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  • Prettiest in Pink: Create the Ultimate Feminine Home with this Rose Colour!

    Posted on 31st August 2010 by jenny.

    Rubor Candy Roller Blind

    Rubor Candy Roller Fabric

    In designing a space, the feminine touch never fails to please. The female magic always works to make any home or office become delightfully alive, and no other colour says "woman" than the pink shade does. This rose colour is so dainty and so charming that it is often used as a theme hue for individual fashion styles, for events, for causes, and of course, for styling the home. There is just something so delightful about this rosy hue, that it is temptingly inevitable for any homeowner to use it in making his or her home lovelier.

    Go for the Classic Pink Mix

    You have to take care though, in choosing the right kind of pink. Overly-sweet hues, the same shade you see on candies and sweets, when used outside the nursery or child’s bedroom could make your home displeasing. For elegance and sophistication, the classic pink mix never disappoints, as it involves various shades and tones of the hue, from hot pink to pearl pink, so as to provide a colour scheme that’s balanced – both vibrant and subtle at the same time. Always test how the hues would look like in your home, especially if you’re planning to use pink on your walls or on your floor. The kind of light you have in your rooms matter too, as it may make the pink look painfully glaring or soothingly soft. Interior designers have long determined that it’s best to use pink hues with warm undertones if you wish to give your room a vibrant, blushing colour and it’s great to use pale pink for your wall backdrop and for your base. For areas at home that you use often, bright and deep pinks work best as it evokes a sense of excitement and vibrancy.

    Going for the Monochromatic Tone?

    If you fancy a monochromatic scheme, keep in mind that the pink hues work well with greys, and whites, which tone down dark pinks. Cool pinks on the other hand, go well with reds and oranges. Take care to combine warm tones though, as they tend to be too heavy on the eyes if there’s too much. If you love their fiery saturation that much, you could just pick accent pieces instead.

    Contemplating on a Complementary Scheme?

    If you’re aiming for a complementary scheme, choose a seemingly contrasting colour, like green for example, to complement your pink hues. The combination gives off a fresh spring look that’s simply visually pleasing. With this scheme, you could even play up the spring theme by adding accents like floral wallpapers or curtains with flower designs. Adding other spring-inspired feature pieces could make your pink home just perfect. Try our safe remote-controlled Roller blinds in Rubor Candy for a striped twist to this colour. Pink is a delightful colour to play with, have fun in making your home vibrant with this exciting rose colour!

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  • Get Ready for Heritage Open Days 2010

    Posted on 29th August 2010 by jenny.

    Heritage Open Days

    We at Controliss appreciate England's significant architectural history; that's why we're pumped to find out that Heritage Open Days 2010 are set on September 9-12. If you'd like to take a peek at wonderful properties that are usually not open to the public, mark these dates in your calendar. You can now discover for yourself these architectural wonders without having to shell out cash for the entrance fees. Founded in 1994, Heritage Open Days are organised by local volunteers, property owners or managers in cooperation with English Heritage. They hold tours and other events that focus on England’s culture and local architecture. Heritage Open Days are very popular in England. Just this year, the organisers are estimating that they’ll be welcoming about 1 million visitors. From September 9 to 12, you can explore hidden architectural delights in various English cities, towns, and villages. All these for free! This year, Heritage Open Days will cater to military history enthusiasts, romantics, and environmentalists.

    A Glorious Past

    Known as the Battle of Britain Command centre, the Bentley Priory in Stanmore, Hertfordshire has opened its doors after 70 years of being a Royal Air Force base. You can also visit the World War II Beacon Hill Radar Tower in Harwich, Essex and the Royal Air Force College in Cranwell, Lincolnshire. If you’re into classical architecture, check out the domed vault of the 18th century ironstone Gothic Temple at Stowe, Buckinghamshire. From this temple, enjoy breathtaking views of the Stowe Landscape Gardens. Another great example of the Gothic Revival style is The Grange in Ramsgate, Kent. Built in 1845, it was the former home of Houses of Parliament architect Augustus Pugin.

