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  • Christmas is Coming!

    Posted on 12th December 2011 by Jules.

    13 DAYS TO GO….. With only 13 days left before Christmas, time is getting very short for Christmas shopping, tempers are getting short, feet are getting sore and wallets are becoming lighter! So before its too late, why not shop on-line? Although our order books are heavy, Controliss Blinds are miraculously still offering a made to measure remote control blind service, with FREE delivery in time for Christmas! This offer is only available until 5pm tomorrow, 13th December 2011; so if you would like the luxurious experience of motorised blinds in your home for Christmas, delay no longer! Our revitalized website was launched last week, showcasing lots of fabulous new collections, put together by my good self! We are now offering superb motorised curtain tracks, capable of spanning 10 metres; which as an Interior Designer, I appreciate how special this facility is! We have a fully stocked Somfy Shop, for all of your gadgets; intelligent hand held remote controls, wireless wall mounted switches with interchangeable face plates! In fact everything you might need to accompany a Controliss blind, whether it is battery powered or 240V, either as a stocking filler or an extra special treat! The Controliss customer service team are fully experienced and are always on hand to help with your fabric choices, and any queries you may have with measuring. When your new blinds arrive, if you need a little extra help there is no need to stress, our technical support team can guide you through installation and programming, so all that is left for you to do: is relax! Sit back and enjoy the beautiful, whisper quiet motion of a Controliss remote control blind. Having told you how we can improve your festive experience and relieve your stress, our tech support are currently still working on an effective cure for indigestion!!

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  • Introducing - Curtain Tracks, Somfy, Lutron and More

    Posted on 3rd December 2011 by Jules.

    Controliss Blinds head into December with a brand new enhanced website design, a new collection of the latest electric curtain tracks, Lutron blinds and our new Somfy shop for easy on-line ordering of Somfy's most popular controls. With increased usability and visual appeal the newly designed streamlined web interface provides Controliss web visitors with an unparalleled on-line shopping experience for configuring and buying electric blinds. Electric Curtain tracks Our exciting new range of electric curtain tracks feature the very latest technology in motorised curtain track systems. These amazing curtain tracks are ultimately included more and more frequently in high-end interior projects, both commercially and residentially, where effortless control maximum impact is desired. Offering very sleek lines over a span of up to 10 metres, these smooth running tracks, with Touch Motion facility are second to none. Lutron Blinds Controliss blinds recent Lutron dealership approval is now visible on-line with a dedicated Lutron Blinds section offering information about the amazing collection of Lutron Sivoia Shades including Roller, Roman, Venetian, Curtain Tracks and Kirbe Vertical Curtain system. Somfy Shop As if this wasn’t enough, the busy Controliss team have introduced a new user-friendly Somfy shop, showcasing a comprehensive catalogue of popular Somfy controls and accessories from Somy's versatile selection of Telis remote control handsets, home automation accessories; not solely for window blinds but garage doors and electric gate automation too! The new Controliss website, not only looks great, but the increased functionality allows our visitors to browse with consummate ease through our extensive ranges; whilst our Customer Support Team are always on hand to offer help and advice in choosing the perfect electric blinds.

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  • Batteries For Your Controliss Blinds

    Posted on 28th May 2011 by Chris.

    Over 80% of the batteries sold worldwide, are of the AA or AAA sized batteries. These batteries power a massive number of everyday devices, including Controliss battery powered remote control blinds, and are primarily categorised into single use, disposable and the rechargeable form. Different devices possess different levels of power demand and in correspondence to this, different types of batteries are better suited to different devices. There are currently 4 more commonly used technologies used in disposable AA and AAA batteries: Zinc Chloride, Alkaline, Oxyride and Lithium. Zinc Chloride batteries are the cheapest version and cope best with low power devices, such as a small basic radio. When used in anything that is more demanding, the power is consumed very quickly. Alkaline battery technology is the most popular compromise between cost and performance. An alkaline battery will usually cost around twice as much as a zinc chloride battery, but will last 2 to 5 times as long in most circumstances. While different battery manufacturers use of this technology may alternate in their batteries, varying brands will typically perform to within 5% of each other. Oxride battery technology was launched fairly recently and is designed to last longer than alkaline in high power applications such as a digital cameras and MP3 players. Lithium batteries are capable of lasting more than twice as long as alkaline batteries in more demanding devices. The range of operational temperature of Lithium batteries is much wider than others, making them the battery of choice for devices that are to be used in extreme temperature conditions.

