Electric Blinds

  • Keeping it all natural

    Posted on 25th July 2013 by jenny.

    If you’re after a natural look and feel to your home there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate a set of electric blinds into the design. We offer a wide range of electric wooden blinds in a variety of finishes that will complement other wooden details and furnishings in your home. Our range of electric roller blinds also feature a number of natural shades and textures that will blend with your soft furnishings to create a natural feel. A more natural environment at home can create a calm, relaxing oasis even in the heart of the city. Maybe you’re trying to produce a counterpoint to the view out of your window or complement it. So if you look out onto an urban landscape of houses and rooftops you may want to break up the grey, angular view with rough textures and natural colours. Alternatively, if you look out onto a lush garden and expansive skies you may want to bring the outside in to your home by using a similar colour palette of greens and blues.

    Textura Mist Electric Roller Blind

    Natural shades Creams and browns allow you to mix light and dark shades, and go with most things particularly similar shades of wood. Greens and yellows can be much fresher and brighter but are better used sparingly as they are difficult to complement and can be overpowering. Lighter blues work well to evoke summer skies or Mediterranean seas. Coupled with a sandy beige textured blind certain blues can transport you to the beach, while accompanied by greens can take you to bright summer days.

    Driftwood Electric Wood Blind

    Natural textures Unfinished or stripped wood, like driftwood or old reclaimed furniture, has great irregular textures. If you have a piece of furniture or decoration that has an amazing texture you can use that to suggest your room’s wider colour palette and other furnishings. Soft furnishings are an easy way to get more textures. Go for rugs, sofas and blinds that work well together in similar shades and textures. Rough, irregular textures appear more natural and work well with the random patterns you get in nature such as the grain in wood.

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  • Electric blinds style choices

    Posted on 14th June 2013 by Andy.


    When choosing which electric blinds to have in your home there are a few things that you’ll need too consider. For starters, what do they look like open, closed and all the points in between? How do they move and catch the light when they are being opened and closed? Whatever style you  choose will determine what material, colour and pattern you go for as well. Here is a selection of the types of electric blinds we make to help you decide what kind you would like to see in your home: Roller blinds Like the other blinds these are compact and ideal for varying lighting levels in a room. But roller fabrics also have a major advantage over other types in that they are made from one piece of material, so they can display patterned designs. Think of an electric roller blind as a large fabric canvas being unfurled against one wall of your home and you’ll begin to see the possibilities. They’re a great way of framing complex, regular patterns like flock as well as large asymmetrical designs like floral prints, which can be reflected in the other furnishings that you have. Venetian blinds The simple and practical nature of venetian blinds is that they are compact and unobtrusive. They allow a lot of control over the amount of light they let in while also enabling a degree of privacy. They are also best suited to minimalist interiors where the straight edges and plain colours won’t conflict. However, with a greater range of colours than ever you don’t have to settle for cold, characterless whites and creams when you can have something bold and striking. Vertical blinds A popular choice for formal interiors like offices or larger areas, thanks to their practical, unobtrusive design, vertical louvres are ideal for using bold colours and textured fabrics. Closing or even half closing the fabric louvres can change the whole look of a room, and not just because of the lighting change. In a big enough window a vertical blind can become the dominant colour feature and some textured fabrics, like those with reflective or metallic elements, will shift in tone as the light hits it at different angles. Roman blinds Because they are made from one expanse of soft fabric electric roman blinds are like roller blinds in that irregular patterns will work well, and like vertical louvres textured fabrics will look really effective. When raised the blind is gathered towards the top, creating an irregular, folded bunch that will obscure any formal, regular pattern. But roman blinds are a lot softer looking, which makes them an ideal antidote to the minimal, straight lines of verticals and venetians that can appear harsh.

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  • Perfect Blinds for Bi Fold Doors

    Posted on 29th June 2011 by Andy.

