A Systematic Guide to Interior Decorating

This entry was posted on 23rd October 2010

You have decided on your interior decoration style, found a fabulous colour scheme, and bought all the materials, furniture, and accessories. The next step is to execute your creative vision and bring it to reality. The key behind a executing a successful interior renovation project is on the system you use. With this tried-and-tested system, you'll be on your way to interior design victory. The first thing to do is to carefully choose and plan all the interior decorating materials beforehand. You also need to order fabric, furniture, wallpaper, or paint. You can order free fabric samples online and purchase a wide selection of window coverings from specialists such as Controliss electric blinds. Electric blinds are the trend these days as they transform a bland room to an interior decoration marvel. Controliss promises free UK Mainland deliveries for orders over £99 and all samples are sent free.  Other interior items might take weeks before they are delivered, but Controliss guarantees that you'll have your window blinds ready when you need them. In addition, properly measure the area and order the appropriate amount as an excess in fabric or wallpaper can drive your costs up. Don’t forget to book in advance professional electricians, upholsterers, and painters. The good ones are in demand and often have full schedules and you often have to wait before their calendars clear up. When you are early in booking, you will know that you have hired the best person to install your furnishings or paint your walls. Plus points will go to you if you are skilled in these areas and do it yourself. After you have booked professionals, you can start with the floors first. Quite often, the carpeting must be removed before any staining or sanding must be done as these might damage some areas of the walls. When you renovate the floors first, you will decrease the likelihood to retouch your walls through repainting or attaching wallpaper. Aside from the floor, always make sure that you have installed the cabinetry first before you paint. It’s also a great thing to paint in one go. This will minimise accidental scratches or damage on the walls. Start with painting the trimmings before you paint the walls. After you are done painting the walls and the ceilings, you can then attach the light fixtures, especially the chandeliers and wall sconces. Then, install the window coverings. If you choose Controliss remote controlled blinds, you won't even need professional technicians to install these window blinds as they come with easy do-it-yourself instructions. After you have installed these fixtures, you are then free to move in the furniture according to your floor plan. However, don’t be rigid in following a predetermined floor plan. You might need to move some furniture around and place them in a more appropriate place. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous in arranging your furniture because there might be certain ideas that only come to you when you have seen how you will interact with your furniture. Next comes accessorising the place with table lamps, artworks, pillows, and throws. These accessories should make a statement about your personality. Now that you have created a space that’s truly your own, don’t forget to invite your friends to a little housewarming party and enjoy your newly renovated home.

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