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  • The chair that defies gravity

    Posted on 18th December 2013 by Ben.

    The Gravity Balans Chair

    When it comes down to it we all want great pieces of furniture to do two things: look fantastic and be luxuriously comfortable. Designer of innovative furniture, Varier, has created a wide range of chairs that tick both of these boxes combining elegantly sculptural forms with the more practical considerations for comfort and posture.

    The Gravity Balans Chair is a great example of this, it’s large gravity-defying form providing a beautifully balanced cradle for resting and napping. The recliner allows you to put it into four positions, so you can take pressure off your spine, while it improves blood flow by having your heart lower than your head and feet.

    The incredible design is sure to be a talking point as well as providing a welcoming rest at the end of a hectic day.

    Find out more here: http://www.varierfurniture.co.uk/Products/Relax/Gravity-balans-R

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  • The corkscrew wine cellar

    Posted on 18th November 2013 by Andy.

    Spiral Cellars Wine Cellar

    This being the 21st Century you don’t find many modern homes being built with their own wine cellar. But you can always add your own. The Spiral Cellar is a neat cylinder design that is a compact and striking way of adding room for up to 1,870 bottles of your favourite tipples.

    Resembling a nuclear missile silo the cellar is watertight and can be accessed via an easy to operate trapdoor. So you could either hide it away like your own personal panic room or make a feature of it with a glass hatch. All you need is somewhere to dig and the best part of £30k.

    Get a Spiral Cellar of your own: http://www.spiralcellars.co.uk/spiral-cellars/

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  • Balls to bathtime

    Posted on 14th November 2013 by Andy.

    Alexander Zhukovsky Bathsphere

    The bathroom was once an afterthought in many houses, something that has been seen as somewhere purely functional rather than something aesthetically pleasing. That has changed in the last 20 years as interior designers have challenged, not only the size and shape of traditional bathroom furniture, but even where it is located in the home. The bathroom has since become a byword for indulgence and many new concepts now reflect that. Take Alexander Zhukovsky’s concept for the Bathsphere for example. Not only does his crystal clear, suspended glass sphere take the humble bath and place it centre stage, but by making it entirely transparent removes pretty much any barriers (and privacy) between two spaces. Promising a haven of tranquillity accompanied by a sense of weightlessness the idea is beautifully simple. Water is pumped in through the top, allowing it to double as a shower, and drained from the bottom. Amazing to look at and sculptural in appearance it would be great to think that you could get in an out as elegantly as the execution of the idea. Somtething, along with how you’re supposed to clean it, that will only become apparent should Zhukovsky put it into production. Find out more: http://aizzz.com/eng/

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  • 5 smart pieces of space saving furniture

    Posted on 8th November 2013 by Andy.

    Controliss electric blinds are compact and neat, which makes them ideal for apartments or rooms where space is limited. Urban living in particular is changing the way we live and so smart, space-saving ideas are helping redefine living spaces for city dwellers. These are just some of latest ideas: The Circle kitchen The Original Circle Kitchen takes a conventional kitchen and redesigns it as an all-in-one appliance. It can be easily relocated and behaves in the same way as a carousel, letting you revolve the kitchen to get to the appliances and cupboards that you need. The bottom unit revolves 180 degrees, while the top revolves a complete 360. It comes in a variety of configurations and can include a sink, hob, oven, fridge and dishwasher, as well as cupboards and shelves. It has the added bonus that once you’ve finished with it you can shut the doors and forget about the washing up.

    Original Circular kitchen

    Aquarium sink Keeping pets in a small apartment can be a real problem, but this clever aquarium bathroom sink makes the most of the smallest room to create a real talking point. It also gives you the added illusion of washing your face in a fish tank, which may put some people off, although the glass tank can also house a small zen garden to help you find inner-peace.


    Pull-Down Bunk Beds The Pull-Down Bunk Bed by Italian designer Giulio Manzoni clearly takes its inspiration from the fold-down beds in the sleeper cars of European trains. A great way to free up floor space in the smallest of rooms, it also gives you additional, compact guest beds should the need ever arise.

    Giulio Manzoni Bunk-Beds

    The Open Book Library Chair Originally designed for a Grade II listed property that didn’t allow for book shelves to be installed, the OpenBook is essentially a bookshelf/magazine rack/armchair hybrid that provides a simple yet comfortable retreat where you can get stuck into a good book.

    StudioTilt OpenBook Chair

    The Living Cube The Living Cube by Till Konneker is designed to create storage and shelf space for small studio apartments. It’s essentially a TARDIS-like box that is part entertainment centre room and part walk-in wardrobe, topped off with a bunk bed. For something so compact it has plenty of room to keep all your stuff and keep your apartment tidy.

    ILLDesigns Living Cube

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  • The house in need of a facelift

    Posted on 14th October 2013 by Andy.


    Following on from the Gravity Free Dalston House post we recently featured that let people seem to defy gravity, artist Alex Chinneck has created a house that has been beaten by gravity. The artwork, entitled ‘From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes’ is a three-storey house in Margate whose entire front seems to be slipping off. Chinneck adapted a derelict building in the seaside town by taking the front off it and building a new one so that you can now see into the rooms. We think it’s a great way of improving a neighbourhood while the house waits to be redeveloped next year – turning an eyesore into a real talking point for the town.

