Adding Drama To Your Window

This entry was posted on 2nd January 2011

With so many opulent items to be had, why not add some drama to your home? Daring I know, but adding drama can set your house apart from the rest, make it unique to you and really give you a chance to go wild and creative! Take inspiration from things you like, whether it be a film such as cabaret, an artist such as Van Gough or a fashion designer such as Vivienne Westwood. You don’t have to go mad either, you can go for elegant drama, crazy drama, or simply just add drama with specific colours such as black or red. The choice and the inspiration really is yours. Drama doesn’t have to mean expense either. Why not buy likable items and add drama to them yourself. I once read how a lady brought a plain chandelier from a flea market. She took it home, painted it black and stuck black feathers and purple jewels all over it. It really did look stunning! If you wish to add drama to your home but don’t want too much then my advice would be to dramatise the centerpiece's of your rooms. For example; why not make that large, vintage mirror that is sat in your garage into your main living room mirror. Surely all is needed is a lick of dramatic paint and a polish. Or how about making your window ooze drama? It’s simple really, choose an eccentric coloured electric blind, perhaps our Reina Beluga roller blind and allow the dramatic patterns and textures do all the talking for you! Then again you could always add immense drama by using the colour black. And do you know what? There can never be too much black. It is a classy colour which can be used in any room of the house, either on furniture, walls, carpets and flooring or especially on your window blinds. The list is endless and so is black; endlessly dramatic. So there you have it, add a bit of welcoming drama in to your home!

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