Reduce Screen Glare and Save Your Eye-sight

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Reduce Screen Glare and Save Your Eye-sight

How long do you spend staring at a screen everyday? The latest Ofcom report suggests that people spend half their waking lives using digital devices!

If you work in a bright office or have sunlight pouring on to your TV at home then you may be damaging your eyes through screen glare.

The sun may hit your computer screen or monitor from many sources, sometimes even a glass wall or badly-positioned mirror can reflect the sunlight into your eye-line.  This is sometimes unavoidable and modern offices and expensive homes usually have a lot of large glass windows to make the environment more inviting and more positive.

Many workers in the UK spend hours working in an office environment with a computer monitor and then go home and watch TV or play computer games for a prolonged period of time.  It is important for these heavy users to not only ensure the sun's harmful rays are not glaring into their eyes but also to keep a good posture and move around often.

Some houses suffer from the the position of key windows in relation to the sun.  When the sun is at it's lowest it can easily enter into lounges and bedrooms, if this happens at the time of the day when you usually watch TV then it could produce massive amounts of glare and annoyance.  If only you could rotate your house and avoid this issue!

There are many ways to reduce glare on monitors including the monitor itself; old CRT monitors usually have a glass front which has a high reflective index, i.e. it reflects lots of light.  Cheap LCD monitors are made out of a plastic compound which is perfect for reducing glare but beware they may also strain your eyes if they have a slow refresh rate making them blurry.

Curtains and blinds are perfect for blocking out the sun but can sometimes make the room too dark; the best option for glare reduction is using vertical blinds as they can block direct sunlight whilst still allowing in diffused sunlight from reflections of the material.  Fabric is the best material for this blind purpose, it doesn't reflect the light as a metal blind would and also helps absorb sound in the room.  Remember that the sun will move position in the sky so you need to keep rotating the vertical blind to be perpendicular to it.

Saving your eye sight could be the smartest move you've ever made, if you have screen glare at work then speak up, if you have screen glare at home then invest in some thick curtains or some decent blinds.

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