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  • Smart Windows: The Windows of the Future

    Posted on 29th November 2010 by Lee.

    Being in the window blinds business, we here at Controliss have always been fascinated with the latest innovations in window technology. On the horizon are windows that can be incorporated into air conditioning, heating, and energy systems within the home. What's keeping us excited are the smart window technology that we’re seeing more and more of, such as that of electrochromic glass technology. Although they're not yet commercialised, electrochromic glass technology can pave the way to smart windows. The theory is that a pane of glass will be able to change its opacity from transparent to translucent through a remote control. The translucent window will completely block out the sunlight whenever you prefer it. Electrochromic glass will change how it transmits light as a response to the voltage and electricity that will be applied to it. In this way, light and heat that passes through the glass will be controlled. This kind of technology will need all windows to be wired electrically so that windows can be opened and closed for security and ventilation purposes. When this kind of technology is mass-marketed, having windows control light and heat will be commonplace. Imagine the possibilities that this kind of technology can do to our society. At this very moment, solar powered windows are being developed to generate electricity although this electricity might only be used to power the windows itself. Although these developments in window technology very exciting, we know that these kind of smart windows sold to the general public are extremely expensive and out of reach for most people. The closest things to smart windows are smart window blinds, such as electric window blinds. Controliss electric blinds do not need any professional installation in order to work and are powered by standard  AA and AAA batteries that you can commonly find anywhere. Choose from our extensive range of wooden blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, and roller blinds. We’re sure that we’ll have the perfect window blind to fit your personal preferences.

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  • The Best Colour Advice from Controliss

    Posted on 27th November 2010 by jenny.

    In life, too many choices are not a good thing and that's exactly why choosing a colour palette for your next interior decorating project can be so hard. While it may be quite tempting to play Russian roulette in choosing the colours you are going to use, there's a better way to choose the colours without leaving your decision to chance. Start with a favourite item, painting, or fabric. For inspiration, think about an object, work of art, or fabric that you love. This will help you find which colours you are naturally drawn to. Feel the colours in that object spring to life in your room by creating a mood board out of this favourite item. You can also look at your wardrobe and see which clothes you usually wear. Chances are, these are the colours that look best on you and which might be a good start for the colour scheme of your room. Pick the lightest colour as background. For your floor, walls, or ceiling, you can pick the lightest colour from your favourite item and use it to fill the biggest space in your room. This will be a nice background on which you can base all the other accessories. Work the medium tones into your furniture.  The colour of the fabric in your furniture or even in your window blinds could be the medium tones. Controliss Blinds has a wide range of colours you can choose from so visit our web site for the perfect window blinds for your renovation project. Pick the darkest colour for your accents. Look at the tiniest details of your favourite item and find the darkest colour. This colour will work well if you distribute this colour as accents throughout the room. The dark tones will create the drama that will make your room breathtaking. These simple instructions will help you create a colour scheme that is to die for. By basing the scheme according to your personal preferences, you can decorate a room that is truly your own.

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  • Create Serenity in Your Home with White

    Posted on 26th November 2010 by jenny.

    Refreshing and peaceful, white interior furnishings are globally revered by interior designers for  its serene minimalistic qualities. While some of us tend to veer away from white, afraid that it will be cold and clinical and those of us with children can be reluctant to introduce white furnishing for practical reasons. With children or without, applied correctly white furnishings can achieve beautiful results. All it needs is some creativity. For those with children, incorporate white into washable fabrics in your sofas. Some variants of white paint can be easily wiped clean without losing its sheen. If you have children, these are the best ways for you to incorporate white into your decor. White can best be warmed up with wood. White walls will look best with natural wood floors if the room is contemporary or traditional. If you are blessed with floorboards in great condition, white will highlight the lovely texture of wood. Add wooden furniture and you’ll have a great foundation for a perfectly balanced room. White can also be applied to the floors. Floors made with white tiles will give an airy feel in any room, widening the space because it reflects more light. Make your white floor warmer with rugs in neutrals or play with patterns for a more upbeat atmosphere. You can avoid the dullness of white by playing with texture. Layered textures will reflect light in different ways, adding more depth. White can be a perfect backdrop and foil for colours. Introduce colour in accessories and you’ll find that white makes the colours more vivid. White is the favourite of minimalist interior designers. White walls, white floors, and streamlined furniture are the best ways to incorporate sophistication in a minimalist home. If you want a more traditional style, then layer textures and still use white. A white crocheted bed cover will look wonderful in a bed with an antique headboard. White shades are often applied in window blinds and there are plethora of possibilities with different textured fabrics and finishes. Controliss electric Roller blinds in the minimalistic Liso Frost or the beutifully textured Viveza Pearl are firm favourites with interior designers and the pearlescent white and silver print finish  of the Plata Swan Roller blind with a contemporary iridescent pattern will add allure to your windows. Lighting can create a rather ethereal atmosphere especially if you have sheer Vertical blinds in Verso White which will soften the light coming from your windows. Using white in your interiors and especially in your windows is a great choice because it creates more space for you to think and relax in an atmosphere that feels airy and light.

