Blind Colour Trends - Pantone Colour Palettes for 2010

This entry was posted on 10th August 2010

Pantone has recently released the colour tones to watch out for this year. If you're planning on purchasing new blinds for your windows but do not have the least idea on which colour to choose, here's the rundown of these amazing colour palettes. Knowing the reasons behind these trendy colours can help you decide on which colour of blinds you can aim for to add a modern flair into your home:


The Greenmarket palette was inspired by the vibrant colours of food from organic farm markets. The shift from traditional farming to more environmentally-friendly production of food is behind these colours. Think about the vibrant yellows of lemon, the lovely shade of a green apple, or the dramatic red in fresh tomatoes. Find inspiration in the exotic flavours of paprika, chutney, or Dijon. The hues in Greenmarket appeal to both the eyes and the taste buds. Check out our vertical blinds in pesto to achieve this colour trend.


The resourceful palette represents how we can recreate highly original ways to use existing materials. Home furnishings must be both stylish and sustainable. That’s why you can see the colours of the sky or the water reflected in interior design. Try venetian blinds in gloss sky, then add more drama with accessories in orchid or orange.


This colour palette evokes feelings of nostalgia as a traditional appearance is given a more modern twist. The colours of “transformations” are more romantic, promising a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of modernity. Graceful shapes and unobtrusive colours are used, such as lavender gray, mauves, blues, greens, and violets. These colours are balanced with pink and amber touched by pale gold.


Darker tones, such as rich browns and cognac, dominate this palette. This is then softened by blue, sage, and pink. Shades of grey give an intensity that is both interesting and synergistic. Create an understated and sophisticated ambiance with our venetian blinds in gloss French grey. Decorating your windows does not have to be difficult with the effortless colour palettes that Pantone released for this year. Interior designers never question Pantone’s authority in colour and you would do well to go by these colour trends. Here are more colour choices from Pantone’s home+interiors 2010.


Stirred by the harmonious hues of the night sky, Galaxy contrasts earthly greens with heavenly blues, silver, and violets. Sun-inspired golds with turquoise and orchid accents will complete the look of Galaxy. Achieve the richness of this palette with metallic Venetian blinds softened with sheer layers or patterned curtains that’s very mod.

High Definition

Elegant contrasts mark the High Definition hues which combine classic and modern styles. Let your room exude glamorous simplicity with refined silhouettes. Black, white, and gray dominate this palette. Add purple, wine, or fuschia to inject an added richness into these dramatic combinations. Try using venetian blinds in satin rum for this palette.


Pastiche emanates from the popularity of Japanese anime which has influenced various interior designers. What resulted was a riot of colours and styles that is unexpected but refreshing. A rich brown can be mixed with strong absinthe greens or soft lavendula. That same shade of brown can also be surrounded with yellow, strawberry, cobalt blue, tangerine, or grey.


Whenever economic shadows loom, people often rely on neutrals for big-ticket items for a fail-safe option. That’s why neutrals will never go out of style. However, Pantone said to look for neutrals that are tinged with blues or greens. Champagne beige will add lustre to neutrals that will liven up these colours.

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