Brighten Up Your Home with Sheer Remote Controlled Vertical Blinds

This entry was posted on 1st November 2010

You dread going home because you've gone overboard with dark colours. You have upholstered your dark wood furniture in leather or suede in a gloomy colour. Your floors are either hardwood in a dim shade or dark carpeting; the window decorations are made of stifling fabric. Your latest interior decoration project has proven to be an interior decorating nightmare and you feel like it is Halloween all year round. Before you contemplate maxing out your credit cards for another renovation project, here are a few tips that will instantly brighten up your home without buying new furniture or stripping your floors bare. These small changes may not feel like much but their over-all effect can make your space less disheartening. Window blinds are often the easiest to replace but give the maximum lightening effect. Consider simplifying your window decorations and opt for sheer Vertical blinds that allow daylight into the room. Simply changing just one window covering can have an immense effect in brightening up your room. After your windows, we now turn to your furniture. If re-upholstering is not an option, choose cushions covered in light fabric or a bright-coloured throw that you can drape on your furniture to cheer your place up. The contrast of light-coloured accessories with your dark furniture can be especially inviting. Another way to lighten up your place is to choose off-white or beige area rugs and place them in strategic places. These neutral colours will unify your dark furniture and dark floors without making the place look dim. You can also try rugs that use the same colours as your furniture or floors and mix them with light colours for better colour coordination. Provide more illumination in your place by replacing your lamps with clear coverings or covers that are open at the bottom. If you have artwork or photographs framed in dark wood colours, replace them with lighter-coloured ones. This advice is the same with other dark accessories, such as vases or pictures. These tips will definitely invite more light into your otherwise dark room. Apply one or all of these hints and you’ll find yourself looking forward to coming home to a lighter, more alluring abode.

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