    Rechargeable Batteries

    Disposable batteries will hold charge for a long period of time, in contrast to rechargeable batteries that, without use, can lose their charge in matter of months. However, we love the newer rechargeable batteries like the Sanyo Eneloop's that work great with all of the battery powered Controliss Blinds including Roller blinds, Venetian blinds, Vertical blinds and Wood blinds. These fantastic batteries can be recharged up to 1500 times, will hold up to  75% of their charge for 12 months and can perform just as well as disposables. The 2 common types of rechargeable battery are: Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). NiCd Rechargeable batteries are the cheaper option. They usually discharge quickly, should be fully drained before recharging to maintain effectiveness, and are not recommended for high power applications. NiMH Rechargeable batteries can be used for higher power devices as they have up to three time the capacity of NiCd batteries. Capacity is measured in milli-ampere-hours (mAh). The higher the mAh of a battery, the longer it should last in your device. Recent developments in rechargeable battery technology have allowed the production of rechargeable batteries that have a high capacity and much lower discharge rate than was previously available. Rechargeable batteries such as Sanyo's Eneloop and Gold Peak Group's GP ReCyko+ can hold 75% of their charge after a whole year without use. Rechargeable batteries can also work out much more economical in the long run than the disposable batteries as, with every recharge, you are reducing the number of batteries going into landfill sites. Showing that it pays for both you and the environment to choose wisely.

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  • Creative Flair for The Bedroom

    Posted on 11th December 2010 by yasmin.

    You can create anything you want to out of your bedroom, whether it be a magical paradise, a Narnia style getaway or just a place to provide you with that oh so needed sanctuary after a long, hard day at work. Whatever it is, first things first, you wish for privacy, right? Well press the remote control for your Wooden blinds and block the rest of the world out and let’s get started! A bedroom should be a calm, tranquil place. A place where you feel safe, a place where you feel warm so why not embrace those factors and truly make the one room in the house that is solely yours, a special one. At this present moment I am loving the ‘English rose’ style look. The soft pinks and creams of a palette, the Havana silks and other soft fabrics, the vintage style furniture, the list goes on. However, if this is too country and girlie for you then why not try something different. Why not reinvent that old creative flair and create something that is truly unique to you. You could go neutral, dramatic, macho, the choices are endless. Then again, you might not want to stick to one solid style, you may want to mix it up a little and make something that is truly unique. Once you have chosen your style it’s time for the exciting bit. The bit where you choose your own fabrics, furniture, decor, textures and blinds. Granted this may take a while if you are in a full time work. But just imagine the finished product, your very own haven of tranquility that you have solely handpicked to perfection. Its over to you now, why not give it a go and make that special room of the house extra special, embrace your creative flair and just go for it!

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  • The Perfect Bachelor Pad Accessory

    Posted on 7th December 2010 by yasmin.