    Romantic Getaway

    If you’re in love and in the mood for some romance, head on to No. 3 Alexandra Gardens in Ventnor, Isle of Wight. Distinguished composer Edward Elgar honeymooned in this elegant Victorian villa that overlooks the Isle’s south coast. Jane Eyre fans can journey to the Peak District National Park where they will find the Elizabethan North Lees Hall. Charlotte Bronte was reportedly inspired by this Hall when she described Mr. Rochester’s Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre. Speaking of Janes, the former home of Jane Austen’s brother Chawton House in Hampshire is also part of Heritage Open Days.

    Modern Architecture

    Technology buffs and environmentalists alike will enjoy touring the Aardman Animation headquarters in Bristol. This sustainable building is the home of the force behind Wallace and Gromit. You can also visit the glass-encased office block designed by Norman Foster. Marvel at this kidney-shaped Willis Building in Ipswich, Suffolk which is guaranteed to evoke the admiration of modern design enthusiasts. Relive the 1970s with the Anderton House in Barnstaple, Devon. If you want more modern design structures, Bristol offers Basil Ward’s The Concrete House which was built in 1934.

    European Heritage Days

    Heritage Open Days is England’s participation to the European Heritage Days. Today, about 49 countries participate in this memorable event. The United Kingdom holds four European Heritage Days, including Open House London, Scotland’s Doors Open Days, Open Doors Days in Wales and European Heritage Days in Northern Ireland.

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  • Interior Design for the Workplace

    Posted on 26th August 2010 by jenny.

    Interior Design Workplace

    UK workers spend longer hours on average than workers from other European countries. However, companies are still behind when it comes to considering interior design in the workplace. UK workers still work long hours in ill-designed workplaces and cramped offices that affect productivity. A tastefully-designed workplace will do wonders on worker productivity and boost their morale. The company's image can also rise if their work places have an inviting atmosphere. Better-designed workplaces may also attract higher quality employees. To get you started on workplace design, think about the following aspects of office interior design:

    Workplace Layout

    Rearrange the desks and chairs to give workers extra space. Think about the position of equipment and the flow of traffic in these places. Place office equipment near people where they are used most.


    The colour of the workplace should be more vibrant to alter the mood of your workers. Think about adding a splash of colour instead of the usual boring beige walls. Also, the colour of the walls will determine the amount of light that is reflected or absorbed. White walls reflect light while dark walls only reflect a small percentage. Pale walls can reduce the amount of artificial light that is used, bringing electricity bills down and reducing eyestrain.


    Work to simplify the lighting of the work area. Strip lights, desk lamps and light emanating from computer monitors will put unnecessary eyestrain to your workers. Find out how much natural lighting can enter the room and choose artificial lighting that complements natural light. Better yet, allow your workers some control on the amount of light that enters the room with Controliss remote-controlled window blinds. Investing in the interior design in the workplace is a good move for company managers and owners. Not only do beautiful interiors inspire creativity and trigger better mood, your employees will thank you for it and return it with higher productivity.

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  • Remote-Controlled Blackout Shades to Make Your Overnight House Guests Feel At Home

    Posted on 25th August 2010 by Lee.

    Remote Controlled Shades

    Being the perfect host to an overnight guest does not have to be stressful. If you want to make your guests feel welcome, the trick is to put yourself in their shoes. You'll be sure to find out that house guests are in an equally difficult bind because they also do not want to be a burden to you. Here are a few top house guest worries and their solutions: - Make sure that the furniture in your guest room is not high maintenance. This will put your house guests at ease. If you don’t want them worrying about ruining your bedside table with a water ring, consider a table with a glass top. Install bedside sconces or bedside lamps. This eliminates the occurrence of bruised knees or stubbed toes that result from making your way to the bed in the dark after you’ve turn off the lights. - You don’t want to put your guests in a position where they need to rummage through your refrigerator for something to eat. Some people get hungry during the night. Some wake up with a growling stomach and had to starve before the host gets to prepare breakfast. Leave some food, like fruits or energy bars, in the guest room to curb unexpected hunger pangs. - Avoid placing a large flower arrangement on the bedside table. A simple arrangement with few blooms will do. Leave room for your guests to keep their things. You won’t also have to worry about pollen allergies just in case your guests have them. - Place a rug near the bed so your guests won’t have to worry about waking you up while they walk around their room. The rug will also keep the room cosy. - Guests have different temperature needs. Don’t let them feel too cold or too hot in the room by making a versatile bed. Cover the mattress with cotton sheets and add a cotton coverlet. Top the bed with a down duvet. This will allow your guests to adjust to the temperature according to their tastes. - If your electric outlet is in an obscure place, add a power strip or a charging dock where your guests can easily charge their cell phones or plug in their laptops. - Don’t let your guests wake up earlier than necessary because of harsh sunlight. It may take some time for them to fall asleep on an unfamiliar bed, so they’ll need to wake up later than usual. Make the guest room a haven of relaxation by installing blackout roller blinds in the windows. In this way, your guests can sleep later than usual and feel more refreshed. We have introduced a line of blackout shades in various hues to suit any style. With these thoughtful tips, you’ll be sure to have satisfied guests who will be more pleasant company. They’ll have nothing but praises for your entertaining prowess. In addition, you won’t have to be bothered about nagging thoughts about whether or not your guests had a great time with you. For sure, they loved every minute of staying in your home.

