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  • Boosting Bathroom Bliss

    Posted on 24th July 2011 by Chris.

    The bathroom is quite obviously of great importance, and constant use, in our everyday lives. Bathroom configurations are primary influenced by functionality, privacy and convenience. Remote control blinds will make an excellent addition to any bathroom, bringing convenient one-touch operation that gives extra privacy with minimal effort. Not only that, Controliss blinds would not look out of place next to many of the ideas that designers have made available or are proposing for our bathrooms. Motivated by the aspiration of turning a normal bathing session into a more enhanced experience, there are diverse technologically endowed shower or bath options currently on the market. One of which is Kohler's VibrAcoustic Bathtub which aims to invigorate and sooth, using the science of sound therapy, by synchronising preset music and sound vibrations with choreographed chromatherapy. One more idea for an improved bathing experience is Linea Aqua’s Apollo steam shower which is suitable for showering, can act as a steam sauna and can even give a hydro-massage. Including a built-in seat with back rest, the shower temperature can be controlled using a computerised LCD keypad or by remote control, while the mood lighting adds more relaxation. With clean water becoming an increasingly valued commodity, future bathroom technology shows consideration of practical ways to reuse waste water, since the transportation and treatment of our 'tap water' requires large amount energy and therefore has a serious impact on the environment. Designer Jang wooseok has a concept for a bathroom system that drains the water from the sink into a tank that will supply water for flushing the toilet. The first half of the water used to flush the toilet will be taken from the sink water tank, while clean water is dispensed from the sink tap and for the second half of a flush. There are many other bathroom appliances in development, if not already currently available, designed for the betterment of your bathing experiences while also helping to protect the environment. Just keep in mind that next time your bathroom is due for a refit, you could shape it into one that you can joyfully unwind in and still be using your water responsibly.

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  • Lose The Snooze With Electric Blackout Blinds

    Posted on 22nd July 2011 by Chris.

    Are you a victim of the 'snooze' button on your alarm clock and have to really fight to get out of bed at the time you had originally intended? Controliss electric blackout blinds may be able to contribute towards awakening you enough to get out of bed, if not solve the problem entirely. Just as Controliss blinds can help you drop off to sleep by blocking any external light that is preventing you from doing so, at a single touch of a button, they could also help you to get up by reintroducing the daylight into the room at a time specified by you. The Air Spirit 30GMT controller can be programmed to operate all Controliss 240V mains Powered roller blinds and wood blinds at any desired time of the day, 7 days a week. So you could set your window blinds to open automatically on the weekdays when you need to wake up, and then have them open at a later time or even until you use the remote control to open them yourself at the weekend. It will be much harder for you to hit 'snooze' and go back to sleep if the sun's glare is illuminating the bedroom. If the sunlight alone is not enough to stop you from dropping straight back off to sleep, here are some other ideas that you could add to your morning wake up routine. A popular waking mechanism is the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock. It features an alarm tone that is adjustable up to a volume of 113db, which is louder than having a high revving chainsaw in the room! On top of that, a vibrating unit is supplied that will shake under your pillow or mattress and pulsating flashing alert lights will conduct a display to give that extra prompt to get you wide awake. The Sonic Bomb may seem somewhat over-the-top, but as is often said: 'Time is money', and if this device is too much of a wake up call for you, there is an alarm clock that takes the saying quite literally. Although currently in the conceptual stage, and therefore unable to purchase right now, the darkly humorous Shredder Clock may motivate you to get up on time in the mornings. This is, in effect, a cash-note sized paper shredder on a timer, that will operate at a certain time unless you get up to switch it off. The concept is a good-looking device, backed up by a very good idea since the incentive to getting you out of bed is stopping whatever you have placed in it, be it money or even precious letters or pictures, being cut into ribbons. Your brain will often work very differently, when it is just waking up, to the way it works at any other time of the day. So if you need to get up on time in the morning, it is important that the necessary awakening stimuli are put in place before turning in, to prevent you from oversleeping.

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  • Under Floor Heating

    Posted on 20th July 2011 by Andy.

