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  • Practical Guide to Choosing Your Window Treatments

    Posted on 29th July 2010 by jenny.

    The choice of window treatments must not be left to chance. You must first consider your concerns not only about its appearance, but also its practicality. With this handy guide to choosing the perfect window treatments, you can never go wrong. Transform your room from a boring and lifeless place to one that exudes style and comfort with this guide to picking the best window treatment option for your windows: Consider your needs. You must first consider what your needs are in a particular room. Think about the amount of natural light you need while using the room. You must also think about the amount of privacy you’d like to have. Usually, rooms facing high-traffic areas or the ones located in the first floor require more privacy shields than second-floor rooms or the ones in the rear. You must also consider the direction where your window is facing for energy-efficient purposes. Rooms that face southward or westward need to block intense sunlight while windows with northern exposure need energy-efficient window treatments. Work with the window architecture. Some windows are designed to be the focal point in a room. These architectural delights should not have complicated window treatments, such as silk curtains, swags, and valances. Display the window’s beauty with understated window blinds such as venetian blinds or vertical blinds that will enhance, instead of overpower a beautiful window. In contrast, windows that are thin, squat, or lack window trims might need to be hidden with more fashionable blinds to hide their imperfections. Echo the room’s style. To create a unified look, you should not divert from a room’s style. Contemporary styles need clean lines. Damask curtains will only look out of place. In the same way, traditional rooms can sport the straight lines of wooden blinds if the lines are softened with fabric curtains. These considerations will lead you to what types of window treatments you pick. Play with colour, texture, and shapes and you’ll have a comfortable and beautiful room without going through decorating mistakes.

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  • Top 7 Window Treatment Tips from the Best Designers

    Posted on 29th July 2010 by jenny.

    Top 7 Interior Design Tips

    Window treatments can make or break the look of your own home. If your windows are looking a little bit worn out and need some trendy updating, here are a few of the top window treatment design trends for you to get started on your latest design project: Bring Nature In with Organic Materials. The hottest design trend is literally bringing in nature inside the home and what better way to do this than to use natural materials for your window treatments? Wooden blinds are elegant and refreshing additions for your windows but they can be a bit heavy. Worried about moisture damage to wooden blinds? Try these lovely Controliss Eco-Impressions in Wood. Add Colour Your Windows. Window treatments in various shades of blue are making a come-back with some designers claiming that it is the new “red.” Dramatic blinds in true blue will create striking windows. If you want a more soothing alternative, try blinds in soft spring rain or cool sky. Round out the colours with lavender or gray and you’ll have a soothing palette of colours for your room. Put Some Drama with Luxury Fabrics. Home interior trends often mirror fashion. Although some design styles are leaning towards simplicity, the use of luxe fabrics that beg to be touched and held still remain supreme in the design world. Dress up your blinds with luxury fabrics or add grosgrain and velvet trims to your window blinds to update them. Choose Bold Prints. If you have a love for roman shades, choose bold, splashy prints in florals for your fabric. Nothing looks more modern than colourful stripes or geometric shapes in your window treatments. Drape Your Windows with Silk. Silk draperies have been around for quite some time and though it’s a more expensive option for your window treatments, they can certainly add a touch of class into your rooms because of the shiny fabric. Instantly brighten up a dull room with silk draperies which also come in a variety of styles, from the preppy plaid silks to the more opulent jacquard paisleys. Go Green. With people becoming more aware of environmentally-friendly home styling, window treatments are not only being used to spruce up the look of a room, but to keep energy bills down as well. Honeycomb shades are becoming a more popular choice because they also serve to keep the heat and the cold from entering the home. Fabric manufacturers have also applied the latest scientific principles to fabrics, creating allergen-free and antimicrobial variants. Pick Hi-Tech Blinds. The technological explosion has also invaded home design with remote-controlled blinds. More and more people are investing in luxury technology innovations, such as motorised blinds for their convenience and safety. With these latest window treatment tips, you’ll surely be able to update the look of any room in your house.

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  • Impress Your Guests with Controliss Blinds

    Posted on 27th July 2010 by Lee.

    Electric Blinds Impress

    Having guests over for dinner needs some careful planning. In order to put together a formal or informal dinner, you must think about a theme that will unify all your dinner details. Usually, the theme could center on the food that you're planning to serve. Are you cooking Japanese food or having your guests sample your Italian recipes? Is this going to be a formal dinner or a casual get-together of friends and family? When you have a theme in mind, you can elevate your casual dinners into truly memorable affairs. Aside from delicious food and elegant table settings, you can also turn you dining room into a lovely setting for your dinner party. Spruce up your dinner tables with simple or lavish centrepieces according to your theme. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to create the atmosphere you want to convey to your guests. Be creative and turn ordinary things into lovely centrepieces for your guests to admire and talk about. One of the most affordable ways you can transform your dining room into an impressive place for dining is to install remote-controlled blinds on your dining room windows. This is especially useful if you have large windows with a nice view. These motorised blinds will certainly impress your guests as it creates an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. With Controliss blinds, motorised blinds are now extremely affordable. Needing no professional installation costs, Controliss blinds can be installed in any room, especially your dining room. These blinds are fashionable and come in a variety of styles and colours to fit any dining room theme. They are also powered by ordinary AA batteries. Controliss blinds will certainly impress your guests and give you something to talk about for dinner. Whether you’re displaying astounding views from the dining table or covering up less-than-desirable sights, Controliss blinds will give your guests something to remember after you’ve said your evening goodbyes.

