Calming Hues, Dramatic Blues

This entry was posted on 27th October 2010

The colour blue is often associated with the natural hues of the sky and the ocean. It also symbolises serenity, loyalty, and stability. Because of the positive vibes associated with this colour, blue is popular in many homes. However, did you know that blue can also inject drama into your space aside from the usual calm? The secret lies in the shade of blue you use. Controliss has an extensive colour palette of blues and they are often divided according to our inspiration from the skies to the seas. Read on to find out how to effectively use this cool shade in your choice of electric blinds. The Controliss collection feature versatile shades of the colour blue. If you have large windows in a large room, dark shades of blue such as Vertical blinds in Yacht Blue or Navy can be used without making the room feel claustrophobic. However, if your room is smallish, stick to lighter shades of Vertical blinds, such as the one in Cool Sky for an airy, refreshing atmosphere. However, if you feel this hue as too cold for your taste, we have a warmer shade of True Blue that will make any living room inviting. Adding an accessory in darker shade of blue, such as a dark blue area rug, on the floor can warm up the room, too. Blue can look wonderful in monochromatic, analogous, or complementary schemes. A monochromatic scheme can be executed with the use of blue paired with white. Achieve the monochromatic scheme by playing with different patterns and textures to create interesting dimensions of the colour. You can also create a relaxing marine theme in your bathroom by pairing the Esi-Clean Vertical Blinds in Marine with green and purple accessories for an analogous colour scheme. Find inspiration from nature in maintaining an organic analogous colour scheme. Never randomly combine warm and cool colours as this will spell disaster with the feel of the room. There is a way to legitimately mix warm colours with cool ones and that is through a complementary colour scheme. To work with a complementary colour scheme, consult the colour wheel and see which colours are opposite blue. Orange along with blue can be an exhilarating combination, but introduce orange in small doses, such as in small accessories and in patterned cushions. This will prevent you from creating a collision of two bold colours. Pair complementary colours in light and dark tones and bring a lovely contrast to a room. For example, you can paint the walls in a muted shade of orange and pair it with Satin Mirage Bay Venetian blinds. For accessorising your blue-schemed room, choose turquoise and fuchsia or even metallic fixtures such as silver and gold for elegance and style. With these suggestions on how to use blue electric blinds, we hope we have given you enough ideas to make your room as serene or dramatic as you’d like. Our collection of blue-toned Venetian blinds, Vertical blinds, and Roller blinds are a great way to introduce this soothing hue into your home.

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