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  • Make the Most of Natural Light with Sheer Vertical Blinds

    Posted on 24th August 2010 by Lee.

    Sheer Vertical Blinds

    For most of us, large airy windows are a must in a perfect home. After all, nothing is as relaxing as basking in morning sunlight while sipping your coffee and reading the newspaper. However, direct sunlight especially in the summer may not be as inviting as you would imagine. Direct sunlight can be harsh to the eyes and creates unwanted contrast in a room. Parts of the room that do not receive too much sunlight can appear darker, while bright spots can appear glaring and harsh. Another disadvantage of allowing direct sunlight into your home is the weathering of furnishings due to the UV rays.

    Diffusing Natural Light

    To help diffuse natural light, Controliss has included sheer vertical blinds. While white window blinds can do a good job at reflecting and redirecting sunlight, Controliss vertical blinds in Haze and Verso sheer fabrics can draw the light into the room while diffusing it. These sheer vertical blinds create a translucent voile effect that softens light entering the room. Because the harsh sunlight is evened out, the soft light transforms colour, making it warmer and creating a homely atmosphere.

    UV Protection and Solar Heat Gain

    A great bonus of using sheer vertical blinds is the UV protection it provides to your room and furnishings. Banish the worries of finding sunspots in your carpet or hardwood floors with our sheer blinds. Aside from letting in soft light, sheer blinds can also reduce the solar heat gain. Solar heat gain coefficient is a number from 0 to 1 which measures the percentage of solar energy that actually enters your home through the windows. A lower number is more ideal. Standard double-pane windows have a solar heat gain of 0.76. This means that 76% of solar energy comes into your home. Adding light-coloured window treatments, such as sheer blinds, can reduce the solar heat gain coefficient.

    Sunlight in Winter

    While it may be great to help diffuse sunlight during summer, winter time is a different experience altogether. Let the sunshine in to get the most of the free heat energy. Raise your blinds every time direct sunlight hits the window. This means that you should raise it in the mornings for windows facing east. Blinds in west windows should be raised in the afternoons while the blinds in south-facing windows can be left open most of the day. You can safely lift up your blinds without breaking a sweat using remote-controlled sheer roller blinds in Vero Ivory.

    Controliss Sheer Vertical Blinds

    Aside from the sheer roller blinds, Controliss sheer vertical blinds are also available in two kinds of fabrics, verso and haze. Verso fabric has a soft vertical weave that has a translucent design. Verso vertical blinds come in white and dairy. Haze vertical blinds are available in neutral shades of white, brulee, and sage.

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  • Improved Website Functionality For Controliss

    Posted on 23rd August 2010 by Lee.

    As you may have seen the Controliss website has been through a series of changes over the last few weeks. Not only have we added a stunning new Roller Blinds range but we have improved the website visually and in terms of functionality... for you the Controliss customer. We have improved the brand web design to suit the subtle interior design arena along with vast improvements in ordering processes and functionality. We are tremendously proud of the quality of our window blinds and as such have evolved the design and systems of our website to reflect a streamline and efficient experience for customers wishing to place orders or receive samples. A great feature of the site is our FREE sample order service, where you can order the material you would like to sample for your home. We dispatch all sample orders same day via first class post, so that you can see in full colour the quality of the material you desire for your room.

