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  • Home Automation For Your Pets

    Posted on 31st October 2011 by Chris.

    One of our predominant subjects of interest at Controliss blinds is technology and all things 'home automation' that make our lives easier. Controliss remote control blinds are built with aspiration to achieve this goal, and to add safety within your household. Because our complete range of mains and battery powered roller blinds are available with no draw cords, they improve safety in your home for young children and pets. Even if draw cords do not hang low enough to be reached by your pet from the floor, some cats or dogs may be able to jump up and get entangled, which could result in some serious harm if no-one is around to help them. Further more, our 240v electric blinds can be linked to your mains electricity using a fused spur, so that any wires can be concealed somewhere where they are out of sight and unreachable. Electric blinds are not the only appliances that can help towards ensuring that your pet is safe and healthy at home. Food and water can be provided without anyone being at home with a pet feeder and fountain. Lava Electronics  QPets AF-100 Large Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder, with a hopper capable of storing over 10 litres of dry pet food, can be scheduled to dispense a set amount of food, one to four times a day. This battery powered feeder also features an audio message recorder so that a personal message can be played when food is dispensed, it has a locking lid to prevent pets getting into the hopper to get more food than they should, and the food hopper and feeding tray are detachable for easy cleaning. Water is vital to your pets health and the fresher the water that is given, the more likely they are to drink it and therefore dehydration is avoided. Pet fountains are capable of keeping water fresh without constantly changing the water by constantly re-circulating it. On the market, are small pumpless filtered water fountains that are ideal for cats, or, for multiple pets or those up to the size of a large dog, there is the Jumbo Deluxe Fresh Flow Pet Fountain. This unit uses an ultra-quiet system to filter, oxygenate, and naturally cool the water that is automatically dispensed from a built-in reservoir when it is needed. Even exercise for your pet could be carried out by an automated device such as the FroliCat BOLT that can generate and aim a laser at the floor and walls for your pet to chase in a 15 minute play session. This device can be useful if you have to dash out while your cat - or even your dog - is demanding entertainment or it can serve as a handheld pet toy, with which you can have fun with your pet. With so many areas of pet care now covered by appliances that are designed with the highest consideration toward your pets welfare, you can worry less about your cat or dog on those busy days, or even when you are planning to have a long weekend away and do not want to inconvenience the neighbours by persuading them to perform regular checks.

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  • A Jolly Good Yellow

    Posted on 26th October 2011 by Chris.

    Yellow Roller Blinds

    Yellow is the strongest colour, psychologically. For this reason, it is widely used to attract attention and enhance visibility. Examples of such are the use of yellow in “Caution” signs for various situations, it is famously used in New York to make official taxis more recognisable and it is even used by the RAF's Search and Rescue Force to make their aircraft, the Westland Sea King, easier to see at a distance. Because it is such a strong colour, any large expanses of yellow that you wish to introduce into your home would be recommended to be toned down, rather than use an intensely bright yellow. Using particular tones of yellow in the wrong proportion to other colours in your colour scheme is believed to evoke instinctive feelings of emotional distress, fear and anxiety. However, an effective use of a sensible yellow, such as a rich cream colour, can motivate the intellect, as well as inspire senses of optimism, confidence and friendliness. There are, of course, home accessories that can be placed in a room to benefit from the colour's energising power. Introducing some yellow window blinds can be an effective way to help a sunshine deprived, north-facing room achieve a much brighter look. White and Yellow can vividly compliment each other and even if the colours result in a room that looks too insipid, you can bring in some black adornments or graphics to add some detail and make the room more tasteful. The larger furnishings in the room can be chosen to give a significant amount of luminosity to the room. west elm offer home furniture with quaint and contemporary designs, including sofas and chairs that are available in, amongst other colours, a soft yellow named 'dandelion'. Or if you would rather choose a different colour for the seating, you can still add the colour in the form of soft furnishings; the curtains, throws and cushions.The Shimmer Sunshine curtain fabric, available from various curtain suppliers, is a light-reflecting fabric that is sure to brighten the room. For more continuation of this colour scheme, in a north-facing or any other room, Concept Handtufting Ltd specialise in the design and supply of bespoke area rugs and would be able to provide a unique rug to suit your room plan.

    To further the incorporation of yellow into your interior, but in slightly more subtle measures, you could display some accessories that will add style while serving a function. Vita Audio's R1 Tabletop Radio is available in a limited edition yellow lacquer and, being a product by award-winning Vita Audio, will produce high quality sound from either the radio or a plugged in MP3 device. Controliss Electric Window Blinds are also available in a selection of yellow tones. Our Remote Control Roller Blinds can be produced with different fabric colours, prints and textures that include various creams as well as other more gold or shaded yellow styles. It can be hard to visualise how each fabric would look in your home, judging by the website picture alone, that is why Controliss send free fabric samples to anyone who requests them, to allow the customer to better decide which material they want for their blind.

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  • Warming Up For Winter

    Posted on 25th October 2011 by Jules.

    As our very late summer sun sinks away and the cold blustery weather forces its way upon us, all thoughts of flip-flops and cocktails subside, and are replaced by hotpots and Horlicks instead!

