Blast from the Past Interior Design

This entry was posted on 10th November 2010

Interior decoration in the 1950's and the 1960's may be rather kitsch for many, but if you're personality loves fun, then you’d love this style in your living space. During this time, the world is just recovering from World War II. As if to rid itself from the miserable memories of war, interior design and fashion veered towards brighter and bolder colours with psychedelic patterns. Before you go overboard with painting your walls with shades of hot pink, burnt orange, avocado green and indigo blue, remember that it's better to inject these bold shades in small doses. Otherwise, this will only lead to the colours being too strong and distracting. Window blinds, such as the Controliss Vertical Blinds in Flamingo will look spectacular in a retro room. Aside from colours, patterns also dominated this era. Look for window coverings that have checked, tie-dyed, or elaborate paisleys, such as our roller blinds in Reina Berry. Aside from retro colours, you can also go back a few decades when it comes to choosing furniture. The trademarks of this period were broad sofas with spindle legs filled with multi-textured cushions. Fuzzy or shaggy throws will also have the same effect.  For the dining room, leather chairs and shiny chrome fixtures are the best choices. For lighting, go for squatty round lamp covers. If all you have are square lamp shades, decorate them with tassels for a more groovy twist. For groovier accent lighting, place a lava lamp on a prominent place. This will surely keep your guests entertained and will make for a great conversation starter. When you have the lighting in place, accessorise with unusual vases or paintings in abstract patterns and vibrant colours. Keep your eye out on collectibles from the 60's or the 50's. Shop online for these treasures and you’ll see that the hunt is as exciting as the find.

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