    Bi fold doors have become an extremely popular choice for properties throughout the UK as an attractive way to invite space and light into the home and open up interior rooms to external garden patio and seating spaces. Electric blinds are proving to be an equally popular companion for bi-folds as an ideal way of controlling light and privacy over these expanses. External bi fold doors open and fold away to create a marvellous expanse between the inside living area and the outdoors, where you can walk straight out into the garden or onto a terrace or other outdoor seating area. The wide variety of doors are available in a range of finishes from uPVC, to aluminium and wood and can open a lot wider than traditional patio or French doors with up to a 95% clearance rather than the 40% offered with traditional patio doors. If you have decided to install Bi Fold doors in your home and would like the option of controlling the amount of light and privacy, Controliss Blinds offer a range of remote control blinds that offer convenient one touch operation for individual or multiple blinds over the bi folds. Battery powered roller blinds can be installed with no fuss and no wiring and when raised the blinds allow the whole bi fold door area to be open without obstruction. Alternatively our range 240v electric blinds can be wired into your mains electricity, the ultra powerful integrated motors allow single blinds to cover larger expanses up to 4 metres wide and 3 metres drop. The combination of a Bi fold door system and Controliss electric window blinds will make for a supremely stylish and practical set up, opening up your home and providing effortless control over space and light.

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  • Electric Blinds with Lofty Ambitions

    Posted on 28th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Taking the wide, white spaces of a loft apartment and turning it into a home can be a tricky task. The key here is to take sculptural furniture, soft lighting and lots of textures and fabrics in order to transform an open white space into a welcoming home. Despite cement flooring and expanses of white washed walls, your loft space doesn’t have to feel bare or stark. Instead opt for well-placed furniture and judicious lighting in order to create separate living spaces. The good thing about apartments is that they are usually very light, open spaces; this is an important feature to keep in your apartment as light and space are both welcoming features. Why not create warmth with both wooden flooring and coordinating wood blinds. By matching your flooring you your window blinds you will create the illusion of warmth and comfort. Alternatively if you like an ultra urban, contemporary feel you could team your white walls and cement flooring with blinds that will allow natural light through like Viveza Platinum roller blinds or our Satin finish Seda Ice electric blinds. Both blinds will ensure that your room remains bright and white; however, the textures on the blinds will add a touch of warmth. When it comes to furniture, symmetrically positioned sofas and coffee tables will add a sociable feel to the space whilst a faux fur rug in the centre of your sociable space will ensure that the area feels warm and welcoming to guests. For the accessories, block colours always work well with vast white spaces. Go for bright, framed paintings or large canvas photos. A white space really gives you a blank canvass to work with meaning that you really can make certain features stand out.

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  • And They Call It Mellow Yellow

    Posted on 10th January 2011 by yasmin.

    Think the sun, lemons and electric light, the list is endless...... Yellow is a brightly stunning yet understated and underused colour that really can add fun and brightness as well as sheer genius to your decor depending on what you decide to combine your yellow shades with. The key to using yellow in your home is to not over kill it, carefully choose your shade of yellow and combine it carefully, allow the colour enough space to stand alone but support it with other shades and colours that can hold their own. In this instance, most prominently, warm browns and fresh whites are what I am going to base my palette on. Yellow can be used in a very modern manner, picture this; white walls with one block wall of strong, bright yellow; shades of browns with wooden furniture and an electric wood blind , and perhaps a hint of acid green for a jolt of something unexpected and exciting. If the thought of having white walls is too cold for your liking, then why not go for a light shade of brown on your walls, accompanied by a Daffodil yellow or lemon grass vertical blind as a statement piece? If you’re not keen on yellow being on your walls or windows, however, then why not add slight glimpses of yellow to your home via your accessories. Yellow cushions and throws can add zest and brightness to your living room or bedroom. Alternatively you could use yellow accessories such as vases and picture frames, which will add electric touches to your home. The possibilities really are endless, so don’t hide behind demure colours, add some electricity to your home, whether it be a little or a lot, your home will be instantly brightened!

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  • Add A Touch of Glamour with Electric Blinds

    Posted on 7th January 2011 by Lee.

