Casual Comforts

This entry was posted on 9th December 2010

To live in casual comfort is surely every persons dream. I mean yes we may all appear to be smart, stylish and ‘show home’ like within our own decor style, but the truth is this just doesn’t work unless you have no children, no husband/boyfriend and are hardly at home! So this is where the informal balance of chic meets comfort comes in. Don’t worry if your home is not mother-in law ready every minute of the day, instead embrace those home comforts that make your home yours. Admire the laid back luxe that actually ‘living’ in a house brings. If you are reading this and are thinking that your house is in fact more show home than lived in then there are some interior decor steps that you can take in order to make your house more of a home! Firstly, you can add character and comfort to your home by surrounding yourself with textures and fabrics. Whether you choose to throw a faux fur blanket over your sofa, go for embellished wallpaper or choose textures and designs on your roller blinds there really is so much texture and fabric that can be added to a blank canvas of a house. Secondly, why not clutter your de-clutter rule? It is always a good to walk into a house and be able to see someone’s character shine through via those little trinkets and photographs that are dotted around the house.  Whether it be a collection of old photographs in the hall way, the children's pictures on the kitchen fridge or even those shells that you picked up at the beach being on display in your bathroom. I mean each to their own but I love a home that is filled with many memories and stories, it makes it all the more inviting! So there you have it, comfort rules over chic (well for me anyway), so why not make your house a home!

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