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  • Giving gardens a new spin

    Posted on 1st October 2013 by Andy.

    Giving gardens a new spin The empty courtyard below London’s Oxo Tower on the Southbank is getting a Summer makeover in the shape of The Remix Garden Project. It takes the Cloudy Bay Discovery Garden, which appeared at the Chelsea Flower Show, and lets four gardeners ‘remix’ it in their own distinctive style. Jon Sims kicks off the remixing with Anoushka Feiler, Matthew Childs’ and Daniel Lobb following on, with their respective designs being in place for three weeks each. The aim is to create a showcase for new gardening talent and inspire the public to keep coming back to use the space and become more involved in gardening and community gardening projects. The project runs until October and you can find out more here: http://www.cityscapes.org.uk

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  • The walls are alive with the sight of pot plants

    Posted on 6th August 2013 by Andy.


    Architects and interior design firm Hassell has teamed up with the world’s leading wool textile organisation, Woolmark, to transform even the most cramped modern spaces into a green oasis. In order to create a natural, sustainable eco-friendly way of growing and keeping plants in your home the designers have developed a simply weaved material with pockets that can be used to hold plants. The material can then be used to hang the ‘garden’ on a wall or even larger versions can be suspended from the ceiling to create a ‘living partition’. The prototype is currently doing the rounds of the Design Festival circuit and garnering a lot of attention. So hopefully it’ll be in the shops in time for Christmas. Find out more: http://www.hassellstudio.com/

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  • Roca’s eco-friendly Washbasin and WC combo

    Posted on 29th July 2013 by yasmin.

    Roca W+W Wash basin and WC

    Roca is a company that has grown from its humble roots as a Spanish radiator manufacturer to become an international business renowned for its stylish state-of-the-art bathrooms. In a bid to create a cool looking wash basin and WC, which is also eco-friendly, Roca has come up with the W+W - washbasin and water closet. It is a slick looking all-in-one unit that uses innovative technology to fill the WC cistern using the filtered waste water from the sink. The distinctive L-shaped design is compact enough to fit into most small bathrooms and saves you wasting too much water. It’s ideal for small city apartments or second bathrooms, although you may have to help any guests find the toilet since they probably haven’t seen one like this before. Find out more about Roca: http://www.uk.roca.com/

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  • Break out the Boretti barbeque!

    Posted on 15th July 2013 by Andy.

    Now that summer has finally arrived you probably want to fire up the barbecue, get large quantities of processed meats and cook it to within an inch of its life. Boretti is a leading Italian designer of high-end kitchen equipment but it also does a nice line in barbecues. It has taken its signature stainless steel finishes and robust designs and put them out on the patio. Here are just a taste of the some of the kit that could make your summer:


    Boretti Carbone £275 A familiar set up for a barbeque, simply fill it with charcoal, light it and get on with the business of burning some meat. A warming rack and a built-in bottle opener go to show just how much Boretti have thought about the design. But it still needs a lot of cleaning once the last guest has gone home.


    Da Vinci £849.99 A four-burner gas barbecue that’s a few steps up from a regular barbecue. The four burners ensure everything is cooked to perfection while a warming rack will let you keep things hot before dishing out. It even comes with a built-in rotisserie. It will easily cater for large groups, which means your biggest problem is rounding up enough family and friends to feed.


    Marciano XL £3,999.99 This extra large outdoor kitchen is the Rolls Royce of barbecues. Not only does it have a five-burner gas barbecue but also comes with lighting, a sink, a bin, a 50L fridge and plenty of storage. It even has a thermometer to ensure everything is cooked properly. It may be a bit of a stretch if your patio is only a short walk from your actual kitchen but if you’re looking to cook up a storm by the pool house this is ideal.

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  • How to know when you’re number one

    Posted on 4th July 2013 by Andy.


    Described as the most exclusive address in the world One Hyde Park is a residential development designed for the super rich, situated squarely between Hyde Park and Knightsbridge. If you’ve got the money to live here you can count Harrods and Harvey Nichols as local shops, while all the best art and culture are a short walk from your doorstep. That's if the residents of One Hyde Park ever walked anywhere of course. The development is adjacent to the Mandarin Oriental hotel and has a few shops, including Rolex, McLaren Automotive and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. The building was designed by Sir Richard Rogers of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners in quite a conventional glass and steel construction that lacks the character of his more famous work, such as the Lloyd's of London. Candy & Candy were partners in the development and also designed the interiors with an accent on opulence and luxury. The building, which cost a cool £1.5 billion, was started in 2006 and finally opened in 2011. Rumours circulated that the penthouse was on sale for £140 million, which would have made it the most expensive property in the whole of the UK. However, it is now thought to have been sold for the more affordable £40.5 million. But don’t worry if those numbers are a bit eye watering, among the 80 apartments there are a few one-bedroom flats for just £3.6 million. By January of this year 76 of the residences had been sold for a total of £2.7 billion. Although you’d be lucky to find out who many of the owners are, most were bought through private holding companies. So few apartments are regularly occupied that it’s said the façade of the building at night is often in complete darkness. Find out more: http://www.onehydepark.com

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