Android@Home The Smart Device Mesh

This entry was posted on 12th May 2011

Smart phones can do some pretty amazing things these days, people queue up to buy the latest mobile device whether it's the latest iPhone or Android based phone. The increasing functionality of these smart phones allow us can conduct business, surf the net, see where the nearest cinema is, the list is endless. Now Android@Home team at Google are creating functionality that will allow you save energy and achieve a wireless mesh home automation network that can be controlled with your favorite Android phone. Google's Android@Home is new technology that will allow you to remotely control appliances in your home from your phone. Their first project will be a remote controlled smart LED light bulb by Lighting Science and whilst some companies already do this kind of thing from phones and touch screens, sky-high pricing can make it extremely prohibitive.  Some might say it’s the lazy man’s dream but it has energy saving properties also. If you’ve left the house for work and forgotten to turn something off, you can just quickly do that from your phone. This exciting new discovery will be named Project Tungsten and it seeks to make appliances communicate with each other (like they have a life of their own? Sometimes the washing machine does) and you will eventually be able to control the dishwasher, washing machine and a whole array of products. This technology will be available on certain android phones and all you’ll have to do is download an app from the Android Market. Sounds pretty special doesn’t it. So if you would rather sit on the couch and switch the light on without having to move, or stream your music collection throughout the house from your mobile phone, the new Android@Home technology could be the answer, but what happens when someone asks you to put the washing machine on and your mum has just called? You can’t really have the excuse of “Sorry I’m on the phone”.

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