    I know it’s supposed to be summer, but many would agree, when you’re walking around on tiled floors and the weather outside is completely miserable, it is remnant of winter. I’ve been speaking to a few people who, after finding themselves with a ridiculous need to put the central heating on in the middle of summer, regret not getting under floor heating installed at the last, best opportunity. This would help to keep away the cold and make walking round the house bare footed a less unpleasant experience. The Romans are to thank for the formidable idea of under floor heating. They built their homes on a hypocaust, a raised floor where a fire would be lit at a point and the heat would be convected around the house using the natural airflow. This enabled equal heat to be produced across the whole area. Today, although central heating systems are incredibly sophisticated and ways of heating the home are numerous. I would assume that, with under floor heating installed, you can equally radiate heat in every room, depending on the flooring, and wouldn’t necessarily need the central heating on at some times of the year. There is a range of different types of under floor heating for different types of flooring and different rooms. If you have a tiled or wooden floor, you can purchase a system which includes readily constructed heating mats, with an included heating element, that is laid down and affixed to the floor. Then you place boards under the system to radiate heat, and your tiles or laminate are placed on top. For carpeted rooms, a mat with a layer or thermal ribboning is used, and placed across thermal boards to radiate the heat back into the room. You can also choose water heated under floor heating, although the electric systems are widely considered more advantageous since they do not take as long heat up and are easier to install. Devi have a series of under floor heating mats for varying room sizes, with the different series' being set apart by their suitability to different types of floor. Whereas, Floor Heating can provide electric and water under floor heating systems, so you can choose the best possible system for your home. Heating a room using underfloor systems not only frees up some space by abolishing the need for radiators, it is also a much more efficient heating method since the heat rises up through your rooms, rather than trying to heat them from the ceiling, down. Under floor heating is undoubtedly worth looking into, not only for the sake of your foot, but also your carbon footprint.

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  • Control Your Windows As Well As Your Blinds

    Posted on 18th July 2011 by Chris.

    In the torrid heat of summer, it seems of vital importance that you can open the windows to vent the warmth in your home and allow a refreshing breeze to rush through. At any time of the year, in fact, it is much more comforting to let fresh air in and prevent the circulation and recirculation of old, stale air. Well, not only can you attain luxurious window blinds control with Controliss remote control blinds, but other companies can provide you with kit that will allow you to open and close your windows remotely as well. Whether gaining access to the window is difficult, or electrically operated windows are simply an appealing convenience for your home, openers can be installed on many different types of windows. For a standard top hung, bottom hung, standard casement window, or skylight, you may place a single chain-type opener that will push the window open and retract to close it. Or for larger windows and roof lights, the much stronger twin chain opener will be required. To open roof vents and domes that may have otherwise been troublesome to access because of their high-level positioning, linear actuators can be installed. To operate these openers, an array of control options are available which include wall switches, remote controls, and controllers that sense temperature, rain and/or smoke. Wall switches can be linked to the window openers with 1 to 4 switches to control the windows in a room at any time, without requiring direct access to them. For remote control operation, a signal receiver and transmitter might be required, dependant upon the opening system you want to control. A remote control can be set up to give individual, grouped and overall window control. A system that is ideal for conservatories, or other rooms that can heat up quickly, is the temperature and rain window control. This control panel can open and close various windows or roof vents to control the temperature within that room. When it is raining, the rain sensor connected to the system will trigger a command to operate the openers again to prevent the rain getting in. Smoke Control systems can also be supplied that will provide natural ventilation by operating the window or vent opening actuators whenever smoke is detected. These systems will ordinarily have power supplied through a mains connection but can also have a backup battery power supply if the mains fails. With the lethality of smoke when part of a building is on fire, this ventilation could give extra time to evacuate the property and therefore, could be an invaluable system in any residential or commercial building.

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  • Chromotherapy - The Colour Of Thought

    Posted on 14th July 2011 by Chris.

    When sunlight hits water drops in the air at an angle that causes light to be reflected within those water drops, the light is separated into the different colours of the visible light spectrum, and the result we see is an enchanting display of these colours in the form of a rainbow. Colour is something we acknowledge from very early on in life and different colours can create varying interior mood effects, which is why the Controliss electric window blinds collection is available in an incredibly wide spectrum of varying colour shades so the perfect room ambience can be achieved. The terms that define the appearance of a colour are Saturation; Hue and Dichromatism; and Brightness, Tint and Shade. The Saturation of a colour refers to it's intensity. For example, adding extra layers of paint when covering walls will increase the paint colour's saturation. Hue is the similarity (or difference) a colour can be described as having to the 'rainbow colours', such as 'dark green', whereas Dichromatism relates to a change of hue shown as the result of a change in depth or thickness of a material. Brightness describes the Tint or Shade of a colour. Tint applies to the lightness of a colour, achieved by adding white to it, while Shade is acquired by adding black to a colour. When the Tint or Shade of a colour is altered, the Hue usually remains the same. For example, pink can be described as a Tinted red, but the adjustment from red to pink does not require a change in the Hue. Chromotherapy is the use of colour to stimulate the mind and can alter your mood and behaviour. Also referred to as colourology or colour therapy, the roots of chromotherapy have been found to lay in ancient Egyptian culture, whilst also having connections to other ancient civilisations. But, unlike some ancient ideology, scientific studies are able to prove that different colours do generate different emotional reactions in individuals, often for the better. Taking that into consideration, it is important that suitable colours are chosen in your home to take advantage of these 'healing properties'. However, a notable finding in the colour psychology studies is that the reactions were not always the same from person to person, so it is advised that anyone who will be spending considerable time in a room is involved in the choosing of the room's colour before it is applied (especially if the choice of colour is particularly exuberant). The world is full of glorious colour, and so should your home be. There are countless ways you can introduce colour therapy into your house, and there are even devices that will gently change colour to create a comforting mood. So, however your day has gone, you should be able to depend on your home to surround you with a soothing and relaxing ambience.

