Bathing Beauties!

This entry was posted on 3rd January 2011

I went into a hotel the other day, and I have to recall to you the bathroom. It was just beautiful, all cream, with accessories in the shades of cream, white and beige. It was truly stunning! So, with a bee in my bonnet, I have researched for you, how to perfect this bathing wonderland, watch and learn! The furniture - The bath, sink and toilet itself were all porcelain white; however, the added furniture of a sanded and painted wooden bath stand just added that personal touch of cottage cosiness mixed with sheer brilliance. This look is not hard to find, or create for that matter. All you need is an old piece of furniture, some sand paper and some cream paint, job done. The walls - The walls were all an off shade of white with the acceptance of one beige centerpiece wall from where a beautiful vintage style mirror was hanging. It always adds a touch of differentiation to have one wall a separate colour to the remaining three walls, make this your centrepiece wall from where to hang pictures or a mirror. The floor - In pure vintage style the flooring was wood, however, it again as the bath stand had been sanded down and painted in a beautifully subtle cream shade. The window - The windows were dressed in a beige Roller blinds, of a similar colour to the centrepiece wall. This look can be created with our very own Viveza Riviera Roller blind, or alternatively you could stick to cottage cosiness with our textured Precioso Whisper Roller blind. The accessories - Obviously, there were little accessories in a hotel bathroom. However, in a home you could accessories your beautiful new bathroom with all manner of accessories. From little trinket boxes, to candle holders, to little vintage perfume bottles, the choice really is yours. So with a little effort my dream bathroom can become your dream bathroom!

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