5 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Window Blinds

This entry was posted on 29th September 2010

Are you having problems choosing window blinds for your home? When you're in a bind as to which blinds will suit your decorating style or personality, here are a few questions you can ask yourself before you get overwhelmed with competing choices. What is the purpose of my window blinds? Windows are incorporated into the design of most buildings to invite light into the room and increase air circulation to ventilate the room. Choosing the correct style and fabric will insure you maintain the desired light levels and privacy. Lounge, kitchen and dining areas are often best suited to blinds that will allow a good level of light control but will not substantially darken the room such as Wooden or Metal Venetian blinds. Bedrooms and nurseries on the other hand often require Roller blinds with light reducing blackout type fabrics that will do a great job of stopping sunlight entering the room. What is my decorating style? It’s best to examine the furnishings and accessories that you already have in the room and try to find a window treatment that will match the decorating style that you have. If your furnishings are a mix of decor style, then look for a focal point that dominates the room and choose electric blinds that will match this style. Is my room casual or formal? If you want the interior to look casual, choose fabrics with an organic casual appearance, such as Roller blinds in Textura Fossil. More formal rooms call for fabrics with a more luxurious appearance like suede or fabric that has intricate details. Match the fabric and the window blinds with the look that you want to achieve.  Electric blinds covered with textured good quality fabric or real wooden blinds will give your room an elegant feel. What is the decorative purpose of my window blinds? Think about whether or not you want your blinds to be the centre of attention. If you want glamour without being too overpowering, Controliss electric blinds are a great choice. Electric blinds will also frame your room very well, especially if you have artworks to feature. If you want an artwork to stand out, look for the dominant colour of the artwork and choose electric blinds that match or complement this colour. If you want your furniture to stand out, look for colours that will highlight the colour or echo the woodwork. Be careful not to have too many focal points inside a room as this can create visual chaos that will be unappealing to most people. How do I choose the perfect colour? Achieving the perfect colour coordination is possible by using the Controliss free sample service. We will send you samples of the exact finish and colour that you are looking for so you can compare directly with your flooring finish, walls or internal decor. By asking these five questions, you will be able to wisely choose your window blinds and You’ll eliminate the likelihood of committing an interior decorating blunder.

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