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  • British Design Icon: Christopher Guy

    Posted on 24th February 2011 by yasmin.

    Christopher Guy Harrison is a British furniture designer icon of whom was born on September 3rd 1960 in Britain, raised in Spain and France and now resides in Singapore. This change in cultures early on in his life and to this day is perhaps where his design inspirations come from, Harrison is world famous for combining modernism with classicism in his designs, creating luxury pieces of furniture that transcend international boundaries. Originally known for designing a vast collection of decorative mirrors, the Christopher Guy Harrison brand now incorporates upholstery, tables, chairs, sofas, office furniture and headboards.

    Perhaps one of Harrison’s most famous designs is the Patented Chris-X (pronounced as Kris-Kros) leg design. According to Harrison himself, the inspiration for this piece of furniture was inspired by the corseted waist-line of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind as well as the crossed legs of a classically poised ballerina. This leg design really is a modern day marvel which also oozes classicism and is very popular in the USA, China and across Europe. This unique design is widely seen throughout his collections as he believes it is ‘simple, sophisticated and flexible’. In 2004 Christopher Guy Harrison was applauded for his stunning designs when he received the ‘Outstanding Design’ award by the British Interior Design Association in 2004. As well as this British Award, in 2011 The World Market Centre in Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Design Centre named Christopher Guy Harrison as the ‘2011 Design Icon’. Christopher has designed interiors for some of the most famous hotels in the world, his portfolio of clients include The Mayfair Hotel in London, The Trump Plaza in New York, The Four Seasons Worldwide and even Harrods. Perhaps even more impressive than this, he has designed interiors for such movie sets as; The Mummy, Casino Royal and the Thomas Crown Affair. With such an impressive portfolio, as well as uniquely designed masterpieces, it’s no wonder that Christopher Guy Harrison has become the British design icon that he is. Sir, we salute you!

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  • Creating An Ooh La La Boudoir

    Posted on 23rd February 2011 by yasmin.

    If your thinking of adding a touch of french chic and create a stylish Parisian boudoir inspired bedroom then imagine the flamboyance of 'Moulin Rouge', and art nouveau. Plush fabrics, velvets and silks, sensual prints and  bold passionate colours including shades of black, red and purple. Think art nouveau figurines and beautifully intricate architectural details. Think all of this together and you will be somewhere close to creating a beautiful Parisian boudoir style bedroom.

    When you hear the word ‘boudoir’ you instantly think about the Moulin Rouge style colours of black, red, or purple. Going with the risque theme of Moulin Rouge, the Antonio Citterio designed B&B ITALIA Alcova ACLE1 Bed in black oak fits the theme to perfection. Just imagine this designer classic contemporary bed sprawled with rich fabrics and colourful tones.

    The perfect neighbour for this beautiful bed has to be the stunning Luigi Caccia Dominioni designed L’Abbate 'Pole Position' armchair. This perfectly set armchair showcases Parisian flair to the maximum with its quilted design and soft fabric. The classic boudoir style is also about accentuated architecture. If you don’t already have cornicing then good quality plaster cornicing is available in a plethora mouldings and these stylish adornments really add to the overall theme. When it comes to fabrics, the traditional boudoir is all about velvets and silks in rich passionate shades. Our Seda Chianti Roller Blinds have a luxurious silk finish and the deep Chianti coloured fabric sits perfectly with the Parisian theme. The Oscuro Allure and Oscuro Midnight fabric Blackout blinds will also work great with the Paris theme and the Blackout fabric has the advantage of blocking the sun out completely. Complete the look with some ornate and classic art nouveau style accessories such as antique perfume bottles, feathers and jewels and don't forget the bottle of 'Cristal'.

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  • Spring Fresh Inspiration

    Posted on 22nd February 2011 by yasmin.

    February is the month to start thinking about spring fresh colours. Whether you show your love for all things fresh, clean and colourful via a new piece of furniture, new electric blinds or a completely revamped fresh interior scheme, spring is on its way, so why not embrace it!

    We love the rubber pendant light from Swedish designers 'Form Us With Love'. This funky-fresh pendant light available from 'Made In Design' is moulded form bendy silicone rubber and comes in five exuberant shades including the ‘perfect for spring’ colour of yellow.

