Roller Blinds

Experience remote control Roller blinds in a stunning collection of contemporary plain and textured fabrics, fashionable print designs and light blocking blackout fabrics. Controliss made to measure Roller blinds are available with 12V battery power or 240V mains powered remote control operation and a selection of Air wireless remote control options for controlling individual or multiple Roller blinds simultaneously.

Prints & Designs

12V Battery Powered & 240V Mains Electric Roller Blinds

A selection of printed fabric designs including ultra modern contemporary prints and plush classical designs. Controliss Prints & Designs made to measure Roller blinds are available with our superb one-touch wireless remote control operation with integrated 12V battery power or 240V electric mains powered options.

Visio-Lux Diffusion Screens

12V Battery Powered & 240V Mains Electric Visio-Lux Diffusion Fabric Roller Blinds

To create an immediate impression, our collection of contemporary high-tech diffusion screen fabrics are the ultimate choice when absolute privacy is not necessary. These high-fashion fabrics are presented in highly desirable finishes, perfectly complimenting modern architectural windows, bi-fold and sliding doors. The nature of the screen fabric determines an open weave that allows light to gently filter through, bathing the room with subtle diffused light but giving excellent levels of UV protection.

Roller Blinds Overview

Available in a vast selection of fashionable Roller blind fabrics from subtle light inviting sheers to room darkening blackout fabrics. Controliss remote control roller blinds offer complete flexibility with 12V battery powered or 240V mains powered electric motorisation options. Enhancing child safety with the elimination of external manual controls, our roller system requires no looped cords or chains and remote operation is performed with our range of wireless Air control handsets.

Total Control with The Controliss Air Wireless Controllers
The stylish 'Air' range of wireless controllers provide exceptional user-friendly control and one touch of a button is all it takes to effortlessly raise or lower the roller blinds to the pre-programmed top and bottom positions.

Single and multi channel Air control options are available alongside the range topping Air 6 GMT wireless timer that features 6 individual channels and a superb 7 day digital timer for completely automatic control. The complete range of Controliss Air controllers operate on a wireless RF frequency offering consummate control of the roller blinds in any room, from any room.

Air 1 controller - Our single channel Air 1 wireless remote control will operate any number of roller blinds as a group and is an ideal choice when individual control of specific blinds is not required.

Air 4 controller - With 4 individually programmable channels the Air4 remote control handset allows greater flexibility with the ability to operate 4 separate groups of roller blinds in addition to complete master control of all roller blinds.

Air 1 GMT controller - Completely programmable to allow wireless automatic control of up to 8 blinds as a group blinds with 2 individual events per day for each day of the week.

Air 6 GMT timer controller - For the ultimate in wireless control and advanced security features, our 30 channel Air Spirit 30 GMT timer offers completely automatic control of multiple roller blinds. The programmable 7 day digital timer will automatically operate individual or groups of blinds at your desired times of the day. The increasingly popular timer feature can create an appearance of a home owners presence in a vacant property, giving peace of mind whilst occupants are not at home.

12V Battery Power
With convenient no-fuss installation, battery powered roller blinds let you enjoy all the benefits of motorised blinds with no disruption to interior decor. Requiring no external power cables our ultra efficient 12V battery powered roller blinds use 8 standard AA Alkaline, re-chargeable or Lithium batteries giving complete flexibility for convenient and efficient day-to-day usage. The easy DIY installation is virtually the same as a manual blind and our universal easy-fit brackets enable the roller blind to be installed just a few minutes.

240V Electric Mains Power
Our mains powered electric roller blinds offer the ultimate in luxurious and efficient roller motorisation. The powerful integrated tubular motors provide whisper operation for blinds up to 4 metres wide and a staggering 10 metres drop. 240V Motorised Roller blinds completely eliminate the need for batteries and installation can be via a standard 3-pin UK plug or a fused spur can be installed by a qualified electrician for complete integration. Controliss Electric roller blinds can also be supplied without a remote control facility to integrate into home automation systems such as Control4, Crestron, Lutron, Rako and KNX. These fantastic features can allow complete control of window blinds via established home automation systems.