Amaze Potential House Buyers with Electric Blinds

This entry was posted on 28th September 2010

Staging a house may just be an estate agent's turf, but it doesn't hurt to know the basics of impressing would-be house buyers to get the most value for your home. Though staging might look pricey, it will add value to your home and sell your home faster. Here are a few staging techniques that you can do to optimise the area of your home and sell a lifestyle that a home buyer can visualise. Take note of your properties appeal from the outside. Take a step back and look at your house from the road and again try to view the rear of the house to see any obvious eyesores.  You should freshen up the paint, the lawn, the house numbers, and the mailbox. Sprucing up your hall to present a good first impression is crucial. The first area house buyers will see is one of the things that they will take with them when they leave the house. Keep bedrooms and common areas uncluttered, orderly, and neat. Clean all areas and put into storage household things that are not essential. This means packing up toys, accessories, clothing, and furniture that will lead to more clutter. The master bedroom should have a relaxing atmosphere that should rival a spa. Remove the television and workout equipment and maximise soft and peaceful hues. Use neutral colours and remove wall paper, collections, or borders that appeal to a certain taste, including scents. Lose scent diffusers and do not use air fresheners. If possible, house your pets in another home or in a well-ventilated garage. Walk your pet outside whenever there’s a  viewing and remove any pet bowls and accessories from view. Eliminate stored items from storage spaces as house buyers would want to find out if they could be able to house their personal belongings. Clean your kitchen until it shines. Highlight counter tops and cabinet spaces and only show the most appealing appliances, especially stainless steel ones. Draw attention away from outdated tiles through bathroom accessories, such as shower curtains, baskets, and towels. Ensure that there are no faulty wiring, rusted vent covers, or fixtures that do not work as these may give the idea that there are maintenance issues in your home. Remove any heavy window treatments and replace them with the lighter window blinds, such as Roller blinds or Vertical blinds. If you include electric blinds in your home sale, you will definitely get the most value as people will be impressed with these luxurious additions.

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