    And whats not to love about the vibrant Particia Urquiola designed polycarbonate transparent 'Frilly chairs' by Kartell. The beautifully feminine design with a sculptured pleat effect is available in eight different hues that will add a welcome splash of colour into any room. What better way to celebrate spring than to look out of your window and see lush green grass growing, the rain disappearing and lush green leaves adorning the garden, perhaps even a few lambs. Well this is no problem with motorised blinds. Whereas you have blocked out the winter weather with these blinds, now is the time to press that button on the remote control and let the colours of spring into your home. You could even update your old window blinds for the bright, spring months with a Fresco Spring electric roller blind, the sun will illuminate this brightly coloured blind, making your home ready for the spring months that are to come. Finally, we sigh in relief as we wave bye, bye to those cold winter months and instead welcome the wonderful time of year that is spring. So why not welcome spring into your home too?

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  • Setting the Scene

    Posted on 21st February 2011 by yasmin.

    When it comes to hosting a dinner party, you of course expect to portray to your guests nothing short of perfection. Whether you are planning a relaxed affair or a black tie bonanza; from the food you prepare and serve, to the place settings, to the lighting; perfection is what you should strive for.

    Food - So here is the scenario; you have 8 dinner guests coming over at approximately 7pm, you already have the smoked salmon and champagne chilling in the fridge, your roast beef is slowly cooking in the oven and your apple crumble is ready and waiting to be baked. Now for the finishing touches!

    Tableware - For the table settings, we love the unique designs of historic Italian Porcelain designers Richard Ginori 1735. Their new range of tableware named ‘Metroquadro’ is simply stunning as well as uniquely funky and individual. Each individual item is dedicated to a different food or wine producer, and are inspired by traditional Italian souvenir plates.

    Lighting - Lighting is the key to any dinner party as it sets the mood of the evening. Avoid strong strobe or spot styled lighting fixtures and instead opt for soft lighting and candles. This will ensure that your guests are as relaxed as possible.

    Known as ‘Hurricane Drops’ these classic glass drop pendant lights by Skogsberg & Smart will add a serene atmosphere to any dinner party. These ‘Hurricane Drops’ which work as a trio, hand from a nickel plated pole and look simply stunning.

    As well as having the perfect lighting, it is also important that you make your dinner party seem personal and welcoming. Controliss electric roller blinds are not only the ultimate party piece. Our remote controlled blinds offer one-touch child safe operation so you can adapt the mood of your dinner party without leaving the banquet to fiddle with cord controls.

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  • Design Icon: Marcel Wanders

    Posted on 17th February 2011 by Lee.

    Marcel Wanders is a Dutch architectural and interior designer who shot to worldwide fame back in 1995 with his design of the Knotted Chair which was designed in a Droog design project and distributed by Cappelini. Marcel was born in 1963 and grew up in Boxtel, The Netherlands. He graduated from The School of Arts Arnheim in 1988 and began his professional career in the 1990s by forming the company Droog; and the rest they say is history. Nowadays Wanders designs for European design manufacturers such as B&B Italia, Moroso, Boffi and Droog and is also the art director of the maverick brand ‘Moooi’. His design masterpieces have ranged from unique pieces of furniture, to wallpaper and blind prints, to fabulously ‘out there’ accessories. Some of his best pieces include the B.L.O lamp of which he designed for Italian company Flos. This lamp is extraordinary in design as it can be switched on and off by lightly blowing on it. His other masterpieces include the V.I.P Chair for Moooi and the Egg Vase also for Moooi but to name a few.

    Marcel Wanders | Fabric Patterns


    Marcel’s latest designs include a beautifully embellished cutlery range for Christofle as well as a resin flooring range names ‘impressions’ for Dutch company Senso. Marcel states that this new flooring range is relatively eco-friendly as it is not made from crude-oil but instead is made from biopolymers and plant derived resins. As well as these new designs, Marcel is also working on a number of world renowned hotels including the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam. So there you have it, this architectural and interior designer really is an icon. His items are fresh, fabulous and unique, and well if some of the most famous companies in the world demand this man, then he must indeed be a design icon!

