Breaking The Colour Rules

This entry was posted on 16th December 2010

Who says that red and orange clashes? Yeah I can’t remember either. Blue and green should never be seen; again I can’t remember where this came from. Why not challenge the traditional design commandments with these confident, funky and fun ideas which will ensure that your home is set apart from the rest! Clash of the brightest - Those beautiful sunny shades of pinks, oranges, reds and yellows look fabulous together despite that old age rule that they clash and should not be seen together. Mix them in with simple flooring, classic pieces of furniture and there you have it, your very own ray of sunshine. The key here is to use blocks of colour instead of busy little patterns of colour. Why not make your flooring and blinds neutral using coordinating wood, this will add to the rich colours that surround your room as well as making a simple base for the explosion that is to come. Alternatively, if you don’t want your walls to be the main colour centrepiece then why not go for a neutral paint palette topped up with a beautiful range of funky oranges, ripened reds, sunset yellows and perfect pinks for your accessories including a bright roller blind such as our Liso Orange Burst. Blue and green should never be seen - These two lush colours are apparently sworn enemies, but why? Those emerald greens, tortoiseshell turquoises, sea breeze blues, they all add drama to a somewhat boring home, so why not try them out? The trick here is to break up blocks of colour by using subtle patterns and classic accessories. Why not have blue walls and green blinds mixed in with neutral carpeting or wooden floors. This will keep the walls and windows the main attraction with the inner room being where the contrasting neutrals are. Alternatively, why not keep your room neutral but add splashes of colour by painting your furniture in bright shades of blue and green! So there you have it, why not break all the colour rules and decorate with confidence and colour!

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