Achieve Baroque Elegance with Controliss Roller Blinds

This entry was posted on 21st October 2010

At a time when simplicity and minimalism are the dominant trends, adding Baroque style accent pieces may add an element of surprise in a space filled with clean lines. Originating from decadent Italy where ornate beauty is embraced and even worshiped, the Baroque style didn't catch on in England until the late 17th and early 18th centuries. English Baroque architecture can be seen in three famous architectural masterpieces: Christopher Wren's St. Paul's Cathedral and John Vanburgh and Nicholas Hawksmoor's Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard. Baroque evokes feelings of magnificence and boldness which can be seen in the huge domes, spectacular pinnacles, and elegant columns in architecture. The extravagant exterior of the Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire takes one’s breath away even when viewed from afar. The same feeling of mass and volume can be seen in the immense dome of Castle Howard that bathes its interior with soft natural light. While these ornate details might look overwhelming, you can certainly include the Baroque style into your home through well-chosen accessories. Always remember that to pull the Baroque style in a contemporary home, only introduce accent pieces that will create a strong focal point. To do this, we strongly suggest Baroque-inspired accessories such as the Reina Berry Roller blinds. The elaborate print in a rich shade of purple reminds you of the damask wallpapers and rich tapestries of Edwardian times. If you’re partial to a monochromatic scheme, our Reina Beluga Roller blinds will bring a touch of elegance to these contrasting shades. Not only will these lush fabrics bring the spirit of "more is more" that so characterises the Baroque style, they also give you an air of opulence with their one-touch remote control feature. With our Controliss remote-controlled roller shades, you can embrace the spirit of decadence of this era without sacrificing on space or utility.

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