    If your bedroom is more of a cluttered mess than a beautiful boudoir, then take note of these simple ideas that will be sure to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom, without requiring you to break the bank with a complete room revamp. Whether it’s timeless, vintage glamour or a modern glamorous twist you require, you really can do so with ease by simply changing a few simple things! Firstly, glamour can be added by changing the most simplest of things. Why not add a glamorous sheep skin rug to the centre of your bedroom or hang a large vintage-esque mirror above your bed? Alternatively you could add glamour to your bedroom by layering. Add many cushions and throws to your bed to make it appear like a bed fit for a princess. Fabrics, patterns and textures are the key here; they can really influence a room and make it appear very much the envy of every glamour-goddess. Whether you choose subtle teals and creams, vampy reds or dramatic blacks, the choice is yours. If you like your bed just the way it is, however, then why not dress your window so that it oozes glamour. Add vintage glamour to your window with luxurious electric window blinds such as the Controliss Monarca Dew roller blinds or the beautifully patterned print design Paraiso Sable. You can even vamp it up with our Liso Devil Red roller blinds. Alternatively, simple accessories such as vases and candles can really personalise and add glamour to a bedroom. As well as accessorising your bedroom you could also glamorously dress it as if it were itself going to the Oscars. Why not add textured wallpaper to one of your bedroom walls, or drape silk around your bed post! From the simple to the extreme it really is as easy as one, two, and three. So go on, glam it up!

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  • Accessorise Your Winter Home

    Posted on 22nd December 2010 by yasmin.

    I know I have mentioned how to make your home cosy before, but with a few carefully selected pieces you can really turn your sitting room into a cosy wintery retreat! Flooring - You don't have to drastically change your flooring; however, small changes do make big impacts. If you have wooden flooring then why not add a sprinkling of different rugs and perhaps some floor cushions. This will make the space appear smaller and cosier and will add warmth to the look of cold wooden flooring. Lighting - The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to accessorising your home. Depending on your colour palette and your desired mood you really can take your pick. From bright lighting to mellow candle light the choice is entirely yours. Electric Blinds - Depending on your personal preference here you really can dress a window up to be the main focus of the room. If you want cosiness then why not opt for dark or neutral coloured electric roller blinds that will block out the outside world allowing the cosiness to stay on the inside. Or why make your accessories do the talking and instead match your  blinds to your flooring with wood blinds. Alternatively if you have long windows then why not try remote control vertical blinds this way you can pick and choose how much light you want to let into your cosy sitting room. Accessories - You really can take your pick when it comes to accessories, from cushions and pouffes to vases, frames and candle holders. The trick here is to make it your own, you don’t want too much clutter but you do want your home to look lived in, especially during those cosy winter months. So there we have it, cosy accessories for that cosy time of the year!

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  • Cosy Up With Electric Blinds

    Posted on 1st December 2010 by Lee.

    Winter has finally arrived in the UK, bringing with it strong winds and flurries. While winter may conjure thoughts of children’s laughter amidst merry snowball fights, it may also bring up not-so-merry thoughts about subzero temperatures, severe weather warnings, and the subsequent rise of electric and gas prices as households try to keep warm in subzero temperatures. As snow wraps the country in its cold embrace, there are simple measures you can do to keep your home warm while keeping your energy bills down. Here are a few tips to keep your home winter-proof and keep the chill out without depending too much on your heating systems: Keep your windows and window blinds closed. It’s amazing how something as simple as keeping your window blinds lowered can prevent heat from escaping through the windows, minimising the amount in your energy bill. Check for leaky windows. Warm air can escape from a loose window pane. You can caulk or tape the edges of the loose pane. Alternatively, you can prevent warm air from escaping through the windows by installing metal or plastic weather-stripping in the area between the window sash and frame. Keep draughts from entering through  doors. Just like windows, doors can also be culprits when it comes to heat loss. Draught-proof your door by weather-stripping or caulking between the door frame and the wall. Aside from this, heat can escape through bottom of the door, so draught-proof your door by covering the space with a door sweep or draught-proofing strips which are available in hardware stores. Clean your radiators. The dust in your radiators can absorb some heat so always keep your radiators clean from dirt and grime. Remove any objects, such as furniture or books to make sure that the vents are not blocked. Curtains can also block the radiators that are installed beneath windows , so keep your window coverings simple. Vertical blinds and venetian blinds are ideal window decorations because they only cover the window itself. These basic tips will keep your home cosy without driving up your heating bills. They are a sure fire guarantee that your house will be inviting and comfortable even in the coldest of temperatures.

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  • Add Glamour to Your Bedroom with Electric Blinds

    Posted on 25th November 2010 by jenny.

