Bored with your Interiors? Splash On a New Look with Some Paint!

This entry was posted on 28th October 2010

This is the perfect time to relive your childhood obsession with colours. Having fun with paint to liven up a room is one of the most affordable and fun ways to dramatically change the look of your home. You have more options than to just painting your rooms walls with a bold colour - now you can make your home vibrant by painting furniture pieces too! How long has it been since you've used your overalls? It's time to take them out of the closet and play with paint for a home make-over. Here are five ways to use paint in the best way possible: Turn a boring wall into a vibrant feature wall.  Adding a sense of drama to a dull area is one great option for a paint make-over.  What's the most boring wall or area in your home? It may be the wall behind your bed, or the dining room wall, or the backdrop wall of your staircase. Paint a bold colour that’s either a similar but darker shade than the other walls; or if you’re daring enough, pick a contrasting colour and start splashing away your brush. This will accentuate your wall and could even serve in zoning your space. If for example you have an open space where your kitchen adjoins the dining room, you could paint the dining room walls with a different colour to zone the space. Complete the look with complementary accessories, and you’d have a stylish home. Feel free to convert any old furniture piece in your home into a modern and whimsical accent piece. For example, you’d be amazed how a boring white bench could turn into a stunning vivid seater if you splash on some deep red paint on it. Paint your floor. Make your floor interesting by painting them with trendy brights or cool neutrals. Floor paints are available in a variety of colours  and the best thing about them is that being hardwearing, the paint could last a long time. Floor paint could dramatically transform your room, especially if you use fun and whimsical colours. Paint some arty patterns with stencils. If you’re the more adventurous type and you’re bored with just adding vibrant colours on your furniture pieces and walls, artsy stencils are perfect for you. Order them from a shop or make them yourself, but the most important thing is that you must love your patterns. After all, you’d be seeing a lot of them after you’re done with your home makeover. Paint your windows. Who says you have to replace your windows to achieve a modern look? You could just paint over the frames to create a trendy feel. For instance, you could splash some vibrant purple paint on otherwise boring white frames for a funky look. Now to make your windows the perfect eye candy, install some coloured Electric blinds. The Basswood Wooden Blinds from Controliss for example, could serve as the last touch to complete the perfect look. The blinds come in subtle hints of colour to perfectly complement the vivid splashes of paint you just had fun with. Controliss Baswood blinds use superior quality hand picked grade (A) wood, and come in a variety of 13 soft pastel shades and popular stained finishes. These blinds are hand finished, and come with an infrared remote control. The efficient integrated motor is powered everyday standard AA batteries.

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