    Controliss Brand Design


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  • Controliss Electric Roller Blinds - Blinds Safe for Children

    Posted on 23rd August 2010 by jenny.

    Child Safe Roller Blinds

    Controliss introduce a range of stylish blinds that use no cords or chain just 100% child safe one-touch battery powered operation. Unlike traditional blinds Controliss specialise in remote control blinds that are powered with universally safe AA batteries. The introduction of our new Roller range uses no unsightly pull cords or side chains eliminating the risk of infant strangulation through the looped controls used in most of today's manually operated blinds. Our fantastic Roller Blinds fabric collection has 69 fashionable colours and textures including superb Blackout designs like Bloque Natural explosive vibrant shades like Liso Orange Burst fabric which will brighten up any room. On each product you can see the electric roller blinds in action with video demos; they can be controlled with a hand held remote control which is as easy as changing channel on a TV. Other types of electric blinds operate in the same way as the Controliss range but they three major differences:

    1. Hard wired electric blinds that use mains electricity can cause injury if installed incorrectly. 2. Hard wired electric blinds need installing by a professional fitter and electrician meaning that they can cost many thousands of pounds 3. Unlike hard wired blinds the Controliss range caused no disruption to decoration and are easily installed by anyone.

    Controliss Roller blinds feature our superb integrated Air radio controlled motor that can be powered by 8 standard AA Alkaline, re-chargeable or Lithium batteries giving complete flexibility. With prices starting from £128 everyone can enjoy the benefits of motorised Roller blinds in affordable easy to install package. There is no need for any dangling looped cords or chains on our roller blind range making them safe for any children playing nearby. It's not only worried parents who can benefit from the Controliss range, they're also ideal for elderly or disabled people living on their own. The lack of chord pulling can prevent falls or accidents in the home for elderly or disabled people, they simply have to press a button on a separate remote control. The blackout range from Controliss also has one more trick up it's sleeve. Our Blackout fabrics block sunlight making it ideal for bedrooms or around televisions to reduce screen glare.

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  • Job Vacancy at Controliss Blinds

    Posted on 23rd August 2010 by Lee.

    With growing interest in our blinds and service Controliss are looking for a new team member for an administrative role. We are looking for someone who is very customer oriented, enthusiastic and has admin experience to join our growing team. The role will involve a wide range of daily activities and a candidates will have the opportunity for involvement in all aspects of the business, dependent on skill set. To find out more about our employment opportunity please email CVs to or call directly on 01159 311 911 Controliss Blinds

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  • Create Mood with Coloured Window Blinds

    Posted on 23rd August 2010 by jenny.

    Window Blind Colours

    People associate certain moods and feelings with colour. That's why colour is a design tool wielded by interior designers. If you're convinced in adding colour into your home with window blinds, you're on the right track. Home design can be quite fun if you're not afraid to experiment. The new hues available at Controliss make it easy for you to embark on this adventure. We've made it all the more easier with this colour guide.


    Red is often associated with passion, energy, and warmth. Red can be used in dining rooms because it stimulates the appetite and encourages people to become more sociable. However, red can also be overpowering; that,s why it’s not recommended for baby’s rooms. Our vertical blinds in Regal is just the right shade.


    Pink is the colour of love. A darker shade of pink signifies passion. Our venetian blinds in satin pink bloom can make a bedroom calm and peaceful. Bring a more passionate mood with flamingo vertical blinds. The downside with this colour is that it may make the room too sweet and feminine. Counterbalance this effect by adding hints of black or charcoal in the room.


    Orange is perfect for living rooms because the orange colour is associated with reassurance, warmth and stability. Known to help digestion, orange is suitable for dining rooms. Use orange in large rooms or rooms with lots of light because its advancing characteristic can make a room look smaller. Our roller blinds in Liso Orange Burst can solve your space issues as it gently lets in light while providing the privacy you need.


