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  • Seeing Red!

    Posted on 22nd December 2010 by yasmin.

    Now, red is a beautifully stunning colour that you've seen on many a pair of lips, many a party dress or tie, but do you ever really see it in a person’s home? The answer there would be rarely, you see the thing is, a lot of people are scared of using the colour red within their homes due to it appearing too brash and bright! Well don’t fear there are ways to encompass that wicked red into your home without feeling like you live in the devils boudoir! I personally love the colour red in a home, daring it is, but used with care and this dangerously wicked yet delightful colour can bring a spark of drama to any room. The first thing to note about red is that less is more. Encompass it into your home but don’t go overboard. Why not go for a brash red carpet in the centre of your sitting room, or a dark red blind in an otherwise plain bathroom? Or why not add some drama to your dining room with a devil red roller blind. Picture this; you have a neutral palette on your walls and floor, statement furniture and a centrepiece mirror, and then the red hits you from your blinds, classy yet subtle, job done! If you’re not keen on red being on your floor or windows, then why not add slight glimpses of red via your accessories. A red bin, toaster and matching kettle can add a modern twist to your kitchen. Or why not add a red throw and a few cushions on to your bed? The possibilities really are endless, so don’t hide behind demure colours, add a touch of drama to your home, I promise you, you won’t look back, red definitely is the new black!

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  • Accessorise Your Winter Home

    Posted on 22nd December 2010 by yasmin.

    I know I have mentioned how to make your home cosy before, but with a few carefully selected pieces you can really turn your sitting room into a cosy wintery retreat! Flooring - You don't have to drastically change your flooring; however, small changes do make big impacts. If you have wooden flooring then why not add a sprinkling of different rugs and perhaps some floor cushions. This will make the space appear smaller and cosier and will add warmth to the look of cold wooden flooring. Lighting - The right lighting can make all the difference when it comes to accessorising your home. Depending on your colour palette and your desired mood you really can take your pick. From bright lighting to mellow candle light the choice is entirely yours. Electric Blinds - Depending on your personal preference here you really can dress a window up to be the main focus of the room. If you want cosiness then why not opt for dark or neutral coloured electric roller blinds that will block out the outside world allowing the cosiness to stay on the inside. Or why make your accessories do the talking and instead match your  blinds to your flooring with wood blinds. Alternatively if you have long windows then why not try remote control vertical blinds this way you can pick and choose how much light you want to let into your cosy sitting room. Accessories - You really can take your pick when it comes to accessories, from cushions and pouffes to vases, frames and candle holders. The trick here is to make it your own, you don’t want too much clutter but you do want your home to look lived in, especially during those cosy winter months. So there we have it, cosy accessories for that cosy time of the year!

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  • Come Dine With Us

    Posted on 20th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Tis the season to be jolly after all! Planning on hosting your very own dinner party? Want it to be perfect? Don’t know how to set the right tone? Well done fear, here provided for you by your very own Christmas angel is a feast of dinner party tips from the settings and glasses to the table cloths to how to set that perfect ambiance. Glossy whites & modern accents - Chic monochrome offers a stylish yet elegant festive palette, so build up crisp whites and dramatic blacks in contrasting textures in order to modernise your Christmas table to the max! Start here with a crisp white table cloth, add dramatic touches with your chosen centre piece and add the monochrome look with your cutlery. For the ambiance here go for bright lights, think New York in the snow. Block out the gleam from the streetlights outside with a contrastingly dark Roller blind and then put your guests in the spotlight. You could even add a Hollywood style theme to this dinner party! Classic Christmas - If you’re more of a traditionalist, then why not go for warm cosy tones, soft lighting and of course classic Christmas decorations this will ensure that your dinner party is relaxed and friendly as well as providing your guests with that classic Christmassy feeling. The trick here is to make everything blend in, make your table almost settle into your dining space by using the same tones as the surrounding area. Use browns, creams and beiges as your base and build on warm tones of rich reds and forest greens with a splash of sparkle. If you’re not a fan of tinsel then why not add sparkle to your festive feast by sprinkling glitter over your dining room table, or alternatively dress your window in a festive light. Why not put fairy lights up at your window, or add some extra sparkle with electric blinds such as our Reina Beluga Roller blind. So there you have it, modern or traditional the choice is yours, happy dining!