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  • Rolling Out Red

    Posted on 13th July 2011 by Chris.

    Controliss Remote Control Window Blinds can serve as an outstanding compliment to your home's interior décor, especially if the best possible style and colour is chosen. Our blinds are available in neutral colours, colours that would give a bolder appearance, and some that are in-between. But the colour choice will largely depend upon the look of the room it will be placed in. Red is a strong colour, often associated with danger and passion, and when viewed it can seem nearer than it actually is. This attention grabbing attribute has lead to the use of red in many instances, notably, signs and signals for road users. But the colour red also has many other positive symbolisations, across many different cultures. In China, it is associated with numerous positive connotations, including courage, loyalty, honour, success, happiness and passion. When red is distinctly used in the home, it energises feelings of courage, strength and warmth. There are countless ways in which you can grant your home the benefits of this vibrant colour. Various hues of red are available in paints and wallpapers, allowing you to select one that is not too overpowering. An often favoured use for red walls is in a dining room, where it's ability to boost appetite and encourage sociality and friendliness make it a fitting choice.

    To introduce some red in more subtle measures, you could purchase accessories to add the necessary colour. For example, LSA's Buba Floor Standing Vase will, at 100cm tall, would give noticeable presence of the colour while adding elegant decoration.

    Redcandy supply a huge choice of red home furnishings and accessories, from garden accessories, such as a watering can, to small novelties like red toilet paper! Just a few of the intriguing products they stock are the Guzzini Sugar dispenser, with a curious design that can limit the amount of sugar administered to prevent too much coming out at once; Suck UK's LED Mirror, that can display the time, date and a programmed message; and there are a number of wall stickers that can add extra colour and appeal to the walls without committing to anything permanent. Of course, other accessories that would give an exceptional finish to any room whilst also providing outstanding convenience are our collection of red motorised blinds. Controliss blinds produce made-to-measure roller blinds and venetian blinds in a variety of red shades, that will either let some light through or black it out completely, with remote control operation to raise or lower the blind with ease whenever required. As with other accessories, window blinds look exquisite in the home, whether they are there to incorporate additional colour into a room or just to continue a scheme while contributing to privacy, and at Controliss, we are determined to ensure that you get the best blinds to fit your needs.

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  • Glamping Vs. Camping

    Posted on 9th July 2011 by Andy.

    I recently spent the weekend with friends over in the West Midlands. We caught up on all sorts of news and they told me about their plans to take a camping holiday in August. They have invested in a new tent and all the accessories to go with it. It can be an expensive outlay initially, but if you manage to get away a few weekends during the year, it’s actually is a great investment. The female of the couple was questioning why her partner would want to put carpet down in the tent. Surely that contradicts with the tradition of being with nature and getting your hands dirty. For those who want the camping experience, but find the “getting your hands dirty” element very off putting, there is Glamping. I only discovered Glamping a few weeks ago, but it would be right up my street. Glamping is, in essence, Glamorous Camping, and you’ll find sites all over the world. In the UK alone, there are over 100 Glamping sites. While you still stay in a tent - either a Yurt, tipi, or bell tent, with Glamping, you enjoy the great outdoors in much more luxury than your traditional camping holiday. The accommodation offered through Glamping tends to include wooden floors, a stove with somewhere to cook, eating facilities and the most comfortable beds. These lodgings contain some real home comforts, as well as hot showers and great toilet facilities. Glamping is an incredibly eco-friendly way to go on holiday, and some of the sites are working farms and offer activities that are great for the whole family.  You will find Glamping sites all over the UK in some of the most beautiful locations and prices vary, often depending on whether you will be staying for a few nights, a week, or more. It really is the luxurious way to go camping, and you will feel that you’ve had an amazing break and got close to nature, without getting your hands dirty.

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  • The Right To Protect Your Home

    Posted on 8th July 2011 by Andy.