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  • Design Icons :: Vivienne Westwood

    Posted on 13th February 2011 by yasmin.

    When we think of the long standing British design icon that is Vivienne Westwood, we think of everything that is whacky, fun and fabulous. Born in 1941 in Glossop, Derbyshire, Vivienne Westwood is one of the most internationally renowned fashion designers of the past 30 years. Vivienne began designing cloths back in 1971 which shortly followed with the opening of her first shop ‘let it rock’. Vivienne really hit it big time when she met her then lover and business partner, Malcolm McLaren; through this interest Vivienne got the chance to dress the Sex Pistols in clothing from her store. From then on Vivienne soon became synonymous with the punk rock era and still to this day many of her items remain with that theme. In 1981 Vivienne showed her first collection in London named ‘Pirate’, the show put her firmly on the fashion map and the rest they say is history. Today, Vivienne Westwood is synonymous for her funky sense of style, love of outlandish textures and bold prints. Her designs have generally stayed within the fashion world, however, over recent years her designs have thankfully branched out into home interiors.

    Perhaps one of her most famous home interior designs, Vivienne created the union jack rug and other carpet designs for ‘The Rug Company’. Vivienne’s tattered union jack rug is British patriotism at its best from one of the greatest British designers of our time. Vivienne Westwood is perhaps one of the most controversially eccentric and tremendously  artistic designers of our time, her prints are fabulously original and perhaps in the future we will see more of them on such items as wallpaper, curtains, home furnishings and remote control blinds, let’s face it; we all need a little bit of Vivienne Westwood in our lives!

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  • The Bachelor Of Technology

    Posted on 9th February 2011 by yasmin.

    So, you have your slinky contemporary bachelor pad decorated in light, modern tones accompanied with clean glass and stainless steel surfaces throughout.  This is all well and good; however, the central focal point of any dream abode for any gentleman is of course the latest technology. Here at Controliss we believe that the king of all technology for any bachelors home is of course the television, followed naturally by remote control blinds. At the higher end of flat screen TV bliss are the famous and aspirational Danish company Bang & Olufsen. Their incredibly slim BeoVision 10 Television is simply stunning. Using the latest LED technology, advanced features, superior image and clear sound as well as being stunningly streamline and easy on the eye. The television comes in 3 sizes up to 46" (113.8cm x 103.4cm) and is available in 6 frame finishes including silver and black but don't forget to check out our favourite feature, the optional motorised floor stand. So you have invested in a large LCD or Plasma TV and your home is oozing with the latest appliances featuring state of the art technology and you're the ultimate bachelor of modern technology right? Wrong, there appears to be something missing from your bachelor pad, something that really will define you as the ultimate bachelor of technology and help shield nasty sunlight glare from effecting your viewing experience. The item in question is the ultra modern, ultra cool and flat screen TV friendly remote control blind.

    The Controliss collection of motorised blackout blinds with one touch remote operation are an absolute breeze to install and our contemporary collection of roller blinds in blackout fabrics really do add to the viewing experience of any TV. Our blackout roller blinds are controlled with a handset that will automatically raise and lower the blind at the touch off a button and wireless programmable timer is also available so the blinds will automatically operate at specific times of the day and week.

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  • Motorised Blinds

    Posted on 9th February 2011 by Lee.

    motorised blindsWith Controliss progressive motorisation technology the evolution of motorised window blinds with discrete integrated motors provides an extensive number of options for consumers and specifiers looking to install electric blinds. Available in a comprehensive range of options from 6 Volt, low voltage AAA battery powered blinds to powerful 240V mains power, Controliss motorised blinds encompass effortless control with contemporary aesthetics. Battery Powered Motorised Blinds The elegant integration of the efficient Controliss battery powered window blind motors has moved the once extremely exclusive motorised blinds into the reach of everyone. The benefits of being able to install a battery powered remote control window blind with no disruption to interior decoration are huge and because no wiring is necessary, effortless DIY installation is virtually the same as a standard blind. There is no requirement for any specialist batteries and good quality branded standard alkaline AA or AAA 1.5V batteries will provide an average battery lifespan of around 12 months. The streamlined 6V, 9V or 12V internal motors require 4X 1.5V, 6X 1.5V or 8X 1.5V batteries depending on the type of blind and replacing the batteries is straightforward. 240V Mains Powered Motorised Blinds The Controliss Electric Air 240V Roller and Wood Venetian blind collections eliminate the need for batteries with the integration of powerful 240V 6Nm and 10Nm mains powered motors. When there is provision for a 240V electrical supply for example a near-by socket or a fused spur then mains powered blinds offer the ability to provide extremely large blinds to cover large window or door expanses. The extra power of a mains supply also offers increased functionality of motorised wood venetian blinds with complete raise/lower and tilt control. Integration of Controliss mains powered motorised blinds with building management systems or the increasingly popular home automation systems like control4 is also possible and help is on hand to discuss any specific queries you may have.