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  • Breaking The Colour Rules

    Posted on 16th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Who says that red and orange clashes? Yeah I can’t remember either. Blue and green should never be seen; again I can’t remember where this came from. Why not challenge the traditional design commandments with these confident, funky and fun ideas which will ensure that your home is set apart from the rest! Clash of the brightest - Those beautiful sunny shades of pinks, oranges, reds and yellows look fabulous together despite that old age rule that they clash and should not be seen together. Mix them in with simple flooring, classic pieces of furniture and there you have it, your very own ray of sunshine. The key here is to use blocks of colour instead of busy little patterns of colour. Why not make your flooring and blinds neutral using coordinating wood, this will add to the rich colours that surround your room as well as making a simple base for the explosion that is to come. Alternatively, if you don’t want your walls to be the main colour centrepiece then why not go for a neutral paint palette topped up with a beautiful range of funky oranges, ripened reds, sunset yellows and perfect pinks for your accessories including a bright roller blind such as our Liso Orange Burst. Blue and green should never be seen - These two lush colours are apparently sworn enemies, but why? Those emerald greens, tortoiseshell turquoises, sea breeze blues, they all add drama to a somewhat boring home, so why not try them out? The trick here is to break up blocks of colour by using subtle patterns and classic accessories. Why not have blue walls and green blinds mixed in with neutral carpeting or wooden floors. This will keep the walls and windows the main attraction with the inner room being where the contrasting neutrals are. Alternatively, why not keep your room neutral but add splashes of colour by painting your furniture in bright shades of blue and green! So there you have it, why not break all the colour rules and decorate with confidence and colour!

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  • Punk Pretty

    Posted on 16th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Want your house/apartment to be pretty yet still have an edge about it. Well why not try the punk look? It’s original, fun-loving, free-spirited, pretty and feminine with that added edge all rolled into one! This for me is one of the most exciting aspects of decor, creating something totally unique that has your very own stamp on it, so why not read on and give it a go? Simple yet naughty are the staple keys to this uber stylish look. You need to make sure that your original decor such as your walls, floors, curtains and blinds are simple and feminine and then the extra edge is added with the cool accessories and furniture of which you can then add into the mix at a later stage. You don’t have to go for an entirely white/neutral coloured space here, aim for simplicity but don’t over-aim for it, punk is a free- spirited creation, so remember it’s based on the notion of ‘each to their own’. I would choose a white backdrop with maybe a contrasting coloured carpet, or even wooden flooring. I would use the same principal for the blinds, perhaps our electric Roller blinds in one colour to proceed the edge but not overtake it as you want your accessories to do the talking.  Or you could always match your blind to your wooden flooring with our great range of wood blinds. And now for the added edge. As I have previously stated punk is all about self-creation. However, the best properties that I have seen of which I believe have that added edge are those who have centred their rooms around funky accessories such as artwork, strange furniture and other ‘out there’ accessories. Or you could even add vintage to the mix. It is your creation so go for it. So go on, punk it up, I dare you!

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  • Happy Christmas from Controliss

    Posted on 15th December 2010 by yasmin.

    In just a few days time, many of your most favourable and not so favourable relatives will arrive for the festive holidays. Yes that’s right, Christmas day is nearly here... here we provide for you the top decor tips that will impress all your guests without stretching that Christmas budget. Keep it simple - With all of those festive decorations around, it’s best to keep the rest of your house simple. Opt for low lighting such as candles in order to create that perfect snugly Christmas mood as well as softening the appearance of your main rooms with warm colours such as reds and browns. Window dressing - Dressing your window is the best way to make your house appear inviting from the outside. However, although this may be the case you don’t want the inside of your window to look cluttered. Opt for simple Christmas lights that can be adapted underneath your blinds so that the outside is inviting and the inside is simple and neutral. If you don’t want the sparkly Christmas lights to be viewed from the inside then opt for a dark coloured blind such as our Liso Jet Black Roller blind or add a touch of sparkle with our Reina Beluga blind. Deck the halls - It’s always inviting if you have the hallway of your house decorated. Simple yet classic decorations such as Christmas reefs, tinsel (but not too much) and even hung bubals look good here. If you have a large hall way, then you could always erect your Christmas tree here, making it visible as soon as you walk in the door, this is guaranteed to produce smiles. Happy Christmas!

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  • Creative Flair for The Bedroom

    Posted on 11th December 2010 by yasmin.

    You can create anything you want to out of your bedroom, whether it be a magical paradise, a Narnia style getaway or just a place to provide you with that oh so needed sanctuary after a long, hard day at work. Whatever it is, first things first, you wish for privacy, right? Well press the remote control for your Wooden blinds and block the rest of the world out and let’s get started! A bedroom should be a calm, tranquil place. A place where you feel safe, a place where you feel warm so why not embrace those factors and truly make the one room in the house that is solely yours, a special one. At this present moment I am loving the ‘English rose’ style look. The soft pinks and creams of a palette, the Havana silks and other soft fabrics, the vintage style furniture, the list goes on. However, if this is too country and girlie for you then why not try something different. Why not reinvent that old creative flair and create something that is truly unique to you. You could go neutral, dramatic, macho, the choices are endless. Then again, you might not want to stick to one solid style, you may want to mix it up a little and make something that is truly unique. Once you have chosen your style it’s time for the exciting bit. The bit where you choose your own fabrics, furniture, decor, textures and blinds. Granted this may take a while if you are in a full time work. But just imagine the finished product, your very own haven of tranquility that you have solely handpicked to perfection. Its over to you now, why not give it a go and make that special room of the house extra special, embrace your creative flair and just go for it!