    Last week, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced that home owners would have the right to protect their homes using “reasonable force”, which would void them from prosecution. In the past decades, stories have made the headlines of innocent home owners trying to protect themselves, their families and their homes, and then coming under legal fire for using force. Now this has changed, but who would really want to be faced with that situation in the first instance? It’s an incredibly frightening thought. With this in mind, I decided to take a look at some of the top security available in today’s market for your home. ADT is one of the biggest names in security, offering a range of products including continuous monitoring and key holder response. When your installed alarm is activated, ADT will respond quickly and contact you to make sure everything is in order, they even filter out false alarms in case the cat has set it off. Packages start from 99 for total peace of mind. Wireless home security has moved with modern technology, offering you a package with remotes that you can switch on and off in any room, so if you go to bed and forget to set the alarm, not a problem, with on touch of the remote, your house is secure. As a preventative measure, Controliss electric blinds could give the impression of a home owner's presence, which is likely to deter anyone who might be considering your house as their next target for a break-in, since it is usually an empty home that they are looking for. The Controliss Air 30GMT can be programmed to operate our 240V mains powered roller blinds and wood blinds at any time of the day, on each day of the week, and so will make any room look occupied whether you are elsewhere in the home, at work or even on holiday. CCTV is another option for intruder detection, monitoring entrances and grounds, and recording every minute, you can keep the recordings for a long period of time and even control the cameras' movement from an in-house set up. High tech security at your fingertips. If you feel that none of these will quite cut the mustard, security guards can be appointed to residential properties. Guard Corps offer bespoke residential security including static guarding for the entrance to your home and security officers, plus key holder response, so someone can always be around on your property, which allows you to relax, safe in the knowledge that you are totally protected.

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  • Summer Dining

    Posted on 6th July 2011 by Andy.

    If you've been working in an office or other indoor enclosure recently and want to try and make the most of the recent spate of glorious weather, make a point to dine alfresco, whether in the city or at home.

    Here at Controliss blinds, we’ve decided to create an alfresco dining area, and make the most of the stunning weather for those well deserved lunch breaks.

    It’s nice to put together a picnic or a continental breakfast that really makes you feel like you’re a million miles away from home, and that well deserved break will make you happy and set you up for the rest of the day, that’s if you can create a relaxing and comfortable environment  in the first place.

    To begin with, you’ll need somewhere to sit and eat, somewhere you can enjoy the view while you are shaded from the midday sun.

    John Lewis and Marks and Spencer have some beautiful garden furniture this season, in wrought iron and wood, and a range of brightly coloured picnic ware.

    If you’re heading out to the park, a traditional hamper is the way to go. These beautiful hampers from Regency Hampers offer you bespoke collections with a range of foods included that will suit any occasion and varied diets, such as vegetarians.

    If it’s just the hamper you’re after because you want to put together your own picnic, John Lewis has a stunning 4 person luxury hamper including crockery, cutlery and cruet set.

    When it comes to the actual food, finger foods tend to be the easiest to deal with, and if you have guests coming over or if you are taking the family out and want minimum fuss, treat yourself without having to put in all the hard work.

    Waitrose provide an amazing array or prepared food for entertaining which can  be delivered straight to your door, including Buffet, Barbecue and cakes, I’ve treated us to a tray of sushi at Controliss blinds, but for some reason, I may be devouring it all myself.

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  • Orla Kiely

    Posted on 4th July 2011 by Andy.

    Orla Kiely is a designer of clothing and home products, which sell their distinctive ranges across the world. In 1993, Orla Kiely was commissioned by Harrods in London to produce a range of hats after her final catwalk show for her degree. This is when the Orla Kiely label was born. Her collections of soft accessories sold well and in 1994, she collaborated with Dermott Rowan. During her first show at London Fashion week, she secured her first order in Japan. In the following years, Orla was appointed as a consultant for Marks and Spencer, and also to expand ranges for Debenhams.  She then showed her collections on the catwalk at Paris fashion week and secured even more business worldwide. The Orla Kiely brand was growing at a spectacular rate and becoming incredibly popular in Japan and Korea, where her first standalone store was opened. By 2004, Sainsbury’s had contracted Orla to create home ware ranges alongside Sir Terrance Conran and today you will find Orla Kiely home ware and fashion in places such as John Lewis and Shoon. Her well-known multi stem logo is seen and used on a range of bedding, soft furnishings and accessories. She tends to use basic prints with bright retro colours giving a kind of 70’s feel but in a tactful way.

    If you want simple and chic, Orla Kiely design is the way to go, and a lot of people love and admire her collections. You will even find an EVOKE digital Radio designed by Orla. Not only does Orla design home ware, you’ll find beautiful dresses and bags in her collection, some specifically for the modern woman and man, including bags made specifically for Apple laptops and devices. Take a look at the Orla Kiely collection, and brighten up your home with beautiful pieces.

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