An Edwardian Revamp

This entry was posted on 31st May 2011

After a delightful weekend spent at my brother’s house in Northumberland, I set about thinking what we could do as a bit of a surprise for when he gets back from his duties in the forces. My brother owns a very beautiful Edwardian terrace in a small seaside village, and is very intent on furnishing the house as it would have been in the Edwardian period. He has some lovely antique furniture and quite a modern kitchen which the previous owners have installed. Can you successfully mix old and new? I think sometimes you have to, although my brother does not have a television, he doesn’t believe that it’s worth having one, he has plenty of books and ahem a laptop. What I do love about the house is it feels really homely, it doesn’t feel like something trapped in time, it’s very tasteful and as a bit of a surprise, together with my brothers partner, we’re planning on giving some of the rooms a face lift. Project number 1 is the main bedroom. Currently covered in strange anaglypta wallpaper with the most hideous curtains.  Luckily it’s very on trend to find a vast array of wallpapers which copy old Victorian designs, and we have found such a paper which is beautiful and very elegant.  Because the bedroom window faces north the sun streams into the room all day long which is nice, but if you’re trying to sleep in summer its annoying getting the sun in your eyes at 5am. So I suggest blackout roller blinds, in a design of fabric that works with the house or maybe even some wooden blinds, this way you’re blocking the light out. The Controliss blinds are fab because you can lie in bed and open the blinds by remote control, plus there are no hanging parts, so the cat won’t end up playing with dangling cords. Project 2 is the conversion of the small rear garden, imagine if you will the opening scene from Coronation Street, small back yards with the original coal shed and privy. This will soon be magically transformed into a Greek Terrace, in white and blue, with lots of pot plants, furniture. There is a lot of paining to do, and a lot of moving stuff, I’m just hoping my brother will appreciate this, and not get too angry! We’ll try and be as Edwardian as possible, but I’m hoping it will be a nice surprise and he’ll appreciate the work we put in. Here’s to the Edwardian House in all its glory. Stick with the Controliss Blinds Blog to see how we’re doing with the house projects.

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