3 Expert Suggestions on Layering Window Treatments

This entry was posted on 1st September 2010

Layering Window Treatments

Just as layers are never out of style in fashion, layering window treatments will always be a design classic. Layering window treatments do need an expert eye in order for it to work. Just as you wouldn't pair summer shorts with a heavy winter coat, you wouldn't dream of matching a heavy velvet curtain with metallic venetian blinds. That's why we at Controliss have put together a few basic tips on how to layer your window treatments for the ultimate fashionable home look. The ultimate layered effect in window treatment is not only chic, it can also add another UV protection layer to your home. Most of the UV protection could be incorporated in the kind of glass you choose for your windows. If you have an older home, you could have your windows protected with a UV-protective film. Before these innovative UV protection layers, sheers were used as the first layer in window treatments. Sheers allow light to trickle in and act as a barrier against harsh ultraviolet rays that may damage your interiors. It also makes for a good privacy screen. However, if your window showcases amazing views, sheers may ruin them. That’s why with UV treatments in the glass, you can have roman shades and long curtains as second and third layers. If you think that it’s too much, roman shades can do the job as well. Here are a few more multi-layer window treatments that always come up in interior design magazines: - Roller blinds with fabric valance or cornice. This design layering classic will never go out of style. Our roller blinds collection gives you amazing choices in different colours and prints. You'll love the different textures of our roller blinds. Fabric valances or cornices spruce up the roller blinds and even hide the hardware of remote-controlled blinds. - Bamboo blinds with curtain panels. You’ll be doing our environment some good if you choose the eco-friendly bamboo blinds. Bamboo grows fast and so you don’t need to worry about contributing to damage to the environment. Bamboo has a unique grain texture that is highlighted with the addition of curtain panels. Curtain panels also balances out the simplicity of the bamboo blinds, giving it a touch of class. - Wood Blinds with a Top or Long Treatment. If you like the richness of real wood, we have a fabulous collection of wood blinds in different grains and shades. If you want to achieve a more casual atmosphere, neutralise the formal feel of wood blinds with top window treatments. Long window treatments, such as sheer curtains will soften the masculine lines of wood blinds. Now that you’re well-versed in layering window treatments, check out our complete line of remote-controlled blinds and unleash your imagination.

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