Art Deco: Getting Gatsby’s style

This entry was posted on 2nd June 2013


The recent movie release of The Great Gatsby has reignited an interest for Art Deco, the style of art and architecture that emerged from France in the 1920's and flourished during the 30s and 40s. The Art Deco look is very Modernist, characterised by straight lines, engineered shapes and precise geometry. Here are a few simple tips for giving your home an Art Deco make over: Search antique fairs and second hand shops – Nothing beats the real thing and it’s very easy to find simple 1920s furniture for very little money. Typically furniture from this period has a lot of straight edges and very few embellishments. But a big piece, no matter how simple, can set the tone for the whole room. You should also be able to find items from the 20s and 30s like lamps, statuettes or even old cameras to give you a genuine retro look. Hang prints of classic Art Deco artwork – Reproduction London Underground or vintage movie posters are great for evoking the period, as many reflected the dominant aesthetics of the day. Alternatively this was a period when photography really took hold as an art form. Black and white prints of cityscapes or images by the surrealist Man Ray in simple black frames will really set the tone. The artist Tamara de Lempicka also created a lot of striking work around this time that mixes bold splashes of colour with hard edges. Use polished metals – Improved engineering made metal easier to use in furniture and decoration so tubular furniture and mirrored surfaces polished to a high shine will help create an opulent Gatsby look. Using metallic fabrics on cushions, throws and blinds tie these surfaces together and can create a sense of lightness and glamour. Be bold when choosing strong patterns - Decorate a room with wallpaper that uses two strong contrasting colours and geometric patterns, such as black and white triangles or zig zags. If you’re concerned about it being too overpowering or migraine inducing just use the pattern on an accent wall or on a large set of electric blinds, that way you can control how much the design dominates the space. Searching vintage clothing shops will help inspire you into what kind of patterns would work in your home, but remember the bolder the better.

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