Bathroom Blinds Light The Way

This entry was posted on 4th February 2011

The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in a house and your accessories need to accentuate what room you have and not overcrowd it. Saying this, the bathroom is not just seen as a functional space anymore but it is also seen as a place of rest and relaxation. Taking these points into consideration, here I provide my top tips on how to best accessories your bathroom. De clutter - Perhaps it’s best to start with all that clutter that so many of us leave lying around our bathrooms; the products, the bottles, the mess! The best thing to do here is to start by decanting your bathroom, put all of your bath and hair care products into simple glass jars and bottles. This will ensure that your bathroom is less cluttered as well as creating the illusion of effortless coordinated glamour. If this approach isn’t for you then why not invest in some smart storage boxes to put all of your products in. Creating a neat, simple and mess free bathroom. Towels - Uniformed coordinating towels really do create an elegant yet uniformed look. Not only do they bring simplicity and symmetry to your bathroom, but they can also act as accessories which can be used to dress your bathroom. Window dressing - If you have a small bathroom then one of the best focal points to concentrate on is the window. Try to utilise lighter coloured fabric shades in your bathroom blinds as this will allow more light in through the window. But this doesn’t have to mean that your blinds are featureless, to add that extra something why not opt for a textured fabric blind such as our Viveza Pearl roller blind or our Textura Mist roller blind. These beautifully textured fabrics offer good levels of privacy but will allow welcoming sunlight to filter into the room. Roller blinds have always been one of the most popular window coverings for a bathroom and the safe 12V automation of the Controliss Roller allows complete control with the touch of a button.

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