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  • Add Glamour to Your Bedroom with Electric Blinds

    Posted on 25th November 2010 by jenny.

    Who doesn't want some glamour in their lives? Satisfying our appetite for a glamorous and dazzling home can be easier and less expensive than we think. Controliss gives you some advice on how to create an enchanting and glamorous bedroom with a chic and glitzy edge. Colour schemes for the glamorous look should concentrate on jewel tones, whites, and creams. Pale pastel colours will also work great in this style, but if you find them too feminine, find inspiration in rich browns or black and white prints, but try to stay away from natural colours. Instead take your cue from jewels, such as diamonds, quartz, amethyst, ruby, or emerald. When you hear the word “glamorous,” you instantly think about the magnetic beauty of gold, silver, or diamonds. Look for wallpaper in with gold accents that will warm your bedroom’s atmosphere. These gold and silver accents will have a shimmery effect especially if you add some carefully placed mood lighting.  Speaking of mood lighting, you can create a dramatic effect in your lighting with a chandelier laced with diamanté or pearls which will create a dramatic ritzy effect. Another way to add glamour to your bedroom is through furniture. Look for ornate furniture or mirrored surfaces when you’re shopping for bedroom pieces. A French-inspired bed will be a great focal point for your bedroom with their intricate detailing. Cover your bed with neutral white beddings, but make sure that it’s in a luxurious fabric, such as silk or satin.  Add a dressing table along the same themes to reduce clutter and add storage space. Sparkling Pearlescent finishes should be included in your window blinds. Electric Roller Blinds in the glamorous Viveza Platinum or the sparkling metallic print finish of Plata Swan are a great choice for adding that extra panache to your window. Metallic Electric Venetian blinds in Stardust Silver and Stardust Gold will also add extra glitter to your bedroom. Fill your bedroom with pretty things, such as antique perfume bottles or silk scarves as a finishing touch. Cushions covered in sequins will be a fun addition which will add sparkle to your bedroom. Look for vintage items such as an antique hairbrush or hatboxes to complete the look. A glamorous bedroom will make you feel like a gorgeous movie star, so bask in the glory of a Hollywood-inspired bedroom without going through the trials brought by fame.

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  • Make a Splash with a Nautical Theme

    Posted on 24th November 2010 by jenny.

    The ocean has always captured the hearts of interior designers, making nautical themes one of the most time-tested and enduring of interior decorating themes. Seafaring decor is inspirational because it may lend an air of nostalgia for the ocean during winter, filling your thoughts with the soothing sounds of the waves repeatedly beating the surf and other summer memories. During warmer months, your coastal chic interiors will be all the more pronounced, making more vivid memories to take with you on cold months and the cycle continues. To take yourself on a constant summer vacation, go for nautical themes of indigo blue, shades of navy and chalky whites. Controliss have a collection of motorised Vertical blinds in various shades of blue, such as the appropriately named Yacht Blue or City Gulf. These blue hues will go well with whites and khaki to create a beach feel in your interiors. Add a touch of red here and there to add interest and keep your space from becoming too dreary. Aside from the colours, mimic the waves by varying the heights of objects, bringing dynamic movement into the lines inside your space. You can also play with textures with furniture, such as an old sea chest or a mirror encased in a bamboo frame. Add a woven sea-grass accent chair for additional texture. Try mixing up finishes, such as matte walls and high gloss finishes. This will bring in unexpected sheen into the room and creating more depth. For more traditional rooms, you can downplay its elegance with more casual fabric, such as cotton or linen or even add a casual chandelier made from capiz accessories. Bring in shell collections or coral you have brought from your beach expeditions and display them on coffee tables for a maritime theme. Better yet, hot glue these shells into lamps for lighting that’s truly nautical. Cushions can also be encased with sea motifs, such as fishes or seashells. Whatever decorations you make, always be inspired with the vitality of the ocean. Let yourself take a vacation whenever you come home with the nautical theme.

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  • Home Improvements to Help Sell Your House

    Posted on 22nd November 2010 by jenny.