  • Dining Room Inspiration

    Posted on 7th February 2011 by yasmin.

    The central focal point of an inspirational and inviting dining room is the dining table and chairs with beautifully designed feature pendant lights and controliss remote controlled blinds coming in an extremely close second. We love the implementation of the monolithic walnut wood slab top and sculptured abstract base of the Italian designed Bonaldo big walnut dining room table. Measuring 3 metres x 1.08 metres (110in x 43in) this dining room table certainly lives up to it's name. The good news for those of us with smaller floor plans to work is that the big daddy version is also available in 2.5 metres, 2.2 metres and 2 metres.

    Considered a design masterpiece you would never believe the Poul Henningson made Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke Suspension Light is over 40 years old. This unique and widely imitated design allows you to view the piece from all angles without ever being able to directly see the central light source.

    The first Artichoke lights were actually designed originally for the Laneline Pavilion in Copenhagen and they are still in use to this very day. The lights are now available in two sizes in white, copper and stainless steel finishes. This truly inspirational piece of sophisticated and functional dining room art for commands a premium price tag though so be sure to look around and find a design that suits your budget.

    The nature and location of the dining room within a property often means that there are larger windows such as patio doors, french doors and our favorites the contemporary and popular bifold folding doors. The exceptional functionality and luxurious one touch operation of the Controliss Electric blinds are a perfect way to add that extra level of sophistication that will really make the difference when it comes to the overall ambience of your interior dining space.

    One of the most popular window blinds for use on bi-fold doors are remote control Roller blinds that can be battery powered with everyday AA (LR6) batteries or supplied with mains powered 240V motorisation options for complete integration into the properties electrical supply as well as home automation systems. Be sure to checkout the ultra contemporary Controliss Viveza Platinum Roller blind fabric with its modern metallic appearance.

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  • Bathroom Blinds Light The Way

    Posted on 4th February 2011 by yasmin.

    The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in a house and your accessories need to accentuate what room you have and not overcrowd it. Saying this, the bathroom is not just seen as a functional space anymore but it is also seen as a place of rest and relaxation. Taking these points into consideration, here I provide my top tips on how to best accessories your bathroom. De clutter - Perhaps it’s best to start with all that clutter that so many of us leave lying around our bathrooms; the products, the bottles, the mess! The best thing to do here is to start by decanting your bathroom, put all of your bath and hair care products into simple glass jars and bottles. This will ensure that your bathroom is less cluttered as well as creating the illusion of effortless coordinated glamour. If this approach isn’t for you then why not invest in some smart storage boxes to put all of your products in. Creating a neat, simple and mess free bathroom. Towels - Uniformed coordinating towels really do create an elegant yet uniformed look. Not only do they bring simplicity and symmetry to your bathroom, but they can also act as accessories which can be used to dress your bathroom. Window dressing - If you have a small bathroom then one of the best focal points to concentrate on is the window. Try to utilise lighter coloured fabric shades in your bathroom blinds as this will allow more light in through the window. But this doesn’t have to mean that your blinds are featureless, to add that extra something why not opt for a textured fabric blind such as our Viveza Pearl roller blind or our Textura Mist roller blind. These beautifully textured fabrics offer good levels of privacy but will allow welcoming sunlight to filter into the room. Roller blinds have always been one of the most popular window coverings for a bathroom and the safe 12V automation of the Controliss Roller allows complete control with the touch of a button.

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