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  • Tropical Harmonies for a Fresh Window Treatment

    Posted on 13th July 2010 by Lee.

    Tropical Window Treatments Zesty Green and aquatic Blue toned blinds are a fantastic way to revitalise a room and create a fresh and exciting environment. Refreshingly cool Controliss Vertical and Venetian blind shades with wireless remote control can help create a lively and vivid haven with exotic undertones. Lush Green Vertical Fabrics and Venetian slat including City Lime, Lemongrass, Pesto and Satin Garden are a great starting point for an invigorating interior and are perfectly complimented with the exotic marine tones of Spring Rain, Topaz, Aquatic and Satin Deep Bay.

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  • Stealthy Electric Switches & Remote Control Dimmers

    Posted on 10th July 2010 by Lee.

    Stealthy Electric Switches A member of the Controliss Blinds team came across these ultra covert electrical accessories available in various guises for light switches, sockets and dimmers. Approaching the electrical fitment market from an aesthetic perspective, Forbes & Lomax transparent, acrylic plates allow wallpaper and paint to show through the fitment combing an aesthetically pleasing finish with up-to-date electrical components. The Invisible range is available with a choice of toggle switches including Brass and Stainless steel and the user friendly dimming system allows custom programming scenes with remote control options.

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  • iPhone Remote Control for Controliss blinds? - Maybe

    Posted on 9th July 2010 by Lee.

    iPhone infrared Remote Control

    At only £8.99 the Controliss blinds remote control handset will control up to 99 blinds and offers 6 programmable channels but the idea of controlling your blinds with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is to tantalising to resist. The i-Got-Control universal learning remote and free software download may just be the answer. Codes for our the Controliss infrared blinds protocol will not be pre-installed but as soon as we get our hands on one of the i-Got-it Controls we'll test the infrared learning capabilities with our blinds.

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  • Handmade Kitchens Deserve Beautiful Blinds

    Posted on 8th July 2010 by Lee.

    Handmade Kitchens Deserve Beautiful BlindsPlain English is a classic joinery company employing manufacturing practices of 18th and 19th century cabinetmakers. Skillfully crafted by hand at the Plain English workshop in Stowupland, Suffolk these high-end, bespoke kitchens have a outstanding reputation for quality Country and Shaker designs made with outstanding craftsmanship. Hand made features include dovetail drawers that run on candle waxed wooden runners, hand turned shelf pegs and baskets that are hand-woven in Suffolk from willow grown along the banks of the River Box. Iron shelf brackets and hanging pot rails are produced at the local forge and the pull-out trays in cupboard floors were reproduced from the slides in an 18th century linen press. The Controliss range of electric Wooden blinds in 50mm slats adds the perfect fishing touch to a handmade kitchen. Now available in painted shades including Whites and off whites a Wooden Venetian blind offers complete coordination for your dream kitchen.

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  • Bamboo Wood Blinds - A Timeless Treasure

    Posted on 8th July 2010 by Lee.

    Bamboo Wood Blinds

    Beautifully hand crafted and made to measure in the UK. Controliss Bamboo Wood blinds feature timeless, durable, real Bamboo slat that gives an individual grained appearance to each blind. The fast growing Bamboo boasts some serious Eco credentials too with incredibly short harvesting cycles. All Controliss Bamboo wood blinds are supplied with our integrated wireless wood blind motor using standard AA batteries, the Controliss remote control operation offers luxurious day to day convenience and DIY installation is a breeze.

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  • Cool Britannia - Patriotic Interior Designs

    Posted on 7th July 2010 by Lee.

    Wallpaperspace is a UK based design/print company with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of wallpapers. All the designs available are based on their own ideas or developed from vintage and antique documents.

    Controliss blinds love the Cool Britannia Union Jack design it's available as wallpaper and soft faux suede cushions in a variety of colours. We've picked out a couple of Venetian blinds in Satin Navy Blue and Satin Fire Red which will perfectly compliment the Red and Blue colours of this fantastic wallpaper. Hand-produced in their own print workshop, combining modern print technology with long-tested traditions of wallpaper design and manufacturing they produce a superior quality, 180gsm wallpaper with a smooth, matt print surface and non-woven backing (paste-the-wall). Each individual roll of wallpaper is printed to order eliminating excessive waste and the need for extensive warehousing keeping the profile of our carbon foot print low. Great care and attention to detail prevails in order to produce a range of wallpapers that are superior in quality and design. Bespoke and printed to order the wallpapers are available to buy online directly wallpaperspace.

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