    Estate agents often extol on the virtues of well-thought of home improvements to help sell homes. However, not all home improvements are the same. When done right, renovating your home may add a hefty profit to your selling price, but tip the scale on the other side and you’ll find yourself with an unsold home with a thinner wallet. To make sure that you’re on the profit-making side, here are a few words of advice from some of the country’s top experts. According to real estate experts, your home’s location can give you a clue on which home improvement projects are worth your time. If you’re blessed with a home at a prime location, consider going all out in making your home the best in the block. This means you can outfit the place with state-of-the-art technology, such as luxurious electric blinds and you’ll always find a buyer who is willing to pay for the best. If you’re home is in an average location, don’t go all out on the home improvements as these expensive renovation projects will not give you the returns you’d expect. Creating a perfect home to rival any castle will not drive up your prices if the rest of the street is made up of semi detached properties. The kind of buyers you are looking for will probably want to spend their money on a better location.  Instead, focus on keeping your home at par with the rest of the houses on the street or probably a little better with a fresh paint job or even new motorised window blinds that will exude a vibe of elegance which are more affordable than expensive kitchen renovations. Another inexpensive alternative than adding more space to your home is to declutter your space and make sure that all storage areas are clear. You will certainly help house hunters to imagine your home as theirs when you present them with a somewhat blank slate. A lot of house buyers would like to stamp their places with their own personalities and you can help them do this with a little cleaning up. Covering up worn sofas with neutral-coloured throws will disguise the shabbiness and the neutral colours will certainly impress more people because of the blank-slate feel of these colours. You can also trim shrubs outside to give your home that newly-improved feel. Last but not the least, talk to local estate agents and interview them on what sells around your area. The Guardian recently released a report that says different characteristics sell houses in different locations in the UK. For example, Londoners swoon over large spaces, while Cardiff residents are unimpressed with the extra floor space and instead look for kitchen and bathroom improvements. Interviewing local estate agents will help you understand which home improvements will sell your home faster and give you the most profits. So do your research and concentrate on home improvements that will impress buyers, not leave an indelible mark of your personality as a reminder to the next owner.

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  • Control Window Glare

    Posted on 19th November 2010 by Lee.

    When we think about workplace safety, very few of us think about computer glare and the subsequent eyestrain and fatigue it can cause. Yet, computer glare is a problem which can be easily solved once you learn the basics. The first thing to do is to identify where the glare is coming from. Is it from an overhead lighting or the window? If the problem comes from overhead lighting, think of ways you can move your computer or laptop to a place where the glare can be eliminated. Ideally, the monitor should be at a 90-degree angle perpendicular from the source of light. If the glare comes from the windows, you can install Electric blinds to keep direct sunlight from reaching your computer screen. With easy-to-install instructions, Controliss window blinds are very easy to install with varying fabric weights from sheer to blackout they can provide great protection from glare. Controliss window blinds will also enable you to perfectly control the amount of light with a convenient remote control, so you don’t even have to leave your office chair to block the sun. Glare can also be removed by purchasing a glare protector for your monitor. A glare protector is a screen which you can place in front of your computer monitor to dim the brightness of the screen without affecting its visibility. It can also be extremely effective in reducing the harsh direct glare that causes annoying blind spots. These steps can provide you with a workplace that is safe and comfortable, especially for your eyesight. We spend so much time either at work or home using computers, it’s important to look for ways that you can reduce eyestrain and fatigue so you can create your best work without harming your overall health.

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  • Colour Focus - Turquoise Elements

    Posted on 18th November 2010 by jenny.

    Elements of nature have always inspired interior decoration and with the colour turquoise our senses are reminded of the water and the sky. The cleansing and healing qualities of this colour can make it a wonderful choice for your interiors, making your home a place for replenishing diminished energy from the daily hassles of life. It’s no suprise, then, that turquoise hues have been held in many cultures as a powerful colour for protection and healing. Create a soothing haven in your home with the colour turquoise. Colour Combinations Turquoise has both cool and warm undertones, making it a spectacular choice for a colour scheme in the house. You can soften the look of turquoise with a mixture of pastel colours, such as pink, green, and lavender. You can also make a stronger statement with turquoise by giving it a masculine vibe by pairing it with dark colours, such as hunter green, charcoal, or chocolate. You can achieve a perfect balance of masculinity and femininity with turquoise with red or orange. Attain a spring-like atmosphere all year around with lime green and turquoise or turquoise besides yellow. If you want to go all out with turquoise, paint your walls with this colour and have a wonderful backdrop for all your furnishings. When you want to decorate the whole room with turquoise, make sure to introduce minimal patterns in smaller areas, such as in cushions, works of art, or in small furniture.  If painting all the walls feels like too huge a commitment for you, you can start with an accent wall. You can also have this colour in patterned wallpaper and ground it with solid furniture. Experimenting with Turquoise Experimenting with turquoise does not only involve going big-time. You can introduce this colour slowly by including accessories in this colour. A footstool or cushions are good starting points. Use a few accessories and place them in different places for a multi-layered effect.  Window blinds, such as our Venetian Blinds in Herbal Pine or Vertical Blinds in Spring Rain can be a great beginning in experimenting with this colour. With these suggestions, you can enjoy this soothing colour into your home. Feasting your eyes with this colour can make you feel more renewed and hopeful, a true function of a lovely home.

