Beautiful Beige

This entry was posted on 15th January 2011

A revival for this classic hue has already begun with many using this colour throughout their homes to add neutral sophistication and class. With a combination of beige shades, textures and patterns this versatile and popular hue doesn't have to be bland! The beautiful thing about beige is that the more shades you mix together the better the look. Beige really does provide elegant sophistication to a space and the looks that can be created are endless. You can mix a beige palette with whites and creams to create a light look; alternatively, you can add dark shades to the palette in order to add a more dramatic effect. You can create a light space with beiges as they appear more interesting than whites and creams alone. Why not paint your walls a light shade of beige, add to this a cream carpet and surround it with a palette of browns and further beiges. Choose light beige blinds such as our beautifully textured Viveza Riviera roller blinds to create even more light from the sun in the daytime. Alternatively, if you want to create drama you could mix strong browns and blacks into your palette. Why not add a dramatic dark wood blind to your look, our Sorcerer or Tudor Beam wood blinds would be perfect here. Or why not add a dark leather sofa to your home, adding both sophistication as well as classic drama. If dark colours aren’t for you then why not incorporate textures into your interiors. By doing this you will ensure that certain aspects of your room stand out. For example; add textured cushions and a collection of sheer faux fur throws to your sofa to add a touch of warmth to your home. Or why not add a statement rug to the centre of your space. Fabrics such as tweed and leather also work well against a beige palette and Controliss venetian blinds will add a touch of hi-tech sophistication to any window. Believe me, when it comes to using beige, the possibilities really are endless. Whether its drama, sophistication or class you desire, a palette of beige can create the style that you are looking for!

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