British Design Icon: Christopher Guy

This entry was posted on 24th February 2011

Christopher Guy Harrison is a British furniture designer icon of whom was born on September 3rd 1960 in Britain, raised in Spain and France and now resides in Singapore. This change in cultures early on in his life and to this day is perhaps where his design inspirations come from, Harrison is world famous for combining modernism with classicism in his designs, creating luxury pieces of furniture that transcend international boundaries. Originally known for designing a vast collection of decorative mirrors, the Christopher Guy Harrison brand now incorporates upholstery, tables, chairs, sofas, office furniture and headboards.

Perhaps one of Harrison’s most famous designs is the Patented Chris-X (pronounced as Kris-Kros) leg design. According to Harrison himself, the inspiration for this piece of furniture was inspired by the corseted waist-line of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind as well as the crossed legs of a classically poised ballerina. This leg design really is a modern day marvel which also oozes classicism and is very popular in the USA, China and across Europe. This unique design is widely seen throughout his collections as he believes it is ‘simple, sophisticated and flexible’. In 2004 Christopher Guy Harrison was applauded for his stunning designs when he received the ‘Outstanding Design’ award by the British Interior Design Association in 2004. As well as this British Award, in 2011 The World Market Centre in Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Design Centre named Christopher Guy Harrison as the ‘2011 Design Icon’. Christopher has designed interiors for some of the most famous hotels in the world, his portfolio of clients include The Mayfair Hotel in London, The Trump Plaza in New York, The Four Seasons Worldwide and even Harrods. Perhaps even more impressive than this, he has designed interiors for such movie sets as; The Mummy, Casino Royal and the Thomas Crown Affair. With such an impressive portfolio, as well as uniquely designed masterpieces, it’s no wonder that Christopher Guy Harrison has become the British design icon that he is. Sir, we salute you!

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