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  • Uncovering a Britain that never existed

    Posted on 15th August 2013 by Andy.


    The new BBC series Unbuilt Britain is a celebration of the more wilder and imaginative architectural projects that never made it of off the drawing board. The TV series plunders the archives to discover some long forgotten buildings that would have transformed the country. One example is Joseph Paxton’s ‘Great Victorian Way’. A vast ‘Crystal Palace’ like glass loop linking many of the Capital’s railway stations to allow people to quickly traverse the city without getting caught up in the heavily congested streets.

    If it had been built it would have been the largest building in the world, so it’s not surprising that it was quickly dropped. However, many of the ideas and architects that the series highlights were visionaries and have inspired many architects working today. So don’t be surprised if some of these ideas one day do become a reality. You can see Unbuilt Britain on Monday nights on BBC 4. To find out more click here:

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  • When to be bright and when to go dark

    Posted on 13th August 2013 by Andy.

    Bright Electric Roller Blinds

    If your home has large expanses of glass, that perhaps dominate most of one or two walls, adding remote control blinds gives you a great opportunity to change the whole look and feel of a room just with the touch of a button. But it’s not just a case of changing the amount of light coming into a room, or even blocking out the outdoor space to create a more intimate atmosphere. The colour and texture of the roller fabric can transform a space, complementing or contrasting with your other furnishings. They could make it a bright, energetic space or a dark, relaxing room. In a sense, you could think of your large roller blind as a kind of feature wall that you raise or lower to suit your mood. Photographers use white and metallic surfaces to reflect and complement their lighting when taking pictures. Inversely they use black surfaces to absorb light. If you’re using large expanses of a colour it’s worth knowing how it will affect the lighting, both natural and electric, in the room. Here are a few tips for choosing the shade and colour of your electric blinds. It’s worth noting that electric roller blinds provide more opportunities for unbroken expanses of colour with single spans of fabric. Be bright Bright, zesty colours work well in communal spaces where you want the atmosphere to be friendly and spacious. They can also give a room a sense of energy and can help put you in a good mood. When the weather isn’t so great outside or it’s getting dark a bright colour will keep things fun, friendly and lively. If you want to go bright, bathrooms and kitchens work well in vibrant colours, while a splash of colour in your home office will help keep your energy levels up. Go dark Dark, sober colours can give a room a real sense of sophistication. Contrasted with light coloured walls they can make a bold statement and transform a light airy space into a more intimate one. Effectively giving the same space two different ‘personalities’ to suit your mood. With this new sense of intimacy you can create a romantic or relaxed atmosphere, which makes it ideal for bedrooms. But like the photographer, you can use dark coloured powered blinds as a blackout for part of your home cinema set up in your living room. Not only will it block out the light but a dark shade will also subdue the lighting in the room, letting you focus on the big screen.

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  • The future is curved

    Posted on 8th August 2013 by Lee.

    Samsung-Curved-oled-TV Samsung has just launched what it claims to be the World’s first curved TV in the US. The 55-inch curved OLED TV, which is already available in Korea, will set you back $14,999. Samsung has dubbed it the ‘Timeless Arena’ design and claims the flexible OLED tech prevents the screen developing ‘dead’ or defective pixels. Samsung also claims the curve design is intended to enhance the viewing experience as by keeping all parts of the screen an equal distance away from the viewer. The TV also supports other state-of-the-art features, such as multi-view, which allows two viewers to watch two different channels on the same screen thanks to a pair of 3D glasses. Many other electronics companies, including LG, are lining up their own curved OLEDs so it looks like this tech will eventually filter down to become essential piece of kit in your living room.

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  • The walls are alive with the sight of pot plants

    Posted on 6th August 2013 by Andy.


    Architects and interior design firm Hassell has teamed up with the world’s leading wool textile organisation, Woolmark, to transform even the most cramped modern spaces into a green oasis. In order to create a natural, sustainable eco-friendly way of growing and keeping plants in your home the designers have developed a simply weaved material with pockets that can be used to hold plants. The material can then be used to hang the ‘garden’ on a wall or even larger versions can be suspended from the ceiling to create a ‘living partition’. The prototype is currently doing the rounds of the Design Festival circuit and garnering a lot of attention. So hopefully it’ll be in the shops in time for Christmas. Find out more:

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