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  • The Source Of Inspiration

    Posted on 10th December 2010 by yasmin.

    Have you ever watched those home makeover programmes or flicked through interior decor magazines wishing that your home resembled something even half as gorgeous? Well why not make it so? There are many ways you can reinvent your house, and yes I know we are in the middle of a recession, but small changes really can change the appearance and ambiance of a room. Let there be light - Firstly, the mood of a room can be changed, just by adding a little light. Whether it’s blocking out street lighting from the outside via dark wood blinds or adding a large centrepiece lamp to your coffee table, either way a little light can go a long way. Alternatively you could embrace the winter nights, wrap yourself up in that ohh so cosy faux fur throw, light some candles and just watch the mood change in front of your very eyes! Window dressing - Whether it can be seen from the outside-in or the inside-out, dressing your window can really change the shape and appearance of a dull room. Whether you chose to embrace colour or eliminate texture is up to you. If its colour you choose to go for then why not go with something that stands out rather than blends in, this will really make a real impact on a room and you will get that desired change that you are after. For example, if your room is decorated with a palette of beiges, browns and earthy greens, why not dress your window with a gorgeously seductive yet classically demure Satin Rum Venetian blind. On the other hand, if you prefer textures then why not go with a beautifully textured Roller blind . The Controliss Textura Golden Roller blind is my favourite pick for the winter months. It is simple yet stunningly classy. Illumination - Finally, the most cost efficient and easy way to change the appearance of a room is to add a mirror. Whether it be a dramatically framed, classically cut mirror or a strange shaped modern mirror, it really will change your chosen room. You see, the thing with mirrors is that they make a space appear bigger than it actually is, changing your room in an instant. So, there you have it, small changes really can make a big difference!

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  • Woodland Fantasy

    Posted on 9th December 2010 by yasmin.

    With these past few winter months having been somewhat chilly and with the festive-season drawing closer and closer, it would appear that now is the right time to indulge in your very own forest fantasy. And what better to base your forest fantasy around than your Christmas tree?  The lush green leaves, the beautiful smell, it all screams out woodland fantasy to me! So you have your main centrepiece in place, it looks the part, it smells the part, but what about the rest of your fantasy?  Well here are my ideas for making your home like something out of fresh woodland, with the use of many earthy delights and simple pleasures. Your fantasy will be a reality before you know it! Embrace the woodland mood in the comfort of your own home with Controliss electric blinds. Just to stick with the mood, wooden blinds are best here, or better still why not go eco-woodland and go for Eco-impressions Wood Effect Blinds, the perfect accompaniment to your woodland wonderland. After you have selected your desired wood shade, you will need to decide on your palette, why not go for earthy greens and browns, even with a touch of red. The earthy colours will make your chosen room feel warm and the touch of red will add that little bit of jazz. Winter to me screams out warmth and snuggles (within your house that is), so either an open fireplace or a collection of strategically placed candles, will provide that relaxed, woodland ambiance. This along with a vast collection of snugly cushions and faux fur throws will really make your home feel like a woodland fantasy! So go on, why not embrace your inner naturals and make that woodland fantasy a woodland reality!

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  • Casual Comforts

    Posted on 9th December 2010 by yasmin.

    To live in casual comfort is surely every persons dream. I mean yes we may all appear to be smart, stylish and ‘show home’ like within our own decor style, but the truth is this just doesn’t work unless you have no children, no husband/boyfriend and are hardly at home! So this is where the informal balance of chic meets comfort comes in. Don’t worry if your home is not mother-in law ready every minute of the day, instead embrace those home comforts that make your home yours. Admire the laid back luxe that actually ‘living’ in a house brings. If you are reading this and are thinking that your house is in fact more show home than lived in then there are some interior decor steps that you can take in order to make your house more of a home! Firstly, you can add character and comfort to your home by surrounding yourself with textures and fabrics. Whether you choose to throw a faux fur blanket over your sofa, go for embellished wallpaper or choose textures and designs on your roller blinds there really is so much texture and fabric that can be added to a blank canvas of a house. Secondly, why not clutter your de-clutter rule? It is always a good to walk into a house and be able to see someone’s character shine through via those little trinkets and photographs that are dotted around the house.  Whether it be a collection of old photographs in the hall way, the children's pictures on the kitchen fridge or even those shells that you picked up at the beach being on display in your bathroom. I mean each to their own but I love a home that is filled with many memories and stories, it makes it all the more inviting! So there you have it, comfort rules over chic (well for me anyway), so why not make your house a home!

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