Accessorise Your Winter Home

This entry was posted on 22nd December 2010

I know I have mentioned how to make your home cosy before, but with a few carefully selected pieces you can really turn your sitting room into a cosy wintery retreat! Flooring - You don't have to drastically change your flooring; however, small changes do make big impacts. If you have wooden flooring then why not add a sprinkling of different rugs and perhaps some floor cushions. This will make the space appear smaller and cosier and will add warmth to the look of cold wooden flooring. Lighting - The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to accessorising your home. Depending on your colour palette and your desired mood you really can take your pick. From bright lighting to mellow candle light the choice is entirely yours. Electric Blinds - Depending on your personal preference here you really can dress a window up to be the main focus of the room. If you want cosiness then why not opt for dark or neutral coloured electric roller blinds that will block out the outside world allowing the cosiness to stay on the inside. Or why make your accessories do the talking and instead match your  blinds to your flooring with wood blinds. Alternatively if you have long windows then why not try remote control vertical blinds this way you can pick and choose how much light you want to let into your cosy sitting room. Accessories - You really can take your pick when it comes to accessories, from cushions and pouffes to vases, frames and candle holders. The trick here is to make it your own, you don’t want too much clutter but you do want your home to look lived in, especially during those cosy winter months. So there we have it, cosy accessories for that cosy time of the year!

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