Add A Touch of Glamour with Electric Blinds

This entry was posted on 7th January 2011

If your bedroom is more of a cluttered mess than a beautiful boudoir, then take note of these simple ideas that will be sure to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom, without requiring you to break the bank with a complete room revamp. Whether it’s timeless, vintage glamour or a modern glamorous twist you require, you really can do so with ease by simply changing a few simple things! Firstly, glamour can be added by changing the most simplest of things. Why not add a glamorous sheep skin rug to the centre of your bedroom or hang a large vintage-esque mirror above your bed? Alternatively you could add glamour to your bedroom by layering. Add many cushions and throws to your bed to make it appear like a bed fit for a princess. Fabrics, patterns and textures are the key here; they can really influence a room and make it appear very much the envy of every glamour-goddess. Whether you choose subtle teals and creams, vampy reds or dramatic blacks, the choice is yours. If you like your bed just the way it is, however, then why not dress your window so that it oozes glamour. Add vintage glamour to your window with luxurious electric window blinds such as the Controliss Monarca Dew roller blinds or the beautifully patterned print design Paraiso Sable. You can even vamp it up with our Liso Devil Red roller blinds. Alternatively, simple accessories such as vases and candles can really personalise and add glamour to a bedroom. As well as accessorising your bedroom you could also glamorously dress it as if it were itself going to the Oscars. Why not add textured wallpaper to one of your bedroom walls, or drape silk around your bed post! From the simple to the extreme it really is as easy as one, two, and three. So go on, glam it up!

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