    Because it is the colour of sunshine, yellow can stimulate the brain and is great for kitchens and dining rooms. North-facing rooms can benefit from the burst of yellow colour. Go for the Esi-Clean Vertical Blinds in Buttercup to create a cheery kitchen. Our Esi-Clean line of vertical blinds has a satin finish that is hygienic and indestructible. Don’t worry about accidents in the kitchen because this line is made from flame-retardant vinyl materials.


    Green brings about feelings of peace and relaxation. This serene hue is best in bedrooms or living rooms. Because it is between shades of red and blue, it creates a sense of balance and security. While this colour can make people too laid back or complacent, you can counter this effect with the vibrant striped print of our Controliss Fresco Spring roller blinds.


    Because it stimulates the intellect, blue is the right shade for studies. It is also said to prevent nightmares and keep hunger pangs at bay, blue is a peaceful shade for the bedroom. Blue is a great candidate for bathrooms, too. Blue rooms can inspire feelings of loyalty, serenity, and authority. The Controliss Oscuro Navy Roller blinds are made from blackout fabric that is great for bedrooms. It blocks the sun out and provides you complete level of privacy. The warm undertone will also prevent the room from feeling unwelcoming and cold.


    Purple is connected to creativity, joy, and magic, which is why this colour can be used in the bedroom. You might worry that painting walls in purple will be too overpowering. Why don’t you infuse the purple shade in window blinds instead? Try the deep purple colour of Plum Jam or the textured effect of City Rouge. A more refreshing take to this colour is the more feminine Perla Amethyst Roller Blinds. The metallic fabric has a pearlescent finish which can bring a spiritual atmosphere to a room.


    Brown is a practical colour that invokes feelings of security and stability. Ideal for living rooms, brown can be infused with life by using prints or textures. The pearlescent print overlay of the Paraiso Sable roller blinds is not too busy, allowing people to relax and bask in filtered sunlight. If you want a more natural colour, Controliss offers a vast array of textures in our line of wooden blinds.


    This shade can bring drama to a room, but use black sparingly or it will make a room too depressing. These caveats aside, black can be a very versatile colour. A contemporary office with Vertical Blinds in Black Magic can make a room the epitome of elegance and power. You can also use our blackout roller blinds in Oscuro Midnight in the entertainment room to recreate the atmosphere of a theatre. You can never go wrong with black-and-white combinations. Choose a more traditional print such as the Reina Beluga roller blinds or a more hip contemporary striped print of Bloque Grey roller blinds.

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  • Window Blinds for Every Design Style

    Posted on 21st August 2010 by jenny.

    Window Blinds Style

    One of the design dilemmas you might be confronted with when it comes to choosing window blinds is how to incorporate window blinds in your overall design style. Don't make another design mistake with this advice on how to choose window blinds for every style: Formal/Traditional Formal design features abundant beauty in rich textures and colours. Formal design styles include the use of heirlooms and antique furnishings, elegant wall papers, and intricately-designed surface treatments. Add to the opulence of this design style by including the organic beauty of wooden blinds or the more luxurious suede Beaujolais vertical blinds. Contemporary For the contemporary style, functionality and comfort are paramount. Clean lines and experimental use of different materials, such as concrete, wood, glass, and metal characterize this design style. To achieve windows that echo the modern style, look for window blinds in an understated colour. Choose the sheer weave of Verso Dairy vertical blinds because it softens the harsh lines of modern design without veering away from the contemporary style. Casual Spacious rooms with a light and airy atmosphere create a comfortable and casual style that can put anyone at ease. Wood furnishings and comfy down-filled couches can be unified with stylish but simple vertical blinds. Invite the relaxed atmosphere of lazy Sunday afternoons with City Denim textured vertical blinds. Eclectic An eclectic design style fuses different design styles in unexpected combinations. Think about Art Deco meeting French country or Japanese minimalism uniting with American contemporary designs. If you want the window treatments to be the focal point of your room, choose solid-coloured blinds in a bright shade. Our Venetian blinds collection now has shades as bold as Satin Fire Red that’s perfect for the eclectic style. If you want to highlight other furnishings in your room, choose more muted shades for your window treatments such as Satin Castle Stone venetian blinds or sheer vertical blinds in haze white.

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