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  • Home Efficiency Lower Your Window Blinds

    Posted on 18th November 2010 by jenny.

    Looking to lower your energy bills and be more efficient? Then, lower your window blinds. Thermal imaging cameras directed at Edinburgh historic buildings show that buildings with lowered window blinds or drawn curtains show up as deep blue, signalling that little heat escapes. Buildings with raised window blinds or open curtains show up as a high red and orange hue showing that this simple practice can lead to heat loss. In fact, this simple technique can be just as effective in keeping heat in as double glazed windows. This interesting study was conducted by the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust which aims to show that historic buildings are designed well and easy solutions can be made to make these buildings perform as well as modern buildings. The Edinburgh researchers also include other solutions such as draught excluders to keep historic buildings energy-efficient. According to Chiara Ronchini, Edinburgh World Heritage Trust’s energy efficiency expert, improving the energy efficiency of historic buildings will help in reducing carbon emissions and contribute to combat fuel poverty in the future. Ronchini further advises home owners to keep their window blinds closed at night to make sure that heat energy does not escape through the windows. If you find that lowering blinds every night is a chore, consider purchasing electric blinds that can be lowered, raised, or tilted with a remote control. We have remote controls that can control up to 99 different blinds with the same handheld device. With Controliss blinds, lowering your blinds will be so hassle-free that all it takes is a mere touch of a button. We have an extensive range of electric blinds to suit every decorating style, be it modern or traditional. So visit us and choose from the best designs in electric blinds.

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  • Decorating With Patterns

    Posted on 17th November 2010 by jenny.

    Most interior decorating beginners may be more confident with colour schemes but hesitate when it comes to introducing patterns in their space. However, those who have families may want to rethink their vacillation on using patterns because they can be more family friendly. Take into account a sofa wrapped in a plain beige fabric as opposed to a dark patterned fabric. A plain fabric-upholstered sofa will never survive a week of sticky fingers dipped in chocolate sauce, while patterned fabric are far more forgiving. Before you plunge into deciding which pattern to use, you have to be certain that you are going to love this design. Most wallpaper suppliers can give you wallpaper swatches to help you with this decision. Controliss also provides this same service. When you order a free sample today, we will make sure to send it by First Class mail so you can receive it tomorrow.  You can then tape this sample or swatch on your walls to see how it will coordinate with your existing furniture or wall colour. Think about the pattern for a week and then decide. Interior decorators often mix and match several patterns at once, be they floral, checkered, spots, or stripes. However, to tie them all together, limit the colour schemes in this pattern into two to three colours. Any more than this and you’ll have a confusing melange of colours that will be distracting. Take note that the colours do not have to be toning shades, but contrasting as well. If you’re worried how your choice of patterns will withstand the test of time, go for neutral or muted colours for your patterns. This will add a timeless elegance into your home that can survive the rigours of time. Muted shades can also tone down the effect of wallpaper patterns, especially if you’re applying it in large spaces. Not feeling bold enough for patterns? Then introduce them in small doses, such as in accessories, cushions, or pillow shams. A little bit of pattern may invigorate your space without breaking your bank. Smaller patterns should be used sparingly as they may look fussy when it is applied unremittingly. If you’d like to introduce patterns in your window blinds, we have Roller blinds that in stripes and ornate patterns that will surely bring to life an otherwise drab room. Pattern can also be used in flooring. Generally speaking, small-scale patterns should be used in a room with a tiny floor space. Large patterns will look elegant in a large room with a huge floor space. If you’d like to apply pattern fully onto your floors, let it stand out by keeping your furnishings simple. Subtle window blinds like our sheer vertical blinds in Verso White or Haze Brulee will gently filter soft daylight into your room, providing natural lighting for your floors. Working with patterns is not as complicated as it sounds. Make sure to tie the look together with simple furnishings and  uncomplicated window blinds and you’ll have a home that emanates with your own personality and style.

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