    Who doesn't want some glamour in their lives? Satisfying our appetite for a glamorous and dazzling home can be easier and less expensive than we think. Controliss gives you some advice on how to create an enchanting and glamorous bedroom with a chic and glitzy edge. Colour schemes for the glamorous look should concentrate on jewel tones, whites, and creams. Pale pastel colours will also work great in this style, but if you find them too feminine, find inspiration in rich browns or black and white prints, but try to stay away from natural colours. Instead take your cue from jewels, such as diamonds, quartz, amethyst, ruby, or emerald. When you hear the word “glamorous,” you instantly think about the magnetic beauty of gold, silver, or diamonds. Look for wallpaper in with gold accents that will warm your bedroom’s atmosphere. These gold and silver accents will have a shimmery effect especially if you add some carefully placed mood lighting.  Speaking of mood lighting, you can create a dramatic effect in your lighting with a chandelier laced with diamanté or pearls which will create a dramatic ritzy effect. Another way to add glamour to your bedroom is through furniture. Look for ornate furniture or mirrored surfaces when you’re shopping for bedroom pieces. A French-inspired bed will be a great focal point for your bedroom with their intricate detailing. Cover your bed with neutral white beddings, but make sure that it’s in a luxurious fabric, such as silk or satin.  Add a dressing table along the same themes to reduce clutter and add storage space. Sparkling Pearlescent finishes should be included in your window blinds. Electric Roller Blinds in the glamorous Viveza Platinum or the sparkling metallic print finish of Plata Swan are a great choice for adding that extra panache to your window. Metallic Electric Venetian blinds in Stardust Silver and Stardust Gold will also add extra glitter to your bedroom. Fill your bedroom with pretty things, such as antique perfume bottles or silk scarves as a finishing touch. Cushions covered in sequins will be a fun addition which will add sparkle to your bedroom. Look for vintage items such as an antique hairbrush or hatboxes to complete the look. A glamorous bedroom will make you feel like a gorgeous movie star, so bask in the glory of a Hollywood-inspired bedroom without going through the trials brought by fame.

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  • Home Improvements to Help Sell Your House

    Posted on 22nd November 2010 by jenny.

    Estate agents often extol on the virtues of well-thought of home improvements to help sell homes. However, not all home improvements are the same. When done right, renovating your home may add a hefty profit to your selling price, but tip the scale on the other side and you’ll find yourself with an unsold home with a thinner wallet. To make sure that you’re on the profit-making side, here are a few words of advice from some of the country’s top experts. According to real estate experts, your home’s location can give you a clue on which home improvement projects are worth your time. If you’re blessed with a home at a prime location, consider going all out in making your home the best in the block. This means you can outfit the place with state-of-the-art technology, such as luxurious electric blinds and you’ll always find a buyer who is willing to pay for the best. If you’re home is in an average location, don’t go all out on the home improvements as these expensive renovation projects will not give you the returns you’d expect. Creating a perfect home to rival any castle will not drive up your prices if the rest of the street is made up of semi detached properties. The kind of buyers you are looking for will probably want to spend their money on a better location.  Instead, focus on keeping your home at par with the rest of the houses on the street or probably a little better with a fresh paint job or even new motorised window blinds that will exude a vibe of elegance which are more affordable than expensive kitchen renovations. Another inexpensive alternative than adding more space to your home is to declutter your space and make sure that all storage areas are clear. You will certainly help house hunters to imagine your home as theirs when you present them with a somewhat blank slate. A lot of house buyers would like to stamp their places with their own personalities and you can help them do this with a little cleaning up. Covering up worn sofas with neutral-coloured throws will disguise the shabbiness and the neutral colours will certainly impress more people because of the blank-slate feel of these colours. You can also trim shrubs outside to give your home that newly-improved feel. Last but not the least, talk to local estate agents and interview them on what sells around your area. The Guardian recently released a report that says different characteristics sell houses in different locations in the UK. For example, Londoners swoon over large spaces, while Cardiff residents are unimpressed with the extra floor space and instead look for kitchen and bathroom improvements. Interviewing local estate agents will help you understand which home improvements will sell your home faster and give you the most profits. So do your research and concentrate on home improvements that will impress buyers, not leave an indelible mark of your personality as a reminder to the next owner.

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