    So, you're sat at home playing the latest version Call of Duty on your PS3, when all of a sudden a great beam of light shines through your Vertical blinds and the dreaded words 'Game Over' appear on your screen. Well, don't fear boys, here at Controliss we have the perfect accessory for you that will save those 'Game Over' moments! Yes, here at Controliss Blinds we offer a wide range of roller blinds, is that it? You say. Well no actually it's not it, what makes our Roller blinds ideal for the bachelor lifestyle is the fact that they come with a remote control. Perfect for when your mother pops around unexpectedly, or for when the Avon lady knocks on your door for the fifth time in a week. You see all you have to do is press a button and the whole world is blocked out! If you have gone for the minimalist look of stainless steel appliances, white walls and black furniture then our Liso Jet Black Roller blind is for you. These fantastic remote controlled blinds will help prevent the words 'Game Over' ever appearing on your television screen again as well as coming in handy when you've had one too many Jack Daniels and you cannot face seeing a spec of daylight! If your bachelor pad is more neutrally toned, or even colourful for that matter then don’t fear, here at Conroliss Blinds we offer our roller blinds in many fabrics and textures, depending on your personal preference and taste. You can go all out with our funky Fresco Spring roller blind, or go for something more demure with our Textura Golden roller blind the choice really is yours. So, there you have it, they are cool, convenient and easily installed. So why not give it a go and get your hands on this seasons new must have accessory, the remote control roller blind!

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  • Prepare for Christmas with a Dining Room Revamp

    Posted on 3rd November 2010 by Lee.

    The Christmas and new year holidays are just around the corner so this is the perfect time to get your dining room renovated in time for your holiday guests. With just around six weeks until Christmas, the clock is ticking for any interior revamps. Some of you may be party hosting pros with many years of successful dinner parties tucked in your belt. Others may be planning their first Christmas dining extravaganza for the first time. Perhaps you want to ditch the holiday tradition of spending this festive season without the hassle of guests, but you'd like to give yourself a treat and refurbish your dining room. Whatever your motivations for your renovation, here are a few suggestions from Controliss. Your dining table is the focal point of your dining room and a functional one at that. If your space is smallish, consider extendable dining tables which could accommodate extra guests who decide to drop by unannounced and greet you "Merry Christmas." If your dining area will not accomodate the larger exteble tables, you can choose a round dining table that can seat more guests without taking up too much space plus its cosiness guarantees warm and intimate dinner conversations. Aside from the dining table, grab some new dinner chairs that will keep your guests seated comfortably until well after dessert. For the chairs, you can opt for matching chairs to project a clean organised look. But the trend these days is to mix and match different chairs to add interest in your dining room. For example, a bright red chair with a wooden table will be a magnificent combination that will give your dining room a trendy atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, lighting must be considered because it can make or break your dining room look. Consider having a main light source that could be adjusted by a dimmer to alter the room’s mood. Decorate your windows with our Controliss electric blinds and you can adjust the lighting of the room without leaving your seat at the head of the table. You can tilt the louvres of our electric blinds to get the exact lighting you need for the occasion. Another lighting trick is to have candles ready to set an elegant mood. You can either have antique candle holders or tea lights running the whole length of your table. It’s really up to you which will work best with your interior decorating style. Lastly, take a look at your tableware and see if these important accessories need an update. Plain white tableware can make any food look enticing. Consider looking for decorative plates that could be added to your white china to spruce up your dining table setting. After you have completed your renovation project in your dining room table, it’s time to plan your menu. In this way, you’ll not only impress your guests with your interior decorating skills but with your cooking as well.

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  • Impress Your Guests with Controliss Blinds

    Posted on 27th July 2010 by Lee.