    We are currently involved in the conversion of an early 1900's barn , a beautiful brick built building that the developers are trying to coax in to the 21st century.  Creating a contemporary scheme within a traditional facade, retaining the character and integrity of the barn throughout. Having managed to achieve UV values in excess of those specified by Building Control, by utilizing specialist glazing and over specifying the insulation, the clients are keen to achieve a stylish, open-plan environment yet still feel nice and warm! In large, open-plan expansive spaces, underfloor heating is the perfect choice.  Underfloor heating ensures a clutter free streamlined look, no restrictions in terms of  furniture placement and most importantly in the current climate, the wet system is extremely cost effective to run.  UFH eliminates the hot spots that are created by radiators, the heat generated, whether a wet (warm water) system or an electric system, is more uniformly spread, evenly throughout the floor. Robbens Underfloor Heating is the system to be installed in the barn to all floors.  The ground floor and the bathrooms will all be finished in stone; the bedrooms are engineered wooden floors.  The system operates effectively with both flooring finishes, although it is worth seeking advice from your flooring supplier, if you wish to use beneath solid wood flooring. The UFH pipes are laid on top of the insulation in the floor, and then covered with a product called Gyvlon screed.  This is a liquid screed that is pumped in, and cuts down on the heavy labour, and time entailed if completed conventionally. Here is a photograph of the ground floor, prepared ready for screeding, which takes place tomorrow!

    Having gone to so much effort to ensure that the Barn is toasty all year round, we will be introducing our sophisticated Controliss 240v blinds to the full height glazing.

    At Controliss, we have a fabulous range of stylish, contemporary fabrics and as a member of the Controliss Design Team, I know that we have all of the Solar and Optical ratings of each and every fabric.

    From the funky metallic effect screen fabrics to the light and heat defensive blackout fabrics, we can be certain of retaining the heat generated without compromising the design aesthetics.

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  • All Work and No Play

    Posted on 18th October 2011 by Jules.

    As resident Interior Designer here at Controliss Blinds, I dutifully volunteered to attend the UK's premier Interior design Show a couple of weeks ago!  Obviously I would rather have stayed in the office, but somebody needed to go to Decorex 2011, held at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea from 25-28th September, to take in all of the exciting new trends for the coming season! Decorex  is an exclusive interior design show for professionals and hails the annual pilgrimage for Retail Buyers, Interior Designers and Contractors alike. The Shows foyer was designed by renowned Interior designer Nicky Haslam; the theme was based around a mythological theatre set, and what a spectacular it was!  It was like a fantastical dreamland that merely alluded to the delights within!! There was such a broad spectrum of both inspirational and aspirational products being exhibited, but I was particularly taken with the lighting displays. One Company that particularly stood out for me was Serip, a Portugese company.  Their display of contemporary chandeliers was so dramatic, visitors were stopping to take photographs. Another stand that was particularly eye-catching was the Peneplope Batly Jewellery collection of lighting; giant, oversized illuminated pieces of jewellery, I felt like Alice in Wonderland, or was that just the champagne!! When I finally dragged myself out of Martin Hulberts Champagne Bar, (I was only there for research purposes!) I found my way in to the realms of Home Automation.  Now there is a topic at the forefront of design and technology.  I won't pretend to know all about it, but I do know that it is the way forward for all of us!  I think it will become as accessible and natural to us as the iPod is! Currently, many high-end projects incorporate Smart Home Technology; where a single 'operating system' such as Control 4, Lutron, Crestron, Rako and KNX controls multi media systems, lighting schemes, security and of course motorised blinds and curtain track operation.  It is an ongoing race to keep up to speed with this kind of technology, I am fortunate in that the Technical Support Team at Controliss can decipher all the jargon for me. At Controliss we have had remote control blinds for some time, both battery operated and 240V mains powered.  If you aren't aware already, we supply many different types of Remote Control options, from the simple Air 1 which is single channel remote control that can be programmed to control a number of roller blinds simultaneously as a group while for the ultimate in wireless control, with the benefit of advanced security features, we offer a programmable 7 day digital timer to operate individual, or groups of blinds at your chosen times of day, entirely automatically. The invaluable timer feature provides peace of mind, as it re-creates the illusion of occupancy in a vacant property. Our Controliss Technicians are now able to offer tailor-made solutions to ensure total integration of our motorised blinds and curtain tracks into any of the major home automation companies, which as a Designer is brilliant for me.  The more streamlined and automated, the various systems within a property have the potential to be,  the more our clients strive to incorporate them within their property, the possibilities are endless! Having extolled the virtues of technology, discretely integrating these wonderful systems and appliances can be trying to say the least!  My goodness, how much 'hardware' do we now have to accommodate, whilst still attempting to retain 'the look' within any given scheme! It is a constant challenge as an Interior Designer to conceal, sub-woofers, sky boxes, speakers and the like, but getting back to the Decorex Show, I came across an exhibitor presenting invisible speakers. Eureka!  I have seen them advertised, but have always doubted their sound quality and consequently dismissed them.  The Company exhibiting these revolutionary speakers was Kensington Home Technology, I have to say that I was impressed with their sound quality almost as much as their discretion, well worth considering! In terms of concealing the mechanism of our Controliss motorised blinds, there are several options worth mentioning.  There is no need to worry about where to install the motor, as the whisper quiet motors are already integrated within the blinds core tube. If you have the facility to introduce remote control blinds, it is even more impressive if the source is hidden, and the blind simply appears from a decorative pelmet which co-ordinates with the room scheme.  Even more impressive is if the ceiling is lowered or a stud wall cavity is created, the blind cassette then becomes totally invisible! Basically, we need not be intimidated by technology; as it is inherent in our lives today, whether we embrace it or not.  I suggest we trust in technology and enjoy the benefits and convenience of all that we can achieve with it. We should be mindful of the overall aesthetics of what we are creating, if it detracts from the 'wow' that is created by remote controlled devices, then it can't also be called beautiful!!

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