoid accidental reprogramming). Press the recessed [P] button with paper clip (or similar) 4 times consecutively. Your blind will now tilt in the opposite direction.

    Remote Control Blind

    Remote Control Guide

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