    Electric Blinds Impress

    Having guests over for dinner needs some careful planning. In order to put together a formal or informal dinner, you must think about a theme that will unify all your dinner details. Usually, the theme could center on the food that you're planning to serve. Are you cooking Japanese food or having your guests sample your Italian recipes? Is this going to be a formal dinner or a casual get-together of friends and family? When you have a theme in mind, you can elevate your casual dinners into truly memorable affairs. Aside from delicious food and elegant table settings, you can also turn you dining room into a lovely setting for your dinner party. Spruce up your dinner tables with simple or lavish centrepieces according to your theme. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to create the atmosphere you want to convey to your guests. Be creative and turn ordinary things into lovely centrepieces for your guests to admire and talk about. One of the most affordable ways you can transform your dining room into an impressive place for dining is to install remote-controlled blinds on your dining room windows. This is especially useful if you have large windows with a nice view. These motorised blinds will certainly impress your guests as it creates an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. With Controliss blinds, motorised blinds are now extremely affordable. Needing no professional installation costs, Controliss blinds can be installed in any room, especially your dining room. These blinds are fashionable and come in a variety of styles and colours to fit any dining room theme. They are also powered by ordinary AA batteries. Controliss blinds will certainly impress your guests and give you something to talk about for dinner. Whether you’re displaying astounding views from the dining table or covering up less-than-desirable sights, Controliss blinds will give your guests something to remember after you’ve said your evening goodbyes.

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  • Wood Blinds - Infrared Personal Control Settings

    Posted on 18th June 2010 by Lee.

    Ready to go straight out of the box

    All Controliss blinds are configured to work straight out of the box so you can start to enjoy the remote control as soon as you have installed the blind. All blinds that we deliver are factory programmed to work on channel 1 button so there is no need to alter any settings. 1. Insert 2 AAA batteries into the battery compartment on the back of the remote handset. 2. Point the remote control at the installed blind and press the channel 1 button on the handset followed by the left or right arrow button (because of the battery saving wake/sleep cycle you may need to keep the arrow button pressed for up to 3 secs). The slats of the Wood blind will now tilt.

    Personal Settings

    The remote control offers six channels, enabling you to operate six blinds independently (one blind on each of the six channels), or operate an unlimited number of blinds by programming multiple blinds on to the same channel. Your blind has been factory programmed to work on channel 1 button as standard but it is possible to change the channel for each blind. This can be very useful if you have more than one blind in a room and wish to operate the blinds individually. Changing the channel of individual blinds Point the remote control at the blind you wish to change the channel of. (It is important that the infra red receivers of any other blinds in the room are covered during this process to avoid accidental reprogramming). Press and hold the recessed [P] button with paper clip (or similar) for 5 secs, then press your new channel number button, followed by the left or right arrow button. Your blind is now programmed to operate on the new channel button. The up and down (ALL) buttons are used for operating all blinds in a room. When individual blind operation is required the appropriate channel number button for the blind should be pressed first, followed by the left or right arrow key. Changing the direction your blinds slats will rotate Point the remote control at the blind you wish to change the rotation of. (It is important that the infra red receivers of any other blinds in the room are covered during this process to avoid accidental reprogramming). Press the recessed [P] button with paper clip (or similar) 4 times consecutively. Your blind will now tilt in the opposite direction.

    Remote Control Blind

    Remote Control Guide

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  • Enjoy the world cup with Remote Control Blinds

    Posted on 9th June 2010 by Lee.

    Remote control blinds a sure fire way to insure die-hard football fans will not have to leave the couch. The Fifa World Cup 2010 is set to kick off on Friday with Group A action from hosts South Africa vs Mexico and Uruguay vs France. England's Group C campaign begins on Saturday against the USA at Rustenburg. As the drama commences patriotic fans around the globe will be glued to their TV sets cheering their favorite teams to victory. With our superb collection of Wood, Vertical and Venetian window blinds all with integrated battery operated motors and remote control operation, even the most dedicated of football fans can avoid missing a second of the action with a stylish remote control blind from Controliss®.

    World Cup

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  • Evolution of the Motorised Blind

    Posted on 13th May 2010 by Lee.

    The evolution of the Controliss blind now means everyone can enjoy the benefits of affordable remote operation in battery operated motorised blind that is quick and convenient to install. Gone are the days when the installation of remote control blinds required qualified electricians running cables up and down interior walls causing massive disruption to decoration. Controliss wireless remote control blinds are powered by everyday batteries that are discretely located: there is no need to run cables to a power supply. The reality is our blinds are as easy to install as any basic blind.



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